Two Shades (Tashan e ishq) Chapter 26




“Are you sure?” I questioned again and Mahi grumbled nodding. “But-“ I began and she groaned heavily, “Enough! It’s her wedding not yours that you are so unsure about your dress” I sighed nodding and a blew out a sarcastic laugh , “My wedding right. The best anyone could ever imagine”

She sighed and placed her coffee on the table and passed me a bag. “What’s this?” I questioned and opened the bag. “Is it for me?” I questioned dumbly totally startled at the dress. “No! Queen Elizabeth??” I laughed and stood in front of the mirror hugging the dress up to my body.

“Gorgeous” I mumbled and she smiled giving me a thumbs up. “Who selected this?” I looked on and her eyes widened before she spoke , “umm..Obviously me..who else” She muttered and I looked up awkwardly.

“Hurry change now. We’ll be late” She quickly turned on her straightener and sat down. Who’s wedding right? As we earlier came here , there were no rooms empty because a wedding was taking place in this hotel.

And the bride turns out to be Mahi’s longggg lost friend and yesterday they invited us for the “before wedding party.” I don’t know why they would keep a before wedding party. But I guess it would be a good change.

Attending a wedding and that too an Indian wedding. So the excitement is up. I quickly changed into my dress and smiled looking up as the size fits perfectly. I ran my hands over the silver clothing and then my eyed the black embroidery on the back.

I never knew Mahi would chose this. It’s a pretty dress. “Thanks for the dress” I smiled at her. “’re welcome” She hesitated and I looked on before brushing off the thoughts .


“And they are never wrong that women take hours to get ready” Rohan chuckled and I gave him a smack on his shoulder . “We were here since 15 minutes waiting for you people to get ready” I crossed my arms and he gave us a sheepish grin.

“Still you look hot as..” his sentence was left in the mid as Kunj smacked him right behind his head and he whined , “Are you both mad?! Why do you always keep on hitting me?”

“And why do you always keep on forgetting that she’s my wife” Kunj gave him a smirk and I rolled my eyes. “He’s pain in the ass” rohan mumbled before passing by me and I nodded. I turned back eyeing Kunj and he had a small smile on his face .

“What…” I tucked my hair behind my ear suddenly feeling shy . Stop Twinkle! Get a grip over yourself. “Two years but I didn’t forget that the dress I would chose for you would look perfect as always” He muttered stepping ahead as his hand touched my waist.

My jaw hits the floor. Mahi liedddd! “Don’t bother your little brain by thinking on how to kill my sister…I told her to do this” He whispers slowly and I looked the other way. “Everything might change…but the way your heart beat gets uneven when I touch you won’t ever change. Because I know…that you know it too…how much I want you close to me like this…

Forever. By forever meaning till the day I’m alive. And I hope you didn’t forget that no one can take you away from me. Not even you yourself and by the end of this trip you’ll be the one coming back to me”

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes as he stepped back, “the more you run the more I would chase”

Deep shit!


“Congratulations , Payal” I hugged Mahi’s friend who was about to get married and she smiled. “I’m really happy you guys came” I nodded giving her a small smile. “I would be back. Excuse me”

I quickly ran towards the bar and took a soda can. There’s no way on earth I’m getting high again. That already caused me a lot of trouble. And now all those things that Kunj said in the lobby…I’m so screwed.

“Never knew soda would be the cure to heart breaks” everything seemed to stop. The screams , the cries , the laughter and my wedding day all that came up. One day that destroyed my whole life. Two people who made me a f**ked up retard.

I turned back and faced her. There’s no more of Kunj and me because of her. There’s no more of me because of this woman. “Oh poor baby.. now don’t tell me you missed me” She hugged me and It took all my courage not to break her bones now.

I pushed her back and she looked on shocked before covering her face with her disgusting smile. “I couldn’t get peace seeing you so happy again” She smiled and said and I laughed faintly. “Happy? Are you here to again ruin someone’s life? Oh I’m Sure you are here again to ruin thus wedding right? Now don’t tell me you love Payal’s fiancé too?”

