Two Shades (Tashan e ishq) Chapter 28



(Read IMPORTANT NEWS at the end)


“I’m a Barbie girl in the Barbie world. Life in plastic , it’s fantastic! You can brush my hair , undress me every here. Imagination , life is your creation. Come on Barbie , let’s go party.

I’m a Barbie girl in the Barbie world. Life in plastic , it’s fantastic! You can brush my hair , undress me….”

Maira had her face stuffed inside the cushion so she wouldn’t die laughing. Mahi was already on the ground laughing her ass off. And well , I was preparing myself to face THE HULK ….*cough* I mean *cough* Kunj.

Earlier this morning , Mahi dared me to prank Kunj. I couldn’t back off right. Uncle told us to look in for the arrangement as they were having a real serious meeting this afternoon. And this was the perfect opportunity for me.

I had changed Kunj’s ringtone to the Barbie song. Maira warned me and I know I’m gonna be so deadddd. We were eavesdropping outside the conference hall and just when Kunj’s turn came for the presentation I quickly called on his number and then we ran off to Mahi’s room.

“We are in deep shit girls” I laughed removing the cushion from Maira’s face. Don’t want her die and then Yuvi to shed tears. That would be too much for me.

When I thought about the hundred ways Kunj was gonna kill me , the door opened revealing a smiling Kunj. UH-OH!

“Hi!” I waved awkwardly and he nodded smiling back. Okay…. “Hello ladies…” he cheerfully greeted us and I pretended to be on my phone. “What’s up? Oh! Actually the guys are waiting for you both outside”

He smiled at Maira and Mahi and I gulped nervously. They nodded rushing out and I groaned. TRAITORS!!!

I felt his steps closer to me and he sat near me on the bed. I pretended to be on the phone and not at all be bothered by his presence. “How have you been ,love?” he asks playing with my hair and I gulped.

He’s so gonna kill me. “I…I’m go-ood” I stuttered and curse my confidence for vanishing right now. And he called me love…something that I wanted to listen. But right now , I know he’s purposely doing this.

“What are you doing on your phone?” he asks pulling me closer and I shook my head furiously. “N-Nothing…just randomly scrolling through my social accounts” I laughed awkwardly and he nodded staring at me.

“Oh..I promised Payal I would help her to shop for her wedding” I quickly muttered and ran towards the door only to be stopped by Kunj’s voice , “Stop right there”

My breath hitched in my throat and I stopped squeezing my eyes shut. “What’s the hurry , love?” his fingers trailed down from my shoulder towards my hand and stopped caressing my hand. “I…well..I was..”

I gave up on my stuttering and sighed turning around. I narrowed my gaze and snapped , “Spill” he chuckled nodding and took a few steps back. He tilted his head to the side and studied my face for a while.

“Look over at your left shoulder” he mumbled and I rolled my eyes looking over at my shoulder. “AHHHHHHHH!!!”

Next thing I knew I was screaming madly , jumping on my spot. “KUNJJJJ!” I screamed shaking my shoulder vigorously. The lizard fell onto the ground and I wrapped my arms around my torso breathing heavily and leaned against the wall.

Why isn’t the lizard moving? It’s lying upside down and I gasped. I kept on gawking at the ground and the lizard. I killed it.

“I KILLED IT!” I yelled tears filling up my eyes and covered my mouth to cover my stupid shaky voice. I looked at Kunj who was looking at me wide eyed. And without a second look , I dashed out of the room and ran towards my own room which was right next to Mahi’s hotel room.

I locked the door behind me and leaned against it wiping my tears away. Why on earth am I crying ? Because I killed a lizard maybe ?

My chain of thoughts came to an end as I felt the door opening and my body slightly moving ahead. I quickly moved aside to see Kunj entering. Oh..he has a key too.

I looked on at him as he shook his head. “It was a fake lizard. I pranked you” he spoke out and I looked on startled. Did you guys hear?

