Two Shades (Tashan e ishq) CHAPTER 31

CHAPTER 31 – What she couldn’t imagine….



{ Two years back. Last scene from chapter 18 that continues and where the mystery unfolds}

“You guys should probably be packing” I heard Kunj speak as were in his car looking boggled. “Pack for what dear husband?” He chuckled at his new name and smiled. “We are going back to India”

I smiled brightly finally happy to be going back and the others nodded. “Bhai! You have been taking decisions and not even giving us a clue” Mahi speaks crossing her arms and I glared at her. “Be polite. He’s my husband”

Everyone broke into guffaws and I rolled my eyes , whatever. “But unlucky you guys. Your wedding night…” Mahi shook her head sympathetically but the smirk could be obviously seen. Evil they all are!

I blushed deeply looking at the other side and thought about how quickly time went on. Who ever knew that I would be falling in love with someone I was forced to steal from. Well yeah dad and he’s bipolar side.

But I’m so going to thank dad for this. If he wouldn’t send me here , I would have never met Kunj. Never would I had to pretend about the goons and then he saving me.

The time spent with him as his assistant. The time him claiming me “You are mine” the fights we had , the kisses we shared all this was worth it. Not forgetting the time he was mean and insulted me.

Moreover , the moment he told me he loves me and trust me nothing better is to hear than Kunj telling me how much he loves me.

I smiled at all these thoughts and held Kunj’s hand as he did held back mine giving it a small squeeze.

Here goes the start of the something, something new.

Something I never imagined would happen.


I couldn’t hold back the smile as the car stopped in front of Dhruv’s apartment. I looked on to Mahi who was smiling at a sleepy kunj. I chuckled slightly shaking him and he frowned rubbing his left eye and stretched his arms smiling at me.

“let’s go inside” I mumbled and followed kunj out of the car followed by Maira , Mahi and Rey. The thought of not having Yuvi by my side on my wedding day was not something I had been expecting but he would agree with the decision sooner or later.

“Earth to” Maira chuckled snapping me out of my thoughts and I gave her a small smile making my way inside. Kunj followed behind talking to Mahi as I opened the door to the hallway hearing muffled voices coming from the living room.

I tilted my head back with scowl to look at Kunj and he shrugged going ahead of me to check in the living room as the rest of us followed him. Kunj stopped on his tracks and he took a sharp intake of breath just as we came across Natasha and-

“Mom?” Maira gasps audibly and I swallow the lump forming in my throat. “What..w-what? H-how can you be here?” Maira questions stepping in front of me and I held the back of the couch my grip on it getting stronger each passing second as I glared at Natasha who had wicked grin plastered on her face.

“look at you Maira , you have grown out to be more beautiful and lovely” she kisses Maira’s forehead who stands there stunned , “And oh my! Twinkle look at you my gorgeous daughter” she steps towards me and raises her hand to my cheek and I step back abruptly.

“Don’t touch me” I hissed at her and she immediately stepped back astonished. “What brings you back here? After leaving us , so you could live with the man you loved and let your daughters live an awful life and leave dad to count of the ways on how to hurt us because I looked exactly like you.

Then you come back after years just to inform us about the fact that we have grown out to be beautiful and gorgeous. How pathetic of You! What made you come back to us? Couldn’t your rich of a lover keep up to your needs or suddenly the idea of asking about your daughters came to your mind?”

“Twinkle! Watch out with what you say” I stop flinching as Natasha’s voice stops me and I turn to glare at her , “Pardon me? Who are you to stop me? And why are you even here?” I chuckled humourlessly at her and again that wicked smirk reappears on her face.

“Oh you might want to hold on to something because this might shock you” she sighs smirking and takes a seat on the couch crossing her leg over the other. I grumbled glaring at her , “Cut the drama and spill”

She chuckled nodding her head , “Mom she might need your motherly comfort for a few minutes” I narrowed my gaze at her and she looked at my mother before reality hits me. “You are my sister” I blurt out my eyes widening and she smirked , “Well your brain works fast I see”

I looked on at my mother who looked on to me and Maira and she lets out a shaky sigh , “I know. I know what I did with your father and with you both was wrong. But I couldn’t deny the fact that I love your dad’s best friend.

We both were in love with each other since high school but then one day my father decides something I never knew would change my life. I married Anuj when I was in university in England. Nobody knew about this but then I got pregnant with Natasha. The day she was born dad called informing me that I was getting married with Mr. Taneja.

That left me devastated along with Anuj. But I tried , tried so hard to convince dad but I couldn’t hurt him. I married Mr.Taneja when Natasha was 2 years old and that included the time given to me until I finish my university.

I didn’t knew until my marriage that Mr. Taneja had been in love with me but my heart was already captured by Anuj. I married Mr. Taneja but continued my relation with Anuj. When Natasha was four , I found out I was pregnant again and that time it was you , Twinkle.

I couldn’t gather the courage and tell Mr. Taneja that the child wasn’t his. But then 3 years later after Maira was born I couldn’t hold back the guilt. I told him everything about Natasha. About Twinkle not being his own daughter and only Maira being his daughter.

It shattered him so much that it still breaks my heart when I remember that day. I got to know about then being best friends when Twinkle was born. But I was selfish. I still couldn’t stay away from Anuj but years later I realized that it was no point staying with Mr. Taneja.

So I ran away. I went back to England and lived with Natasha and Anuj. Never looking back at what would happen with my daughters because that day selfishness took over me and I couldn’t think straight.

