Two Shades (Tashan e ishq) CHAPTER 32

CHAPTER – 32 ~ She has everything but him….




“ I decided to make you guys realize that you did wrong. A few days after I guess the contract with Dhruv Singhania was over , the game started.

Well basically I revealed it to Kunj about Rohan being alive and being with me. Yes , it took me a lot of trouble to actually prove it to him but he agreed.

But here comes the twist” she smirks clapping her hands excitedly. “Stop Natasha! You promised you wouldn’t tell her” Kunj shouts in anger and I flinched at his sudden outburst. “About what Kunj?” I cried out and he looked at me , guilt visible on his face before he shook his head.

“I’m sorry Twinkle but I do truly love you” he mumbled running a hand over his hand. “That’s a lie. Kunj made an agreement with me”

“Natasha!” Kunj hissed stepping towards her as he stood right next to me , “Don’t believe her words Twinkle” he muttered shaking his head and I gulped down the lump forming in my throat. “What..W-hat..agreement?” I mumbled my eyes scanning Natasha’s face.

“I would free Rohan if he marries you and leaves you the very next day” she smirks as those words leaves her mouth. The tears I had been holding left my eyes as I gripped on the edge of the couch closing my eyes shut.

I did saw that coming.

“But why would you put such a condition?!” Mahi’s angry voice breaks the silence and I looked on to Kunj who tried to step towards me but I stepped back. “Well well that’s quite a smart question. I would have completed my plan without any hurdles.

But then Twinkle steps into the picture ruining my chances of being with Kunj. Oh! And baby sister , don’t worry I was extremely happy once I got to know you are my own sister. Unless like others” she chuckles pointing her thumb at Maira.

“Shut your filthy mouth” I yelled fisting my hands and she rolled her eyes before continuing , “You , twinkle. You really brought the worst in me. How could you even think I would spare you ? You were the biggest hurdle in my master plan. But before that I did had to hurt you.

And Kunj did nothing but execute my plan. He never truly loved you. Just a pure simple act” she winks and Kunj steps in front of her pointing his index finger at her , “Shut your mouth this instant. I only did it to get Rohan back. I love Twinkle with all my heart and honesty.

And she loves me back nothing that you-“

“Wrong” I interrupted him saying out loud as he looked back at me. “Wrong. You never loved me. It was just an act” I muttered facing him and he shook his head , “No! Twinkle you need to understand. Yes , I married you because of that agreement but I would never leave you.

It was all just to get Rohan back” he pleaded but I shook my head stepping back , “No!” I shouted the tears running down my cheeks again , “You could have told me , Kunj! You could shared this with us. We could have helped you. I would have helped you

I asked you to tell me what’s bothering you but No! You just kept this all with in yourself”

I hissed furiously wiping the tears away. “I didn’t wanted to bother-“

“Bother us? I love you kunj. You could never bother me”I yelled and he stepped towards me cupping my face , “Listen to me twinkle! I love you , you know that. Everything is just too much for you today. You got to know about so many things. Your head’s messed up about all this right now.

Calm down and then we’ll talk. Please-“

“No No! My relation with you is over. We are over Kunj!” I seethed at him and pushed him back and rushed out of the living room towards my room and I could hear their faint voices calling me.


“Mahi” I knocked on her door and the door opens in a flash as Mahi looks at me shocked but then sighs relieved. “Come in” she mumbled stepping back and I pushed past her as Maira taps the spot next to her on the bed.

“You know I have been extremely excited for this new season of The vampire diaries” Maira tells me switching on the channels and I sighed , “I’m alright Maira. I wanna talk to you both” they sigh nodding and Mahi sat on the floor in front of me.

“I wanna go back to India tomorrow” I murmur and they nodded. “We’ll go too” they both said simultaneously and I shook my head. “No denying. It’s our own choice. Yuvi was already mad at Kunj and now after that whole drama he’s extremely pissed”

Mahi shakes her head looking at me , “It’s your choice Twinkle. And we completely support you” I nodded smiling slightly at her and they grinned. “I’m going back to Dad” I tell them and Maira’s eyes widened.