I proved it. I proved to be the most IDIOTIC person alive. I should have known earlier . “And you actually thought …and then you cried over it?” he looked on amused and I glared at him.

I pushed past him and walked out of the room and heard him close the door before he matched my steps. “Where to?” he asks breathing out and I stopped on my tracks , “I hate you” I gritted through my teeth and he smirked , “My heart says the opposite”

I rolled my eyes groaning out loud and started walking towards Payal’s room but Kunj chose to pull me back as my back touched the wall in the corridor. “What?!” I grumbled and he smirked again , “Why are you so Mad at me?” he whispers.

“As if you don’t know” I shot at him and he chuckled , “Oh trust me , I don’t.” I swatted his hand away as it touched my cheek. “Stop bothering me” I mumbled and he sighed leaning closer touching his forehead with mine.

“You started with that barbie ringtone” he muttered and I sighed , “You are such a cry baby. So what? It was just a dare”

“Consider my prank a dare a too” he speaks and I rolled my eyes , “Yeah yeah…” he kissed my cheek breathing out a laugh and I couldn’t help but smile. Don’t smile twinkle.

Don’t!!! Ugh ….he’s doing this on purpose.

“How long is this gonna last?” he asks with his hands moving down to cup my waist. “Until you accept your defeat and kiss me first” I stated with my head high and he chuckled nodding , “You haven’t changed at all… still feisty and oh s*xy…”

He smirked pulling me towards himself and I scoffed , “s*xy? Rightttt. I clearly take it as an insult” he frowned immediately at my words kissed my forehead , “Your one touch and I can’t resist myself . And you won’t ever be able to understand.

It’s hard…actually impossible to stop myself from touching you. Feel your lips on mine and kiss you till my last breath. Don’t look at me like that..”

He sighed closing his eyes. “Like what?..” my voice was barely audible and he shook his head , “Nothing… you are just too innocent to get to know of my thoughts right now”

I gasped loudly and he laughing silently opening his eyes. “I feel offended now” I smacked his arm and he laughed loudly wrapping an arm around my shoulder as we walked towards the elevator.

He kept bragging about how smart he is to prank me easily as I tried stopping myself from strangling him to death.

I watched him as he smiled and laughed at something he would say. He’s changed so much. Changed for the good. His laughter , his smile none of them are fake. Genuine is all I can say. Not the one I saw on TV or magazines .

Something I had said long back. All of them , his smiles , his love and he himself is for me. And that couldn’t make it any more better.

Not even Natasha bothered my thoughts anymore. Because Kunj is from whom I had always got my strength and courage from. And that would be forever lasting.

I accept it but no I’m not telling him this. Maybe I’ll ….Someday …

That what happened two years back was not his mistake. Maybe if was at his place , as a brother or sister I would the same. Protect my family like he did.

I looked at him as he kept laughing throughout our walk telling me random stuff about the time we weren’t together. Showing a bit of affection wouldn’t hurt anyone right ?

Should I do it or not?

I do it then.

I closed the space between us and wrapped my hand around his arm and he looked at me smiling before continuing.

You thought I was gonna kiss him??

Nah! TWINKLE SARNA never gives up on challenges. Even if that challenge is the hard to get playing character named KUNJ SARNA.

Did I just say Twinkle Sarna? You see it? Don’t you?



Hey guys!

How are you all?

Okayyy….I guess I’m not that late this time?

So how was the chapter ?

I tried to get rid of the depressing story line for a while haha.

I’m hoping you liked the chapter and I would try to post the next one soon.


Or maybe sad news. But I guess it’s time to end Two shades. I know…. seriously while writing about this I feel so bad.

But everything of course has to end right?

So before my exams I even posted that I would be giving you guys 3 shots as of course due to shanaya’s idea I wanted to write about the bad boy and the nerd.

So just as I end Two shades , on the last chapter of this story I’ll update you guys with the name of my new story.

And in this story I am not gonna write about kunj and twinkle. Sorryyyy but I wanna try something else.

Of course the theme would be the bad boy and the nerd so I hope you all would like it.