But believe me I loved you both with all my heart. Never had been a day when I wouldn’t think about you both”

“Stop! Just stop” I screamed covering my eyes and collapsing down next to the couch. I bit my lower lip trying to stop the sobs but I couldn’t. “I’m disgusted by you” Maira shakes her head just as I look up to Kunj who was glaring at a smirking Natasha.

“Maira…” The room fills with Yuvi’s voice who rushes towards her and she looks up to him. “Did you see how…how pathetic she is ? Tell her to go away , Yuvi. Please tell her to go away” Maira cries and Yuvi rubs her back as his gaze scans the room before he looks at me.

“Alright alright! One drama – done. Now shall we proceed towards the other?” Natasha questions standing up and I stand up confused and angry. “What nonsense are you talking about?” Mahi questions and Natasha laughs signalling her to wait.

She picks up her phone and calls someone , “Bring him inside” she cancels the call and smugly looks at Kunj. “Your patience would be over now Kunj. Don’t stress out”

Everyone looks on boggled before the door opens and two men comes forward before they move to the side and a guy probably around Kunj’s age comes forward.

I narrowed my gaze at him but soon kunj ran towards the guy and hugs him. I turned around to see a shocked expression on Mahi’s and Yuvi’s face.

“Rohan bhai?” Mahi whispers from beside me and I looked on boggled. Rohan- the name seems familiar. Oh my God! Rohan , Kunj’s twin brother who died in a cruise trip.

Startled by the sudden change , I looked on as Kunj pulls back smiling. “I really thought I lost you Rohan” Kunj hugs him again. “Rohan bhai? How? I mean..” Mahi rushes towards him and he smiles slightly at her before hugging her.

“I know for a fact that you all are pretty dumb. Uh! Very very dumb!” Natasha snickers and I scoff out loud at her stupidity , “Enhance us with your intelligence then” she rolls her eyes at me before smirking at Kunj , “You haven’t told her yet , have you?”

“About what?” I muttered boggled looking back and forth between Natasha and Kunj. “Why out of all the people would Kunj marry you out of the blue? Just imagine , why would he marry someone who was gonna steal from their house? Were you so dumb to marry him without knowing the reason?” she crosses her arms raising an eyebrow amused.

“Certainly not! Because I trust him” I shot back and she laughed shaking her head , “Ah! the pity I feel for you”

“He married you because he wanted his brother back” she spoke out loud and my breath hitched in my throat. “Let me tell you guys a story. A quite interesting one I must say”

She steps towards me resting her hand on my shoulder as I move back. “Back when we were younger everyone thought I was smitten by Rohan. Well wrong. My heart truly belonged to the money these Sarna brothers had.

I could have chosen Kunj but Rohan was an easy target for me. While on the other side Kunj was hard to prey on. So I went for Rohan. But here takes an interesting turn of events.

Well being the evil cunning teenager I was , I eavesdropped. Hearing Mr. And Mrs. Sarna about Rohan not being their own child. Sorry Rohan but you aren’t the Heir of Sarna’s. You are Mrs. Sarna’s sister’s son.

I could have easily left you Rohan but you decided to be clingy. You wouldn’t agree on leaving me and that left me with no choice at all. So I kidnapped him. I have my sources duh!”

She smirked leaning back on the wall and continued , “I had to come up with a true and real story right? On Christmas eve , while we were on the cruise I faked your death. Remember the night Kunj? When I went into my heart broken zone and shouted calling people that Rohan jumped.

Well for the world he commented suicide but in reality I had him. Then the real fun began and I acted , crying my eyes out everyday for Rohan.

No wonder I’m saying this again that you people were and are dumb. The next day when I pretended that I could see Rohan in Kunj because they were twins you people started trusting that and that caused us both to be together.

I mean how dumb can you all get? Kunj and Rohan they both are completely different people with complete different faces. I pity that non existent mind of yours Kunj.

So end of the second drama. Shall we proceed to the final one now?”

The shock on everyone’s face was crystal clear and I cleared my throat before looking at Kunj , “How…how long did you knew about this?” his eyes snapped towards mine and he sighed , “A few weeks before…” He trailed unable to look at me.

“Before what?” I mumbled and Natasha snickers besides me , “Why don’t I tell You?” she suggests and I fisted my hands nodding my head.

“Remember the bike race in which kunj got injured ? And then you people decided to commit the biggest mistake of your life and kick me out of your lives?” she asks smirking.

“Well that was the most honest and awesome mistake” Mahi taunts and Natasha glares at her. “ I decided to make you guys realize that you did wrong. A few days after I guess the contract with Dhruv Singhania was over , the game started.

Well basically I revealed it to Kunj about Rohan being alive and being with me. Yes it took me a lot of trouble to actually prove it to him but he agreed.

But here comes the twist” she smirks clapping her hands excitedly. “Stop Natasha! You promised you wouldn’t tell her” Kunj shouts in anger and I flinched at his sudden outburst. “About what Kunj?” I cried out and he looked at me , guilt visible on his face before he shook his head.

“I’m sorry Twinkle but I do truly love you” he mumbled running a hand over his face. “That’s a lie. Kunj made an agreement with me”


Hello guys!

I know I know.


To the chapter , how was it? I was extremely nervous because yes this isn’t a logical reason for their separation but you’ll eventually start getting my point with the upcoming chapters

But I hope you like the chapter and I would try to update soon. Make sure to comment down below and share your opinions.

Love you all❤❤

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