Two Shades (Tashan e ishq) (Chapter 3)




“Maybe..” I speak through the phone and he grunts. “Maybe? Are you trying to tell me that 2 months weren’t enough?” He asks through the other line and I sighed , my head aching badly. Life is so miserable but it becomes more as you live it with lies. I hate myself for doing this but I’m left with no option.

“I can’t do this..” I mumble and he chuckled bitterly. “Then you know the result sweetheart” He muttered back. “There’s no sign of it then how do I find it?” I ask with a faint laugh and he laughed out loud. “That’s the reason I have sent you there ” He speaks through his ear-splitting tone.

“Right Mr. Taneja” I reply firmly. “Do your work as soon as possible else you know the result dear” with that he cancels the call and I lean back on the chair tears flowing down.

The door opens with Mahi entering my room and I smiled. “Hey Ria. Bhai is calling you” She speaks as my breath hitched in my throat. “Uh..Okay” I reply and walk my way towards his room. Help me God! Hope it’s something else. I knock on the door and hear his voice. “Come in Ria” He speaks in a changed tone and I sighed.

“Uh..Good..Good evening” I greet him and he faces me. Those brown eyes helds my gaze as I could feel my heart skip a beat. That intense gaze is hard to resist. “Why are you so scared?” He asks and I smiled weakly playing with my fingers nervously.

“Did you had something to tell me, Sir?” I ask and he chuckled. “Well , a lot Ria” He speaks and I shut my eyes. “Come over here” He points towards the couch and I cleared the lump forming in my throat. “Um..I am fine over here” I speak and he nodded.

“The thing is Ria that I wanted you to find about Mr. Taneja” He speaks and my eyes literally popped out. “What?” I blurt out and he looks on confused. “What happened?” He asks and I shake my head. “I heard he’s got two sons…” He begins.

“Two daughters” I blurt out , shit! What did I do? “Excuse me?” he seemed to be confused. “No Nothing…” I try to clarify but no use. “You seem to be aware of them” He speaks motioning towards me but I back off.

“Actually I had been facing a lot of problems due to him so you know Aman suggested why don’t we just get rid of the younger daughter..”

“No you can’t hurt Maira” I yell and he narrows his gaze at me. “I meant..” I try to find the perfect words but no use. “How much more are you gonna lie Twinkle?” He asks , his voice full of pain and discomfort as tears rolled down my cheeks.

My back clashes the wall and I shriek back. “You cheated me. You cheated us” He yells and I cried on. “Mahi helped you so much. I did but you” He tightens his grip around my waist and I gasped. “I was helpless…” I mumble and he let’s out a sarcastic laugh.

“That’s really Lame Twinkle Taneja. You are just like your father” I could feel the displeasure in his voice as he yells but suddenly the door opens. “Bhai! Leave her” Mahi yells and runs towards me pushing him back. The guilt rises up in me each second.

I’m wrong , I did so any wrong things but I can’t help it. It was necessary. I was left with no option. My life is filled with such venom.

“Are you okay Ria?” She asks and I lowered my gaze feeling ashamed of how much I have hurt Kunj. “She’s not Ria. She’s Twinkle Taneja” Kunj shouts. “What are you saying Bhai?” She asks and I moved back crying my heart out.

“Listen to me once..please..” I beg but no use as he wouldn’t. “What’s happening?” Mahi asks but Kunj drags me by the elbow as he walks me out to the front door. “Get lost Twinkle” he spoke and I felt my heart twinge in pain.


It’s been 3 hours , and I’m still sitting outside the porch in front of Kunj’s house. I can’t get back to my house , that monster wouldn’t let me in and I can’t enter here too. “Twinkle..” I hear someone calling me and I snap my head back to see who it is.

“Mahi!” I say and she sighs looking away. It hurts. “Listen to me once please” I try to hold her hand but she backs off. “I regarded you as my older sister so I have to” She says and I smiled weakly. “Let me talk to Kunj once” I speak and she nods.


“Bhai..” Mahi calls him out as his back faces us. “Hmm?” He turns his head finding both of us standing there at the back. The dark appearance comes back as he frowns. “How dare you come back again” He walks towards me and stops a few feat away. “Listen jus-“ he begins but I cut him off.

“No! You listen Mr.Kunj Sarna” I point my forefinger at him and he frowned. Mahi giggled silently as Kunj gives her a glare. “You never give anyone a chance to explain” I cross my arms and he growls.



She crosses her arms and I looked on bored. “You didn’t even let me explain” She complaints. I wanted to smile at the current situation of how cute she looked but I force myself not to. “I’m a cheat? Really? Seriously?” She points her fingers towards herself and I arched an eyebrow amusingly.

“No! I’m not” She answered the question herself. Wow! How thankful I’m to her for that. “Two months I had been living here Kunj and you think I would have done something wrong. If I wanted to I would have done it long ago” She says with a hint of sadness in her tone.

