Two Shades (Tashan e ishq) Chapter 25




“Your point is that I’m weird?” I questioned crossing my arms and narrowed my gaze at Rohan who chuckled raising his hands , “I never said that. You just said it” I rolled my eyes smiling and packed my bag stuffing in the last piece of clothing.

Rohan came in the morning asking how was I feeling now? And yes , I felt good. In a way , yes I did. Because somehow the burden of emtions I had been carrying was thrown out by me. Not all , maybe a bit of them but nevertheless they were expressed.

And why was I being called weird ? Because I packed a medium sized case for the vacation. And I don’t seem to find a problem with that. But according to Rohan that was hella weird. Because he think girls go around carrying at least 10 gigantic suitcases with them. Pfft! A lie. Well , maybe sometimes they do.

“Hurry up! We have to leave in 10 minutes” Kunj’s voice ranged my ears and I couldn’t help but sigh. “Someone’s pissed” Rohan muttered shaking his head and I shrugged my shoulders , “As usual” He blew out a laugh and carried the suitcase as I grabbed my handbag.

“What should we call this? Our honeymoon?” Kunj’s arm wrapped around my shoulder and I tilted my head and smiled widely. “Whatever helps you get a grip over your hormones” and with that I elbowed him in the stomach earning a groan from him.

“Mad woman” He mutters rubbing the spot and I smiled , “Apply the conditions. You don’t touch me” I turned on my heels and walked towards the car before throwing a smirk towards him.



“M-move..” I pushed past Kunj and went over to the side throwing up badly. I coughed as Mahi rubbed my back and Maira passed me a bottle. “Thanks…” I mutter gulping down the water. “Are you alright , Twinkle?” uncle asked walking towards me and I nodded.

“Better now. Motion sickness” I laughed lightly and he smiled patting my back as we headed inside the hotel. Finally! Hawaii.

Rohan went to get the keys as I took a seat with the others in the massive hotel lounge. Damn! This place is mesmerizing. I looked over at Kunj who was smugly looking at me. What’s with him?

Rohan came back and gave the keys to everyone. “I’m sharing my room with?..” I questioned looking at Rohan who had a frown on his face. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “Uh Twinkle. You’ll be staying with Kunj”

My smile took a 360° turn to 0° and I looked on startled. “What?!” I freaked out , “That’s totally not gonna happen” I shook my head furiously and stood up. “Rohan and Yuvraj in one room. The other Mahi and Maira. And then Me and usha. So the last one’s for you and Kunj”

Uncle spoke and no!!! Why ?! “But there’s gonna be other rooms empty” I whined and he gave me a disappointed look. “There’s a marriage taking place in this hotel. And we tried earlier too but..” I sighed and nodded. “It’s okay. I’ll manage”

But then again Kunj. It’s Twinkle you messed up with. And I’m gonna spank the shit out of you in this vacation. Mission one in Hawaii to get started.


“I’m still concerned about the fact…” Kunj turned to face me as I stopped typing on my phone , “How are you going to resist me , baby?” He smirked plopping down on the bed beside me resting his head on his elbow.

“That’s so funny , the last time I heard that I laughed so hard that I fell off my dinosaur” I faked laughed and he gave me a weird look. “That was pretty sarcastic..” He mutters and I smiled , “If you don’t want a sarcastic answer then don’t ask a stupid question”

I pushed the pillow harder on his face and laughed as he screamed kicking his legs in the air , “You are such a chicken. You purposely did all this, right?” He chocked on his own breath as I removed the pillow and I crossed my arms over my chest.

“Woman are you mad?” He coughed and I shrugged turning around, “A quick realization” I throw back on my shoulder but I was pulled back as my back hits the bed. “I had realized it the first time I eyed you..” He spoke slowly and smirked as I tried to push him away.

I shrieked louder feeling his fingers touch the side on my torso. No way! A series of laughter surrounded me as he digged his fingers in my skin tickling me faster. “Pl-pleeease st..stop” I laughed rolling onto the side but he turned me around getting on top of me as he tickled me.

“Agree to the point that that you are mad” he laughed along and I shook my head , “No!” he shrugged and started tickling him again. “Fine! Okay” I breathed out and he stopped, “I’m a mad woman ” He smiled at that and got off me falling on the other side of the bed.

