Two Shades (Tashan e ishq) (Chapter 4)





“I love you…” He mumbles in a slow whisper against my ear as his breath fanned the side of my neck. I slightly shivered with his hand rubbing my knuckles and I blushed. “I love you too , Kunj” My reply made him smile melting my heart like ice cream.

This was unbelievable , unexpected from Kunj. I never knew he would be expressing this to me. No one imagined Kunj Sarna believing in love. He’s dressed in all black except the grey coat and bow he’s been wearing. Whilst I stand there in like an idiot blushing.

The wind strongly hits our faces with my hair flowing black in the air. I hug him , my arms firmly surrounding his back and his on mine. This is what you call a perfect life.

“Twinkle!” what happened to Kunj’s voice. It seems a little girly. “Hmm?” I ignore my stupid thoughts but then again he calls me. “Twinkle!!” my eyes shot open at this and I growled. That was a blo*dy stupid dream.

Rubbing my eyes , I yawned but shrieked back as I saw Mahi standing there her arms crossed across her chest. “Uh..Erm..It was you?” I stupidly asked , and mentally slapped myself from being so dumb.

“Ah-uh! Obviously” She replied grinning and I crawled over the bed towards the bathroom. “Oh okayyy” extending the y , I motion inside but Mahi’s voice stops me. “Bhai was..” She didn’t even completed and I started panicking.

“Kunj…Uh..where?” I literally jumped as she narrowed her gaze at me. “Relax Twinkle! I was just saying Bhai was calling you” She laughed and I gave her a nod. Oh God Kunj! What are you doing to me? I need distraction and space from you.

I quickly grabbed my clothes and changed into a button up plain blue shirt with black wash jeans. After looping my belt , I tucked my feet into my skin colored heels and rambled down to the breakfast table.

My heart was literally going to jump out of the ribcage with each step I was taking towards the breakfast table. “Morning sleeping beauty” Yuvi says out loud but I jumped back due the thoughts I had been carrying.

“Easy easy Twinki” Yuvi laughs and I nodded but my gaze locked with Kunj who didn’t seemed to be too pleased with our conversation. “So Bhai , shall we tell Twinkle the surprise?” Mahi asks as I snapped out of my thoughts.

“Sure” Kunj says grumpiness could be heard. Come on Twinkle. Remember the last time Kunj actually smiled. Wait yeah , yesterday when we were almost about to kiss.

“What surprise?” I mutter and a gigantic smile forms on Mahi’s lips. “Well well we have been thinking that why not your sister shifts over here”

I glare at Yuvi as those words leave his mouth and I blink rapidly. “I..I don’t know..It’s not our house” I reply and dare to look at Kunj , who was about to burst out any second.

Trust me , I’m serious. Bad response Twinkle. Bad one.

“Why not?” Yuvi asks and I gulped down my water from the glass trying not to look at Kunj. “I don’t have any right. I mean..yes I’m really thankful for all you have done but staying over here.. I just..” I cut in the middle by Kunj’s loud shout.

“You just what?”


“Don’t you trust us yet?”


“Right! Now what’s wrong?”


“This is so stupid! You are just..UGH!”


“Oh! I knew it. You f**king TRAITOR”

And the last word , obviously blew my mind. “CUT THE CHASE!” I yell as Mahi and Yuvi look on surprise. “You know what SCREW YOU KUNJ SARNA” I shout at the end and storm out of the house tears forming and I blink rapidly to prevent them.

I hear someone calling me but I just run through the main door allowing the tears to flow down slowly not until I bump into a wall. Wait , what? How can a wall be in the middle of the hall.

I rub my eyes and look up to see someone standing there making me realize that obviously it was a human being.

He narrows he gaze onto me and I look on boggled. He has shaggy brown hair and dark brown eyes that for the time being were roaming all around me. A wide smile is what I saw next causing those stupid butterflies to jump on.

“Hey!” he chirps and look at my dumb and stupid reply. “Huh?”

He laughs seeing my nervousness and boggled expression. “Reyansh!” Mahi laughs running towards him and he smiles before pulling her a for a bear hug. “OH MY GOODNESS! Can’t believe you are here” Mahi singsongs.

“Woah Rey” Yuvi hugs him and so does Kunj. “I’m glad you are here” Yuvi tells him and they all go towards the couch and so does me. Wasn’t I suppose to be leaving ?

Yes , I was. Huh!

“Oh Twinkle. Meet Reyansh our cousin, call him Rey in short. And Rey this is Twinkle my best friend” Mahi completes with a smile making me smile too. “Hello! Twinkle. You have a really sweet name” Rey smiles and I beamed at him.

“Ah thank you. To be honest , I’m surprised you didn’t made fun of my name” I chuckle and he smiles

“Really? I’m glad” He replies and I nodded. “Hey! Count me too” Mahi whines but I stuck out my tongue at her. “How long are you gonna be here?” Yuvi asks.

“About 2 or 3 months” He replies with an audible sigh. “Would you like to have something?” I ask him. Wait again! Wasn’t I about to go? Crap!

