Two Shades (Tashan e ishq) CHAPTER 33

CHAPTER – 33- Unicorns and the truth…



[ Still continued from the past]

“Mind if I join?” I question gazing over at Taneja uncle who was scratching the back of his neck shifting awkwardly from one cabinet to the other. He lifted his gaze up from the kitchen counter and smiled at me , “Sure”

I walked towards him raising my eyebrow at the mess around the kitchen. “Well..” Uncle trailed awkwardly and cleared his throat , “I sent the maids away and decided to make breakfast for the girls but it’s a big fail”

I snickered eyeing him and he passed me a glare , “Alright just don’t stand there. Help me” I nodded smiling and peeked at his iPad eyeing the recipes , “Hmm pancakes , waffles..”

“Those things are hard to make” I shrieked out and uncle jumped slightly spilling the batter halfway on the stove. He growled crossing his arms and I grinned sheepishly , “Sorry… I’ll help you out then”

He nodded and went back to setting his mixture , “Do you think it’s alright ?” he stirred the spoon in the mixture and I looked at the awful pink sticky thing.

“Why on earth is this..thing pink?” I mumbled and grimaced at the sight of it. “Well Mahi , Maira and Twinkle are girls. And I thought they might like pink – You know Barbies and unicorns bla bla bla”

I looked on at him stunned before a series of laughter erupted from my mouth and uncle joined in.

We sobered after a while and uncle smiled , “Thank you , Yuvraj” I looked up at him questioningly. “For taking care of everything and my daughters. I know it’s a hard time for Twinkle right now.

I know she’s gonna spend days crying for Kunj but then she’s gonna pretend that she’s alright. That she’s strong enough not to let him affect her.

She’s not. She’s hurting , a lot. Honestly , when I heard about everything from Mahi she told me every single thing , not missing out any detail.

And-“ he took a deep breath closing his eyes , “It’s not all together Kunj’s fault. Yes , he has hurt you all by hiding about the matter but that wasn’t only a way.

I’ll try my best to explain that to Twinkle. But right now she needs time else she’s gonna think that we are just siding with him. And at this moment our relationship is very fragile.

You get it right . You know what I’m trying to say..” he looked at me hopefully and I nodded sinking in his words , “I do. I do get everything” I whispered back and he placed a hand on my shoulder.

“Maira’s really lucky” I smiled relief washing through me and just then the three devil’s came inside groaning , “You people make so much noise” Maira grumbled gingerly taking a seat near the counter.

“What’s burning?” Twinkle sniffs the air and then her eyes widen seeing the waffle , “Shitttt!” I cursed flipping the waffle out and burning my fingers accidentally.

Well , here goes the breakfast….



“What on earth is happening?” I question stunned seeing the messed up kitchen and eyeing the different coloured mixtures of what seemed like a pancake mixture.

“Dad!” I laughed looking back and forth between him and Yuvi , “What were you two even up to?” dad chuckled nervously , “You see I was trying to make breakfast for you girls. But it didn’t turned out as planned”

He sighed and leaned back and I smiled , “Don’t be disappointed. You did a ..err a pretty a good job” I blew out a laugh and he glared at me.

“Thank you for trying but we are really hungry so we are gonna sort this mess out. And prepare breakfast” Mahi smiled at Yuvi and Dad who both simultaneously rolled their eyes at me and started walking out of the kitchen not before Yuvi turned back and showed the middle finger to Mahi before quickly running back to where dad was going.

I chuckled and the three of us started cleaning the kitchen , “Twinkle” Maira called out after a few minutes and I looked at where she was glaring. I moved towards the other corner of my kitchen and peeked outside the window to get a clear view of the gates to my house.

“Kunj…” I breathed out and immediately turned around gripping the counter. I stood there breathing heavily trying to get rid of the thoughts of him being here.

“Oh shit!” Maira exclaimed and stormed out of the kitchen along with Mahi.

What happened?

I quickly turned around and looked on bewildered as Yuvi kept on throwing punches at Kunj. Screw the oath of not coming in front of Kunj.

I rushed out of the kitchen and towards the gate and stopped dead on my tracks a few steps away from them. Maira and Dad kept trying to move Yuvi back while kunj stood there like a statue not moving an inch.

“St-stop” my voice came out like a whisper as those unplanned tears left my eyes. “STOP!” I screamed out loud , “STOP RIGHT THIS INSTANT” I screamed once again and Yuvi stepped back breathing heavily.

I glared at Kunj who met my eyes before looking away again , “Why are you here?” I muttered and looked away right when Kunj looked back at me , “One thing – Go away from my life”

“I can’t..” he mumbled shaking his head vigorously and I stepped ahead glaring at him , “Of course you can. If you can make an agreement then why can’t you go away from my life?” I scoffed hissing at him and he lowered his gaze , “Because I not only love you Twinkle. I’m in love with you , with every single thing about you”

“Stop lying” I whimpered , “Please go away, Kunj. This love…” I gestured my hand between him and me , “Doesn’t exist. And it never did. Never did” I whispered looking at him for the last time just as I saw a tear escape his eye before I dashed in inside.


“Natasha!” I called out moving towards the shack on the beach and she looked up at me pushing her glass away before rolling her eyes. “Do I find this awkward that you have been awfully avoiding my gaze since a day”

“What do you want?” She muttered keeping her gaze still on the glass and I sighed taking a seat beside her , “The truth”

She shifted uncomfortably on her seat before shaking her head , “Wh-what tru-th?” she spoke hesitantly and I leaned in whispering , “The truth why you did what you did. And don’t deny lying because you stuttered”

I smirked back and crossed my arms and she finally looked at me , “Stuttered ? Really? Is that all you could think of? You know you’re pretty lame right” she chuckled and I rolled my eyes fighting back a smile.