“I won” He looked up at the ceiling beaming and I rolled my eyes , “Congratf**kinglations , you are a retard” He chuckled his eyes meeting mine , “I can hear the sarcasm dripping down , babe”

“Says the retard” I shot back and layed down on the bed beside him but keeping my distance. “Can we take a break?” I turned my head towards him as he spoke those words and he looked back at me. “From all the hatred you have for me?”

My breath hitched hearing those words. He thinks I hate him , don’t I hate him?. “I miss those days. I miss all of you Twinkle. I miss the way you were so close to me. I miss everything and everyone.

Past two years , the gleeful and full off happiness Kunj they showed on TV was something I gave them. No one knows the reality expect you. You know or maybe not but deep down in my heart I know that you are aware of the vulnerable me.

And I wish I could just jump back and fix everything but I guess it’s too late. Too late that I lost the woman I love and I’ll never be with her again.

Honestly, I wish I wasn’t even here, right now with you or anyone. I’m better off without anyone because I know you don’t like me being here. You are hurt , because of me. Yuvi is hurt , because of me. I took that step because I needed my brother back.

Never I knew that she would actually do that and your own sister and mother would be the reason of where we both are today. I know that somewhere in your mind you know the fact that it wasn’t my fault but then again I did a mistake but I loved you Twinkle.

I still do. And no one , I mean no one can take you away from me. If you can’t be mine you’ll be no one’s. And that’s a promise” all that while he kept looking at the ceiling and I didn’t knew when I had begin crying.

He sighed and stood up leaving the room.

If you can’t be mine you’ll be no one’s.

Oh my goodness! Stop thinking about it Twinkle.


“Damn! Details Mahiii” I chuckled seeing an over excited Rohan and paced towards them. Mahi and Rohan were in the pool while on the other side was Yuvi and Maira as Maira was talking to Kunj.

“Twinkle come here…Something awesome to share” Rohan spoke loudly gesturing me and I rushed towards them siting on the floor as they starting swimming towards me. “What happened?” I asked smiling and Mahi covered my mouth , “Low the volume , woman” She whispered peeking at the back.

“She’s afraid of Kunj” Rohan smirked and I frowned, “And why’s that?” She scratched the back of her back awkwardly and I narrowed my gaze at her , “Spill” I crossed my arms at her.

“I might actually…well you know…kind of…I mean..” she stuttered and I sighed turning to Rohan , “She’s in a relationship” Rohan said it way too loud and I turned around as Kunj was looking to our side. I turned back eyeing Mahi and glared at her.

“Twinkle …I’m sorry..I was gonna tell you..” And with that I broke into guffaws as they looked at me weirdly. “You mean… the guy who had the gutts to actually kiss you…became your boyfriend?” I chuckled and she smiled rolling her eyes.

“I’m soooo happy!!” I didn’t said it , it was Kunj. Mahi’s eyes widened as I turned eyeing Kunj who had a wide smile on his face. Okayyyy…that was quite unexpected. “You are?” Mahi asks swimming further and Kunj nodded.

“My baby is growing up” Kunj said ruffling her hair and I couldn’t hide my smile. This trip is gonna be good. “You sound like mom” Mahi laughs and Kunj chuckled. My phone rang as I checked the caller ID smiling. “Hey dhruv”

Yeah , everyone looked at me. “Hello hello! Someone’s really happy” He chuckled from the other side. “Someone called that’s why” I responded causing him to laugh lightly, “What?! Is Twinkle Taneja flirting with me?”

I rolled my eyes still knowing he couldn’t see me. “Yup I know you rolled your eyes” He speaks. “Righhhtt ! How are you?” I questioned. “Perfect! How have you been? It’s been 4 months and you didn’t met me. Missing you” He whined and I chuckled, “Glad we are on the same page. Missed you too. But actually I’m in Hawaii”

“Really? Okay then. See you soon” wait what? He cancelled the call and I weirdly looked at the phone. See you soon? He’s definitely up to something. My thoughts came to an end just as I was pulled by Rohan into the pool and I screamed as I heard the others laugh.






Happens when your 10th grade datesheet comes and then the 2 months vacation starts… note the sarcasm.

Finally , exams finished ….!! Matric done.


Back to my story , I hope I didn’t bore you guys with the chapter and I hope hope hope that the story is still a good.

Secrets unfolding right ?

Wait ahead for the next chapters and I promise you guys , you would love the upcoming ones.

And well I hope the exams for 9th and 10th grade went awesome . Good luck for the results!!❤❤❤

Comment down below and I’m ready for the scolding on how I disappeared haha .

Love you guys.

Hope you enjoyed ❤❤??

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