Two Shades (Tashan e ishq) Chapter 27

CHAPTER 27 – Not even for 0.1 second….


Recap (Chapter 26)

Twinkle receiving the dress from Mahi and the invitation for Payal’s (Mahi’s friend) before wedding party. Twinkle and Kunj’s conversation in the lobby and an encounter with Natasha near the bar as they all later on ROAST Natasha (Yassss??). Dhruv coming along in the picture and forcing them to discuss what happened two years and the small argument on regina geroge.



“I’m never wrong. That woman is totally . Berserk. Cracked. Mad. Lunatic. Daft. Psycho. Nuts. Moonstruck. Mental. Deranged . Demented….and everything related to crazy unbalanced things”

Rohan ranted and kept on blabbering as we all stared at him in awe. I shook my head and sighed , “You could have just said the word ‘crazy’ and we would have understood”

He shoots a glare at me and I raised my hands in defence. “That’s not the point , Rohan. Let’s just end it clearly that we wanna get rid of this woman and …her..” Maira hesitated a bit and I gave her hand a squeeze.

“It’s alright..” I whispered and she smiled sadly. “How can a mother do this..” Dhruv started but I raised my hand signalling him to stop , “She’s not our mother”

He mumbled a sorry before an uncomfortable silence engulfed us. “I think it’s getting late. We should go back to our rooms” Yuvi said breaking the silence and I nodded and dashed out of there not waiting for anyone.

My head is filled with messed up thoughts about everything. From what happened two years back and what’s happening now. Was I right at that moment for just backing off like a coward and running off?

I shouldn’t have agreed in the first place to discuss about this. After Kunj clearing denying to discuss about what happened two years back , Rohan and Dhruv forced us to. I had no choice. They blackmailed me with their stupid cute acts .

Not true.

They blackmailed me by stealing all my Bubble gums. Not just fault I can’t stay without mint and bubble gums. Hey! Don’t judge alright. Everyone has weird obsessions.

But surprising thing over here. Neither of us , Kunj or I , spoke during the last three hours. The rest kept on fighting about who was wrong and who was right.

Did Twinkle do just by running away from Kunj?

And all that…

Oh and what did we do? Me and Kunj?

We just kept staring. Not at each other..

He kept staring at the pool . And I ..well I kept staring at him. I don’t know what the pool had that got his attention so baldy. He would blush furiously at times when he would look at me staring back at him.

That was so weird of him…

“What’s so weird of me?” I shrieked hearing Kunj as he whispered near my ear and he chuckled holding my arm. I turned back and shook my head furiously.

Was I saying that way too loud?

“Yes. You were” he smirked and I looked the other way. “Sooo..tell me. What’s weird?” he encircled his arms around me , resting his chin on my shoulder. And I didn’t try wiggling out of his arms. That’s sooo…weird again.

He sighed placing a kiss on neck , “Just let go of all your thoughts for a while. Please” I sighed nodding slightly. I feel good… good to be back with him like this..close to him.

“Kunj..” I finally mustered up the courage after a long silence. “Hmm?” he asks as I turn around but his hands again stayed on my waist . “I lied” I spoke out and he looks on at me confused.

“I started missing you after an hour I left your house two years back…” I chuckled at my own confession and he laughed pressing his forehead on mine. “I was never able to hold myself back. I still can’t. Here I’m confessing to the man whom everyone thinks I hate.

I don’t . I never did and of course I never will. Cliché or cheesy , whatever you name it. But I love you. You know one thing didn’t change between us..” I looked up to meet his eyes and found him smiling at me. “What?..” his fingers traced my jaw line.

“Trust. If we both weren’t honest with each other and our feelings . Then I wouldn’t be standing right here…. telling you things which I normally fight over about with my conscience” I breathed out a laugh and he kissed my cheek laughing.

“And here comes the next part… the part where I stop and say ‘but’..and ruin the moment..” I chuckled and he looked on amused. “But honestly…” I sighed and closed my eyes , “I’m scared to let myself in once more”

“Open your eyes…” he whispered gently and I nodded looking at him. He gave me a smile before his hands reached up to unbutton his shirt. “I never said I was having s*x with you..” I trailed smirking and he rolled his eyes smiling.

“And oh I was…” my words dried in my mouth and I took a sharp breath. My eyes scanned his chest and then his eyes. Up..down…up down..up…down..up…down..


Shit just got deep and…real.

“You could have added a little star with it” I complained crossing my arms and his eyes went wide. “I knew it. I knew it.” He ran a hand over his hair repeatedly.

“Unlike any other normal girl you wouldn’t be like ‘Oh Kunj! How much I love it. Thank you thank you’ and kiss me” he faked a girly accent and I laughed out loud. “But no. Obviously , you had to point out something. Complaint brat!”

He huffed facing the other side and crossing his arms. I finally calmed down from my laughter and patted his shoulder but he shoved me away. “Kunj…” I whispered patting him on his arm but again he rolled his eyes.

“You are such a baby..” I chuckled and walked towards the bed and sat down facing him. He glared at me and buttoned his shirt. “The tattoo is of no help” I think I heard him mumble and walked towards the cupboard.

I think I pushed it too far. Well obviously I’m shocked. Shocked is I think not enough to describe what I’m feeling right now. heart.

I’m fangirling RIGHT NOW!

“Did it hurt?” I whispered hugging him from behind as he was looking for his clothes. I mentally groaned for asking such a stupid question. “No! Of course not. A needle piercing through your skin. Of course it didn’t hurt” he scoffed and turned around with a huge FAKE grin.

And then I was suddenly interested in looking down at my feet. Not actually. I was a bit ashamed of being so stupid. “Why do I even love you…” he grumbled getting back to his business and I sighed , “Serves you right. You broke my heart many times…” I mumbled more to myself.

That came out naturally I swear. I shook my head and turned around only to be pulled back by Kunj and I thought he was a about to hug me or something but only to feel his lips on mine.

He is kissing me..

But he pulled back and I frowned. That was a tiny peck. That lasted not even for 0.1 second. He smirked and leaned back, “you have to try harder . You know to actually kiss me”

“You would be the one doing it” I crossed my arms and he nodded smirking still. “Challenge accepted!” we simultaneously said and I turned around sighed.

Way to ruin everything again Twinkle…..



FIRSTLY , GO AND CHECK! Because this lazy writer replied to your comments on the last chapter. Oh and that lazy writer is me.

Second , sorry for the short chapter. Wrote it in a hurry .

And how are you guys ?

Okayyyy I am maybe a racist by calling Kunj bipolar when in reality I’m one. Like wth are you doing misha.

One second they hate each other and the other they patch up. OH you guys can comment that I’m bipolar ?

But trust me you are gonna like the chapters ahead if they are good.

So what do you think about this chapter and the story so far?

Comment below guys…

If you want. Make me happy and I’ll post the next one soon. Honestly I was gonna post the next one soon anyway.

Sooo see you guys in the next chapter..


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