“Sure. I’ll have a soda” He replies standing up and comes closer. “Coke or Pepsi?” I smirk at Yuvi and he growled. “Obviously Coke!” Rey says and I chuckled. “Huh! Told ya Yuvi! Coke is the best” I yelled and ran away as Yuvi chases me with Rey laughing madly running behind us.

“Oh baby! Can’t catch me?” I smirk and Yuvi growled. “Boo boo! Come on Yuvi catch us” Mahi giggles. “Run!” me and Mahi yelled simultaneously with Rey and Yuvi running behind us.

Someone yells stop at us after a while causing us four to stop on our tracks but not before we all bumped each other and fell down. We busted out laughing and I held my stomach laughing madly at us.

Our laughter was stopped as Kunj shouts again. He was obviously….PISSED OFF.

“Damn! I was nearly gonna catch you Twinkle” Rey says wrapping are arm around my waist and I shrugged. “In your dreams babe” I said and he chuckled adorably.

We all leaned back on the couch probably jumped. “That was fun!” Mahi cheers and we nodded. “We have a meeting and you need to get up” Kunj stands there with his arms crossed and I gulped nervously.

I totally forgot his presence. “You are no fun Kunj” Rey whines. “Sure. What helps you sleep at night” Kunj replied and walked outside.

I quickly grabbed my bag and waved to them before going to Kunj. “Hey..” I said but no response. Well , what can you expect from KUNJ THE GREAT.



“WHAT THE f**kING SHIT IS THIS?” Kunj yells throwing the flies on the floor as Anvi squeaks back terrified. She has the right to be scared. Because Kunj had been acting all the monster type since this morning.

And let me state the obvious , daggers of death had been passed to me by him every FREAKING second. And FIY , I don’t know why.

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat as Anvi slowly walked out of the cabin. I clear my throat to grab his attention but no use. Then I tap the pen on my tablet but obviously no use.

“Stop being so difficult” I blurt out and trust me I shouldn’t have said that. To me surprise, Kunj walks over to my side and leans in making me gasp.

“I hate you” He mutters with his breath fanning my face. It took my a couple to seconds to get back to reality and examine those words that came out of his mouth. He hates me! I knew it. I freaking knew it.

Remind me how to breathe , again. Embarrassed , I lower my gaze and try hard to swallow those words. It was hard. “I hate you because you let him touch you” He mumbles again and I immediately looked up to meet to those intimidating eyes.

“Come again?” I asked and he sighed. I feel his lips on my cheek causing me to stutter. “You’re mine” He spoke in a low whisper and I narrowed my gaze at him. “You are just mine and no one. I mean no one has to be this close to you”

“I’m not yours. And what’s all this?” I ask bitterly and let out a faint laugh. “I said so. You have been driving me crazy Twinkle” I pursed my lips at his words and balled my fists pushing him hard as I can.

“Really? I thought you didn’t believe in love” I reply and he growled. “I don’t!” he snapped and I sat back on my chair frustrated. “You surely don’t” I mutter to myself.

“Just be with me! I’m not into that romance shit. All I want is you” He spoke and I laughed bitterly at his stupid words . “I don’t give a damn Kunj. Yeah right , want me as in your next s*x victim?” I crossed my arms at him and he pondered over my words.

“No!” he yelled and I rolled my eyes. “Stop being so hard Kunj. I thought I was the one who came with two shades to your home. But it’s you having two shades.”

I calm down a bit but not before he pulled me and I clashed onto his hard chest and I growled. “You j-“ I was cut off as he clashes his lips upon mine and I stood there frozen. Kunj is kissing me and this seems like a stupid dream. I try to pull back but no use.

“Just freaking kiss me back Twinkle” he muttered in a husky tone and I pursed my lips. “Please…” He whined and I untangled myself from him and pushed myself back and stood there shocked ? Surprised ? Happy? Certainly not!

“Pervert!” I muttered to myself and a small chuckle escaped his lips. “That was….freaking hell brilliant” He cheered , picking me up in his arms and I laughed. I don’t know why but I did. “But we didn’t kissed” I say and he let me down on my feet.

“I know. But your lips , they are so addicting” He mumbles stroking my lower lips and and and and I couldn’t hold it anymore and leaned in as well but not before someone cleared his or her throat.

“Kunj?” I hear an unfamiliar voice and immediately pull back , embarrassment inside me increases. “NATASHA!” Kunj exhales beaming at her and trust me for the first time that smile was like a dagger to me.



First thing first , I’m sorry for the delay. I’m in Pakistan and seriously trying hard to reach the places for wifi so I could update Haha.

Back to the chapter!

How was it?

I hope it wasn’t boring.

What do you think about Kunj and his sudden mood swings?

And his words about Twinkle being his?

And who do you think Natasha is?

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Another thing , after completing Two Shades I have decided to write another Twinj fan fiction! So should I ?

I would start that depending on how many people want me to.

For now , take care everyone and have a blast in your vacations.

Plus , suggest some songs for weddings , like Sangeet and all. It’s my uncle’s wedding in a few days so yeah!

And my 9th class board result is gonna be out in a couple of days. Pray for me.

Love you all❤❤❤

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