“Why were you here then?” Mahi asks as twinkle sighs. “My father , well that’s what he says. Mr. Taneja , Kunj knows him. He sent me here to find the location of the world’s most expensive diamond Kunj has because Kunj refused to give it to him even after Mr.Taneja wanted to give him a large amount” She speaks and I looked on.

“I had to do it else he would sell my sister to his business mates son as a pr*stitute” I clenched my hands at how much pain she must have gone through. “But did you still agreed to cheat us?” Mahi asks in a slow whisper. “Never! If I wanted to I would have done it long ago. I know where the diamond is Kunj” She looks at me as I looked on blankly.

“It’s hidden in soccer room inside the blue colored soccer ball” She speaks as my eyes widen in amazement. “But still I didn’t tell Mr. Taneja. I couldn’t cheat you all” She speaks as tears rolling down her soaked red cheeks. “Why don’t you call him Dad as you have been calling him Mr. Taneja” Mahi asks as Twinkle let’s out a faint laugh.

“Seriously Mahi? You want me to call that man a father?” She asks with displeasure. “How can I trust you again? Our first clash was a set up right? The men they were hired by you right?” I ask stepping closer as those brown eyes never leave mine.

“Yes” She speaks never leaving my gaze. “And the bruises?” I ask slowly as now she looks away. “Did he hurt you?” I hold her hand as she sighs. “Doesn’t matter” She says looking at me.

“And the time you saved me was a set up too?” Mahi asks. “No!” Twinkle speaks as she moves her hand back and motions towards Mahi. “That wasn’t a set up. I used to work in that shop” She says as Mahi hugs her.

“I should be mad at you but I can’t” Mahi says pulling back as twinkle smiles at her.



I broke their trust but still they trust me now. “Thank you for everything” I tell Mahi and she smiles. “You remind me of Maira , my sister” I speak as she let’s out a soft laugh. “I should be going. I’ll just get my phone an-“ I begin but Kunj cuts me off.

“You aren’t going anywhere. Plus , you know if you don’t return with the diamond then you know what he’ll do” Kunj speaks.

“But I can’t..” I say as Mahi places her hands on her hips and frowns. “Oh don’t be silly! We’ll help you out after all I’m like your sister” She winks and I smile. “Seriously siblings?” we turn around to see an annoyed Yuvi standing here with his arms crossed across his chest.

“I heard every bit of it” Yuvi says frowning and I felt the guilt rising up in me. “Now it’s been a lot of drama , we all need a break so come on” He says in a dramatic way and I laugh lightly.

“Come Twinkle twinkle little star” He keeps his hand on my back as I gasped. “Just a little distant from her” Kunj removes his hand and slowly pulls me towards himself as my back touches his front. “Ahan! Sure. I didn’t knew you she’s your girlfriend” Yuvi speaks settling himself on the couch as Mahi too sits there expect us still standing there.

The butterflies in my stomach are seriously on drugs , roaming around all the way as his touch sends tingles down my shivering spine. “Come with me..” He whispers softly and I gulped hard. STUPID BUTTERFLIES!

“Bye bye lovebirds!” Mahi cheers and Kunj growled. I know he doesn’t believe in love. Love never existed for him. Mahi told me about how much allergic he’s to the word love but there’s one thing , he can’t stop me from loving him. Wait what?

Crap! I didn’t meant that. I just well , whatever. Go away you stupid inner voices.


“What’s this place?” I ask Kunj and he looked on at me with a straight face. Why can’t he smile? Why can’t he smile like everyone. “This is the first place my mom and dad met” He slowly emphasized on each word as it was hard for him to say it. “You know Twinkle , they say they love each other” I could feel how uneasy he is.

“Kunj you don’t have to..” I begin but he holds my hand as his shoulder brushes mine. “I have to take all this out” He sighed and I nodded although he couldn’t see it.

“They would go on business trips leaving me and Yuvi behind. They would give us money and say have fun. Huh! Everyone thought we were leading a great life. Call it miserable life in reality”

“Call it miserable life for me too. Mom died when I was 9 and Maira 7. The doctor said it was cancer but I know it was him” I speak as he gives my hand a light squeeze. “Mahi and Yuvi were whom I consider as family but there’s someone else too” He says as I look on boggled.

“Who?” I mumble and he looks at me smiling. The smile is genuine , full of happiness. “Umm..” He pulls me closer , our bodies colliding. “Twinkle Twinkle little star” He mutters and I chuckled. “Well , thank you for this” I replied stepping back.

“That’s not fair! Just a thank you?” He whines but to my surprise he pulls me closer and I shut my eyes. “I guess we should be going..” I mumble and trying to get away from him but can’t as I’m not that strong next to him.

“Sure” He holds my gaze before nodding and I gulped hard at the situation. What’s happening to me? I can’t. So much closeness to Kunj , is not good. Maybe for me or him. He doesn’t believes in love and I am not like that. I had been waiting , waiting all my life for the perfect man but all this is hard to gulp it down.




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