“There’s no truth in here , Twinkle” she spoke after a while and I couldn’t help but deny , “The only truth is that I’m like my mother , our mother.

The other truth is that you despite being her daughter , you aren’t like her. Since I was a child , mama thought me one thing – You are my daughter , just like me , just like me.

And I guess I adapted those words of her. I know I have that power to control myself. I have the power to ignore her words , her actions and try not to destroy someone’s life or moreover my own life.

But you could just say I was blinded by the evil. Because I had been living with the evil. While on the other side you didn’t. Mama always said that Natasha you deserve better than her”

She lets out a shaky breath , “Her- meaning you , Twinkle. Trust me for once or maybe the last time , I never wanted to do anything of this on my own will. Yes , what I did was done by me . I wanted to separate you and Kunj.

Heck! I became a good digger but no the intentions weren’t mine. It was like my control buttons were with mama” she muttered and stopped for a while because that was the first time I saw her crying.

“And I swear , Twinkle I swear. It wasn’t my plan to separate you and Kunj. All this time , it was her. She couldn’t see you happy because the reason , you were in a relationship with the man who has the most expensive diamond. Yes , It’s my fault that I acted so dense and ignored the fact of how much I would destroy a person’s life.

But it’s hard living with someone who’s”

“Manipulative. I get it” I finished for her and she nods her head slightly.

I leaned in closer and to my surprise she rested her head on my shoulder , “I want to apologize. A million times but I can’t because I’m so overpowered by her ways that I have lost my heart , my emotions long back. But I’m extremely sorry.

Although , my apology wouldn’t make things better but it’s like a weight has been drifted off me.

And-“ she sits up straight again wiping her tears away , “You may not believe me and I wouldn’t force you to believe me either but I never kidnapped Rohan.

I never loved him neither Kunj. I never wanted the money. I never wanted to destroy someone’s life. I never wanted revenge because all along it was mama playing the game , Twinkle.

And when she came to the game room that she wanted to get back with your dad it’s a trap , Twinkle. She would never change neither would our own dad. You’re lucky you got a father like Taneja uncle but my own father he’s just the same”

Next what I hear is a scream and Natasha being pulled back by her hair and I looked up to see mother as Natasha clashes the sand hardly. “Natasha!” I screamed out loud and ran towards her and she groaned.

“You filthy piece of shit! How dare you lie to Twinkle like that?” she yelled fisting her hair again and I pushed her back with all my strength and she stumbled back glaring at me before here eyes softening and fake concern lying there on her face .

“You would think so low of your mother?” she sobbed and I fisted my hands glaring at her , “YOU’RE NOT MY MOTHER!”

She looked taken aback by my outburst but averted her gaze soon at the back and I turned around eyeing Kunj and the rest.

“What’s going on?” Maira questions walking towards me and I point at the woman standing in front of me , “Her. You know all along we blamed Natasha but No! She did everything”

“I swear if for once you come across us just one more time , I’ll rip your head off your body and I wouldn’t care about the consequences for myself later on”

I hissed at her and she glared at me furiously, “You are wicked. If you wanted to money you could have asked rather that destroying our lives. But no as again you are selfish and heartless”

“And trust me you would never ever understand your mistakes. If in these 46 years of your life you couldn’t then why would you do it now?

Go back to London , back to your husband. And try chanting the words , ‘I never had those two daughters -Twinkle and Maira. I’m extremely apologetic for all my bad deeds And I’m never going to come back in their life else the consequences would be severe and my heard may be ripped off”

“Three daughters” Natasha pipes in and I raised my eyebrow at her And she smiled rolling her eyes , “Alright. ‘I never had those three daughters – Natasha , Twinkle and Maira. I’m extremely apologetic for all my bad deeds And I’m never going to come back in their life else the consequences would be severe and my heard may be ripped off”

I smile sweetly at her and I could hear Rohan and Mahi laughing at the back , “Come on! Come on! Repeat , repeat and repeat” I grinned and she stormed out of there and just then Natasha literally jumped upon me hugging the life out of me.

“That was awesome!” She laughed and I was taken aback for a second before I hugged her back. She pulled back and I met those awestruck faces.

Natasha gave me a knowing look and I nodded at her grinning widely. She grunted throwing her arms in the air , “Do I have to explain everything to them again?”

I nodded shrugging , “Yes. In the words of dad , every single detail” she chuckled and went ahead following the rest and I stayed back with Kunj holding me back by my hand.

“You are never letting that go , right?” I smiled slightly pointing at our interlinked hands and he looked up at me smiling , “Never”

“Great! Because I might rip your head off too” I whispered and he looked at me briefly before laughing. He pulled me closer with my back clashing his front as he whispers , “Fiesty , I like it”

I bit my lip trying to get rid of the smile and he snickered before looking an arm around my waist as we walked ahead.

Maybe this trip wasn’t that bad after all.

Yes , I got Kunj and Yuvi back.

Don’t even remind me that , they both took longer than me and Kunj.

Yes , I got my other sister back. How weird!

And yes , I almost made a plan to murder my mother.

Pfft! Just kidding. I would never do that or…

Maybe I would.

And maybe I could-

“Kunj!” I exclaimed suddenly and he jumped slightly taken aback and looked at me startled. “ Calm down , woman” he muttered and I shrugged him off waving my hands in the air.

“I got a brilliant idea” I jumped clapping enthusiastically and he smirked , “What is it?”




I’m soooo bipolar you must thinking.

Natasha turned out to be good. Who knew?

So how’s the story so far? I hope you all are liking it.

I’ll be looking forward for your comments.

Lotsss of love to you all❤❤❤

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