Hope you liked the chapter.

And I’d be back with a next one❤

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  1. It’s just awesome.. please update sooon..

    1. Misha

      Hey. Thank you so much auror. ❤❤ yeah I would post soon

      1. Please don’t end it…

  2. Nishfd

    I m sorry bt I m disappointed with yr decision I m seriously. ..
    I don’t know the reason bt if its bcoz the cmmnts then u r just thinking about them who didn’t cmmnted bt not the one who r in love with yr ff and writing skills. …
    I know I am sounding rude bt cnt help it sry if I hurt u …
    I still hvnt read yrs epi …
    Bt still its yr decision. .. yr wish… bt hs a cmmnter I am feeling really sad…

    1. Misha

      Nishaaa… firstly , I’m sorry. I know it was pretty sudden of me to say that I wanted to end the story. But I guess I just don’t wanna drag this further.

      And and and of course not. NEVER EVER IN A MILLION YEARS would I stop a story because I didn’t got enough comments. I swear on my bubblegums that even if one person would be commenting on my story I would go on for that person.

      Sorry if I disappointed you and no don’t be sorry about being rude. You guys have the right to tell me anything.
      Don’t be sad nisha.

      I’ll be back with a new story of course , if you wanna read that one you can for sure.

      Just like you all , two shades is really close to my heart. And I just love the support you all gave me.

      I just really don’t wanna disappoint anyone and I want support and love from you guys which you all always give.

  3. Ritzi

    Well misha…you r right! Everything has its end…to be honest…it pricked me hard…ya the fact tht u r gonna end it soon…can’t u stretch it a bit? Ok m sorry…u should do wht yr heart says …..u r not going to write twinj anymore makes me even sad…but then ofc. U should try smthing new…but can I give u one advice? U write it with the characters of yr choice…nd then u can jeep the track same but just change the names of leads to twinkle nd kunj…can’t u do tht…bcus I don’t wanna loose an amazing writer like u….I allow myself to read twinj’s ff only…m afraid…if I will be Able to read yr next ff or not… M sorry…m hurt…but ofc. Its not yr fault

    1. Misha

      Hey ritzi. Well thank you for understanding. I know the decision was fast but of course every story has an end. And after seeing so many of you guys upset with the ending and moreover the fact that my next fan fiction isn’t gonna be about kunj and twinkle so I finallllyyy came to conclusion that I can’t hurt you all.
      So yes the story on the bad boy and the nerd would be about twinkle and kunj.

      I hope you all would be happy now!??

      And trust me I can’t wait to start that story and give you guys more. ???❤

      1. Ritzi

        Mishhhaaaaaaaaa love u babe…just lovvvveeeee u to the death ….or even deep! I mean u simply hv no idea abt my condition right now…I m rolling on the bed with happiness….loovvveeeeeeeeee u yaar thanks a lot thank u

  4. Sohi

    Amazing episode
    Hahaha the pranks were really very funny
    While reading the prank part I was drinking water, I laughed so hard that I choked out


    1. Misha

      Hey sohi. Thank you so much.
      I’m happy you liked it. Haha glad I could make you all smile

  5. Sohi

    Waiting for more twinj scenes
    I wish u write that new story of bad boy and the nerd on our twinj ?

    Do continue

    1. Misha

      I’ll update soon. Yes , I decided that I’ll write the bad boy one about kunj and twinkle ?

  6. Nishfd

    Sorry I shouldn’t have wrote all those this….
    I m really sorry. …
    I m feeling so guilty. ..

    1. Misha

      No no no no no nish! Don’t be sorrrryyy. I sound like a freaking whining child now ?. I have repeated this like about hundred times that you guys have the right to say every freaking thing to me. Like everything! And I’ll be back with the new story right ? Sure it will be on kunj and twinkle.
      Now smile everyone one of you hehe ?