“And I’m going back to Mom and dad. Yuvi’s orders” Mahi mumbled shrugging , “He doesn’t wanna stay with Kunj. And I just want to sort out all this”

“You guys I mean Yuvi and you…you wouldn’t leave ..i mean after all” I muttered and she chuckled , “What are we , idiots?” I laugh lightly and hugged both of them.


“You can do this Twinkle” Mahi reassured me and Yuvi gave me a side hug as I nodded. “And then we all are with you” he nods at me and I gulped hardly.

Our flight landed a few hours ago and here we are in front of the house I left a few months ago and settled with Kunj.

The thoughts of Kunj hurts me even more. I couldn’t sleep the entire night knowing he was outside my door the whole time pleading for forgiveness. I hated myself more each passing second but my mind is just surrounded my Natasha’s words.

True that.

Why would Kunj love me? Despite knowing the fact that my motive staying at his house was to steal.

The next morning I got to up to see Yuvi , Mahi and Maira settled with their bags and I had to rush out from there forcing myself to ignore Kunj. I was glad he didn’t had the same flight as us.

I shook my head clearing my thoughts and rambled towards the entrance of the house. The guard looked at me and Maira briefly before hurriedly opening the gates and I gave him a ghostly smile.

Opening the doors to the house , I breathed in hardly and closed my eyes remembering every single thing. “I’m afraid he wouldn’t listen to us” Maira whispered and I gulped down the lump forming in my throat.

Shrugging at her response I quietly took a few steps ahead but stopped on my tracks and the sounds of utensils clicking could be heard from the kitchen. “I guess your dad’s inside”

Yuvi muttered stepping ahead as we walked towards the kitchen. Just as we stepped into the kitchen , everyone started coughing violently. The burning smell coming from the pan almost burned my throat and my eyes watered.

I hurriedly ran towards the corner of the kitchen and switched on the exhaust fan. “Who are yo- Twinkle?!” I could hear my dad’s faint voice over the violent coughing of Yuvi.

Maira opened the kitchen window as after a few minutes the smoke seemed to fade away and everyone calmed down.

“Dad” Maira chuckled her hand fisting against her mouth and I looked at dad with his hair sticking out in a few directions along with something black on the side on his cheek running down his neck.

“Damn those servants for taking an off today” dad grumbled frowning and running a paper towel over his face. “I’m glad you girls landed safe. And yeah you too”

He pointed his finger Yuvi uninterestedly and I looked on confused , “How did you knew.. I mean?” I questioned surprised and he shrugged sighing and smiled , “Her”

I looked towards his indication and raised my eyebrow stunned to see him pointing at Mahi. She gives me a sheepish grin and I shook my head , “I told you I would make it better”

Here it goes…

I took in a deep breath and looked at dad , “Dad I know. For the three of us , the last year’s they had been rough. But not even one moment had I stopped loving you. The thoughts always captured my mind about the fact that you hate us or maybe you actually didn’t hate us but just showed.

I know dad I know that she left you vulnerable and heartbroken. She broke your trust and I completely support the fact that you wouldn’t forgive her for what she You , to us”

I bit my lip trying to hold back the tears , fanning my face and blew out a bitter chuckle, “Sorry… I was just bombarded with so many things in the last few hours. It overwhelmed me”

“We always craved for your love , Dad. But all those bitter emotions just blinded us and you became the bad one. I’m sorry for hating you all those years but it hurt every time I would see you pretending to hate us”

Maira spoke leaning back on the wall and closed her eyes shut , “Never imagined I would actually be standing here and having this conversation with you”

A small smile appeared on his face and he shrugged stepping towards us , “I guess I have aged a bit. You know my mind working a lot faster now” he laughed and I chuckled.

