Two Shades (Tashan e ishq) CHAPTER 45

CHAPTER- 45 – Snape’s dungeon



“Move” I yelled frustrated but Rohan stood there with his hand on his hips grinning widely at me. “You’ll be dead the second I strangle you with my bare hands” I hissed at him and he grinned wider.

“You are so annoying” Abhai mumbled from beside me. We were playing Tekken Tag at my house with the rest of the guys here. “You are so so so boring” Rohan muttered sitting beside me.

“Great. First, you were standing in front of the screen blocking and now you’ll sit here to annoy the hell out of me” I mumbled furiously pressing the buttons on my controller. “I heard that ,” Rohan laughed and I rolled my eyes.

“He’s right” Yuvi speaks up and I paused the game looking at him murderously. “The girls are having a sleepover. And they won’t allow us” he whined and Dhruv patted his back nodding.

“Good. Because by any means , I don’t find you girls and the title says ‘girls sleepover’ thickheads” I glared at them and Rohan laughed sitting in between me and Abhai.

“Move your fat ass” he squeezed in between us and I groaned slapping the back of his head. “Fine then. We’ll go and pout and makes those puppy dog eyes” Yuvi started grinning.

“And then Tada! They’ll let us in” he clapped and I chuckled at their stupid plan. “He’s right. Girls always fall for that shit” Dhruv commented.

“Sureee” I muttered sarcastically, “But here we are talking about Maira and Mahi. And they’d probably chop your balls”

Abhai winced at this and stood up grabbing a can , “I love my life and balls. Keep me out if this plan”

“Me too” I mumbled grabbing the controller but Dhruv unplugged the game and I glared at him. “Get up, loosers . We are going to a sleepover”


“Natasha would faint” Dhruv hissed and Yuvi rolled his eyes, “She wouldn’t. Trust me it’s an awesome plan”

I looked on amused at the two of them bickering over whether they should scare the girls or not. “What do you think you are doing?” Dhruv questions Rohan and he smiled sheepishly before smashing himself on the door that led to the Kitchen of Twinkle’s house.

“Rohan!” Yuvi hissed , “Come back here” Rohan silently came back with a satisfied smile on his face, “You guys were taking an eternity. So I did the deed”

“My turn” Abhai grinned and knocked hard on the door. “I bet they’d be scared by this” I muttered crossing my arms. “Pfft! Just wait and watch”

After a few minutes , I heard a scream. “Wasn’t that Mahi?” I chuckled and Yuvi laughed nodding. “Shh! Hey I hear someone’s footsteps. Let’s go back”

Abhai whispered and I nodded agreeing. “No. Just a few more minutes , please” Dhruv smirked and ponded harder on the door.

“Let’s wait before our next move. Don’t want them to get suspicious” Rohan said patting Dhruv on the back.

(Only if they knew what the girls are upto??)

Almost ten minutes passed and we stood there in silence. “I guess we should just head back. Maybe they have slept an-“ Yuvi stopped and so did the rest of us.

“What did you do?” we heard a scream and all of us looked on alarmed. “What’s happening?” Dhruv muttered as we stepped closer towards the door.

“She’ll die. Please leave us alone” someone yelled again and Dhruv stopped near the door “It’s Natasha” Rohan mumbled rubbing a hand against his forehead. “Don’t come near me” Natasha screamed.

“Shit! What’s happening?” Abhai whispered worried. Dhruv hurriedly opened the door and we all rushed inside, “Natasha- who are You?”

I looked on shocked at Twinkle lying there with blood all over her stomach and bend down picking up her head.

“Twinkle..” I whisper slightly shaking her but got no response. “Don’t move. Stay back” I looked at the front at the two people wearing large and baggy clothes with guns in their hands.

“Why the f**k would you do that?” Rohan yelled stepping ahead but the man with the black mask sharply pointed his gun towards him and Rohan stopped.

“Stay back else I’ll shoot” He spoke in an odd voice and I picked up Twinkle in my arms glaring at him , “I don’t give a f**k about what you want. I’m taking her”

“I said stop” He yelled point the gun at me and Yuvi rushed inside panting , “No sign of Maira and Mahi”

“Where are they?” Abhai questions and the other man stepped ahead pointing the gun straight at him. “Didn’t I f**king tell you to shut up? And you don’t move”

His voice boomed and I hugged Twinkle tighter glaring at him , “Tell us what you want. I need to take her to the hospital”

“We don’t want money. We just want every girl in this room dead” he hissed and my eyes widened in awe. “What the f**k is wrong with You? Are you mental? Why would you want that?” Dhruv yelled.

“Because I’m snape and I hate every woman in this entire world” The second man muttered hurriedly and we all looked on boggled.

“He’s mental,” Abhai muttered angrily, “Where are the other girls , Natasha?” Natasha looked on wide eyed before looking back and forth between me and Abhai .

“I..well..uhh..They are in Snape’s dungeon. Lord voldemort cursed them and they are now petrified” She spoke in a rush and we all looked on stunned.

And right there I heard a small chuckle looked at Twinkle who opened her eyes and winked at me before landing on her feet.

“Natasha…” the second man removed the mask and I looked shocked seeing Mahi there. “Seriously? Couldn’t you shut up?” The first man removed the mask too revealing herself as Maira.

“We didn’t prepare for this part” Natahsa muttered but then grinned widely. “You guys should have seen your faces” and then just like that the four of them broke into guffaws.

“What the hell is wrong with you guys?” Yuvi crossed his arms angrily , “That wasn’t funny at all”

“Really? Then what was funny? Your lame attempts to scare us?” Twinkle asked smirking and I took a deep breath controlling my rage.

Don’t yell at her , Kunj. Don’t.

“Do you realise what you did?” And I did yell at her. “Do You? I thought I lost you at that moment. What kind of a silly prank was that?” I yelled balling my fists against my sides and Twinkle stepped back wide eyed.

“Control yourself , Kunj. You guys started it” Natasha steps ahead holding Twinkle’s hand and she looks up at me , “I told you guys. Don’t try and ruin our sleepover. We just did the ‘tit for tat’ thing”

“Never mind. You guys can join now. Not like we have a choice” Maira muttered shoving past us and the rest of the girls followed her.

“Yeahhh. So we did took it far” Rohan mumbled rubbing the back of his neck and I glared him , “No shit , Sherlock”

“Uh Kunj” Yuvi called out smiling sheepishly. “Twinkle’s probably mad at you. Anddd you have to apologise and do the hard thing”

I groaned and the rest of them laughed at my misery.

*It’s your fault you yelled at her*

Oh shut up , conscience. You are of no help.

*Really? Well , I had a brilliant plan but never mind. Like you said I’m of no help.. *

No. No. I was just kidding. Tell me the plan.

Wait… Why am I talking to myself.




Who loves pitch perfect and is excited for the third part ? Meee?‍♀️?‍♀️

I hope you liked this chapter. I couldn’t get any better ideas but I tried my best.

Thank you for the comments on the last chapter and hope you’d comment on this Too.

And What do think Twinkle’s gonna forgive Kunj easily or not?

I’ll try to post soon.

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