      1. Nishfd

        Thanks. …
        U decided to write a story on twinj thats so nice of u…
        N nw aftr all these rude behaviour of mine. ..
        Will u be my frnd I know aftr the outburst of mine its hard bt still I hope you will accpt my request. ..

    1. Misha

      Hey purnima. Thank You so much dear

  7. SidMin23

    Love it but sad too as u gonna end this ff and wish another ff u write on twinj as want to see more of your writing on twinj.

    1. Misha

      Hey sidmin. Thank you .

      Sorry for the sudden ending but yes I decided the next fan fiction would be on kunj and twinkle ??

  8. Presha

    Just loved it..
    Too good…
    Plz dont end it…
    Plz..plz plz…
    Post soon…
    Love u

    1. Misha

      Hey presha. Thank you thank You!
      Sorrryyy but yes as I said I do have to end this one but I do have another story in mind about kunj and twinkle ?

  9. amazing one…..
    too good……
    loved it…..
    do continue…….
    post soon…..
    lots of love…….

  10. amazing one…..
    too good……
    loved it…..
    do continue…….
    post soon…..
    lots of love…..

    1. Misha

      Hey ayesha. Thank you so much ❤❤?. Im sorry for the ending but the book has to end one day or another right ? But still I’ll be back with a new book on kunj and twinkle

  11. Twinjfan.tamanna

    Misha this was just so cute! I loved it to the core! Amazingly written! But I m disappointed! Plz don’t end na! And abt ur new ff, I agree with Ritzi! I can change the name of lead characters to Twinkle & Kunj!
    Post soon!

    With Love,
    Urs Tamanna

    1. Misha

      Hey tamanna. Thank you so much. I decided I’ll write the new fan fiction on kunj and twinkle , the same characters. Don’t wanna disappoint anyone ?. Yes I’ll update soon.

      Lots of love to you too❤

  12. Fatimaa.

    Heyyy misha
    Firstly a superr biggggggg sorryyyyyyyyyyyyy for not commenting on previous chappy’s….
    But trust me i’ve read them all and they were just astounding
    Well this one was amazing…..the pranks were hialrious especially the barbie one..hihihi….????

    Hmm as you said dat u r gonna end it soon…..dats a very sad thing for me…..this ff was one of my most favourite ones….i m just in love with this story and probably i dont want it to end…..but sadly it is going to?
    As you said you write another one……so there’s a request from my side….please take kunj and twinkle as the characters….plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz plzzzzz plzz plzz plzzz plzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    And surely m gonna miss this one… its nearing its end…
    Post soon
    Loads of love???

    1. Misha

      Hey Fatima. It’s totally okay. You did commented now. It’s a big thing!

      Haha thank you so much. I’m glad you liked the chapter!.

      So moving on to the ending I’m sorry but it has to end … I’m really sad myself but then again I’ll be back with the book.

      And oh yes , I’ll make it on kunj and twinkle for sure. ??


  13. tora phol sol er dikka kortei lagor de killai? ?? phol hoi gaya pholla!!!

    1. Misha

      Damn! I’m awestruck. Anyone kind here that can translate this to me? ?? confused as hell

  14. Ramya

    Awesome misha
    Amazing one
    Plss don’t end it
    Love you keep smiling

    1. Misha

      Hey ramya. Thank you so much dear. ???

  15. Baby

    I wont say u r ending it is a wrong decision….
    there must be reasons u r having….but srsly dude just a single request I will do please write of twinkle and kunj…. please cause we love u and ur writings and plsssssssssss…….
    well loved d episode….♥
    lods of love…..♥
    keep writing keep smiling always….♥
    now its ur decision to 🙂 hope u got it…..♥
    love u dear……♥

    1. Misha

      Hey. Thank you so so much.
      Yes I’ll for sure write on kunj and twinkle. Thanks a lot. Yup I do get it hehe.
      Love you too. And the next chapter is updated. ❤

      1. Baby

        Muaahhhh… ♥♡★☆♥♡★☆ thanks alott frnd m sooo soooo sooo happy cant express….
        Love lods n lods….

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