“Shouldn’t it be the other way around?” I smirked and he gave me a playful scowl , “Hey! You are saying that I’m old”

“I never said that” I gasped in disbelief still grinning and he laughed whole heartedly. “Yeah she didn’t” Mahi and Maira moved towards my side snickering and I rolled my eyes.

“You girls are on her side. That’s not even fair” he pointed out and Yuvi rushed to his side smirking. “Hey you are my boyfriend. Support me”

Her eyes then widened and she looked at the ceiling cussing under her breath. I smirked leaning back and looked in between dad and her. “I shouldn’t have said that. I shouldn’t have said that” she sounded like Hagrid from harry potter and I laughed silently.

A pure look of shock was plastered on his face.Mahi looked at me horrified as she looked back and forth between Yuvi and Dad.

But my smirk fell instantly , “Oh my God! My girls are growing up” Dad cooed and I couldn’t help but gawk at him shocked.

“You are okay with.. us , sir?” Yuvi looked unsure and dad scoffed grinning widely , “Of course. I mean you are helping my daughters, supporting Twinkle right now despite your brother and I can see right through Maira’s face.

She’s happy and the way you look at her I know that look. And you” he turned to Yuvi who immediately composed himself and stood straight and dad laughed , “Calm down. I won’t strangle you. Well as long as you don’t hurt my daughter”

Mahi had a huge grin plastered on her face whilst Maira looked like she was about to cry. She rushed towards dad and hugged him as he hugged her back. She stepped back and looked at me briefly.

I moved towards him with my trembling hands and hugged him tightly. “I have missed you both so much. I’m sorry , Twinkle for everything. If I hadn’t sent you there nothing of this would have happened to you my child”

He mumbled stroking my hair gently and I sighed , “One good thing happened thou , we got you back” he pulled back smiling slightly and tapped my shoulder , “I’ll try my best to make you both happy and tell you both that I’m sorry for the past years I gu-“

“Dad!” I cut him off sighing , “What happened has happened. It’s the past and it’s gone. We have a lot more ahead , then why waste our time grieving for our mistakes ?”

He nodded chuckling , “I see. You are sensible just like me and unlike Maira” he winked and I laughed as Maira huffed flipping her hair back dramatically , “You are just jealous of my awesomeness”

“Is that even a word?” Mahi questions grinning and Yuvi went ahead wrapping his arm around her shoulder , “She’s always right” Maira grinned hugging him and dad smiled shaking his head , “Enough of emotional attack. You people should rest”

“I have both of yours rooms set” he grinned walking up the stairs and showed Mahi and Yuvi the guest rooms before walking to the other side with us.

“I so wanna burn the attic now” he murmured and I stopped dead on my tracks raising an eyebrow and Maira crossed her arms , “Fine fine fine! I won’t talk about the past” I grinned looping one arm around him as Maira did the same.

“I hope you like it. I’m not usually good with these stuff but I tried my best” I chuckled and kissed him on the cheek , “Good night , Dad”

“Good night dear” he walked ahead to his room and I couldn’t help but feel the pain of being alone all over again.

Yes , I’m not alone.

Yes , I do have my father with me now.

Yes , My sister and her amazing boyfriend who happens to be my closest friend and probably the brother I always wished for.

Yes , and a best friend without whom all of this wouldn’t have happened.

But the hole in my chest seemed to get deeper and deeper each passing moment.

Because I lost Kunj. I lost the person I am deeply in love with and the pain would never fade away.

Not now ,

Not today ,

Not tomorrow

Maybe or maybe not someday


Hello again guys!

How are you all?

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Quite unusual , right?

Thank you so much for the comments on the last chapter and I’m still amazed I got the comments because I was like completely gone for a whole month I guess. ?

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Hope you enjoyed the chapter and I’ll try to post the next one soon too.

Lots of love ❤❤

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