I smirked and she looked on in anger. “I love Kunj. And you know that. I won’t let you come closer to him. Me and kunj had a lot of time with us in the last two years. And Remember I destroyed your life, your wedding in a matter of seconds. What more can you handle?”

I shook my head at her words and started walking towards where Kunj and the rest were. “Kunj..” I said and they looked at me. “Something wrong?” He asks worriedly and I shook my head smiling. I grabbed his hand and entwined our fingers.

“Someone here is to desperate” I spoke and pointed over to Natasha and she stood next to us. Her gaze stayed at our entwined finger and I smirked.

Kunj looked over at me and sighed shaking his head. He removed his hand and for a second I thought he wanted to go but then his arm encircled my waist and he pulled me closer. “I told you I’ll get a drink for you. You know I don’t want you away from me”

I looked over at him. Shit those eyes… Twinkle concentrate on Natasha not his eyes and words…

“Did you come alone or with the best woman….also known as our so called mother?” Maira questions raising her eyebrow at her and Natasha rolled her eyes. “None of your business”

“Sure it’s not mine. But we just have to be careful. You see , we also have to prepare for the face off. Two years back , it was pretty sudden and we couldn’t catch on anything so now we should at least be aware of the opposition members” Maira snapped back.

“Let it be. At least we aren’t cowards to use someone’s family” Mahi spat and in seconds I was pulled out of the ballroom by Kunj with the rest following us.

Just as we went towards the pool area I breathed in and out. “jeez! Calm down girl” rohan rubbed my back and I took a deep breath. “My life’s so f**ked up” I muttered shaking my head.

“Why to worry when the genie is here” my heads shoots up and I smiled running over to Dhruv. ( In case if you guys don’t remember him , he and Kunj had a project together when they all went to France and Twinkle was with Dhruv the whole time after Kunj’s accident in the bike race. Okayyy I guess you guys remember now haha)

“Dumb head. Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?” I hugged him and he chuckled. “Why do they call a surprise a surprise?” He asks and I rolled my eyes.

“I’m sure Maira told you where we were” I crossed my arms and she shook her head , “No I didn’t” Dhruv was meeting everyone as that moment I felt Kunj shift by my side. “What was all that inside?” He questions whispering and I shrugged.

Dhruv turned around crossing my arms and I sighed. Not again. “Andddd I thought I was the ‘less intelligent’ one here” he air quoted and I face palmed myself. “Can’t you both get over it? Can’t you guys see of how much awful you both look?”

I raised my eyebrow at him and he gave me a sheepish look. “Yeah never mind that you look hot as f**k….” Dhruv started but stopped immediately earning a glare from Kunj.

“Can we all sit like mature people and discuss what happened two years back?” he pleaded and I breathed out a faint laugh. “Discuss ? This ain’t some high school gossip sector” I hissed.

“Sure! But at least I thought you wouldn’t be the Regina George in this story” Kunj scoffed and I looked on confused , “That’s not even relatable”

(OKAY sorry for this unexpected author note. But who lovesss MEAN GIRLS?!! OMG ME! Anyone else?)

“Oh yeah?” he said in a challenging tone and I held my head high. “Yes!” he was dangerously close to me. An inch closer and I would be kissing him.

What? NO!

“Stop your bickering! You both really fight like old married couples” Rohan glared at us and I turned the other way huffing and so did Kunj. “When are you both gonna grow up?” Mahi shook her head disappointment dripping down her voice.

“Never!” we both said out loud simultaneously and stuck our tongue out at her. I froze that moment and looked over at Kunj who looked at me wide eyed.

Minutes passes in silence before we both laughed out loud. I held my stomach laughing at Kunj and he did the same. We laughed for what seemed like ages and I breathed out a few laughs before looking at the others who literally had their jaws touching the floor.

Twinkle exaggerating ….

“I don’t wanna discuss anything” Kunj stated after a few minutes and I sighed.

Just like I have said , declared and mentioned every time.




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