Two Shades (Tashan e ishq) Chapter 24




“I have always wanted this..” I gestured towards the kitchen counter and Mahi spoke, “What?! Food?” I laughed lightly at her words and shook my head. “No! Growing up with my mom. Learning how too cook. Bake with her” I mumbled and Mom kept a hand on my shoulder giving it a light squeeze.

“So what? Now you have a life time to cook and bake with me. And I have heard you’ve got great baking skills” She smiled raising her eyebrow and I smiled back. “Yes mama. She does. But she’s really bossy” Mahi laughs and I tossed an apple at her as she catches it.

“I can see that. Look at the kitchen counter. A scenario of beautiful bakery goods” She chuckled and started frosting the cupcakes. After a while of talking , Kunj’s dad decided that the ‘men’ are basically going to have a time out for them. So we decided to have fun by ourselves.

“Yuvraj talks a lot about you” Mom told Maira who blushed deeply and Mahi cooed rubbing her back. “And I did told him to bring her home but he would never agree. Am I that bad?” Her smile dropped and I shifted my chair closer to her.

“Obviously no. You know everything what happened between me and Kunj but you didn’t support him.

You told me that it was his mistake and he was the one to suffer. You told me that yes , it’s my choice that I want to divorce him. And weren’t you the one to tell me that trust is what everyone seeks for. And you are honest.

I know why Yuvi didn’t wanted Maira to meet you. He was afraid. What if he comes across Rohan or Kunj. And I know that would break him. He’s their brother too and I know he’s hurt but I’m sure he would understand. And I promise you , you’ll see your son’s just like they were.

And you are here with me right now. Despite the fact that you know I’m going to divorce your son. But you still believe in me and consider that I’m your daughter then mom cheer up”

I smiled and she gave me a side hug. “Thank you..” she mumbled and I nodded. “We are going to have a mother-daughter day sometime. Along with you two” I pointed at Mahi and Maira and they gave me a thumbs up.

“I smell food in here” I hear uncle coming in as the others came along. No Twinkle! Don’t look at Kunj. Ahan! I didn’t. PHEW!

“Yeah! You always do” Mom tells him and I chuckle at their sweet argument. “I was thinking about something” uncle took a seat in front of me and yes curiosity got me.

“Well , we were just talking outside and the weather really got me. So Kunj suggested why don’t we go to Hawaii for a week or two” my eyes literally popped out.

“What?!” I freaked out and every head in the kitchen snapped towards me. And honestly, I think every utensil too. Shut up Twinkle!

“I mean…I don’t..think I would be…you know I have..many things…to work on..” I stuttered and looked over at Kunj who had narrowed his gaze on me. “What do you mean by that?!” Kunj snapped and I rolled my eyes.

“Kunj! It’s her choice” uncle scowled at him and turned to face me , “Twinkle dear , you can think about this. It’s totally your choice” He smiled and I nodded. I feel bad. Because I know if I won’t go no one would and I don’t wanna ruin their plan.

Maybe this is a perfect opportunity to clear out things between Rohan and Yuvraj and yeah along with Kunj too.


“Why didn’t you agree for the vacation?” I turned around eyeing Kunj as he stood in the door way. I sighed and went back to keep my things in my handbag. After uncle asked me to think about it , I decided to go.

“Twinkle I’m talking to you” He grunted moving closer and I tried my best not to slap him. I turned around crossing my arms , “And I never said you didn’t” I smirked and he rolled his eyes. “I didn’t find it appealing to spend..not actually waste a vacation where you are”

He frowned and pulled me closer gripping on my arm and I hissed. “” He shook his head and smirked, “Don’t you think I’m going to do that soon” my heart throbbed wildly as he said that words and I could hear a slash across it.

It’s true Twinkle. Why are you hurt , then?

Just then uncle’s voice came closer to the door and I smirked at Kunj. Just as the door opened I pushed myself back and fell back hitting my arm on the side table. Crap! That’s gonna be deep.

I heard mom gasp loudly and uncle yelling Kunj’s name. “What’s wrong with you Kunj?” I heard him scold and he rushed towards me helping me up. “Are you alright?” I nodded slowly. “Are you mad? Would you go around being this to a women?” Mom spoke and I looked on at Kunj who eyed me startled.

“No mom. It’s okay. I actually lost my balance” I mumbled quietly and she paced towards me checking my arm. “It’s a deep cut. Let me do the dressing” She gave a glare to Kunj before pulling out a first aid kit from the table.

She dressed my wound and sighed , “Now would you tell me why did you do this?” She crossed her arms and Kunj glared at me. “I didn’t push her” He hissed and I kept a hand on her shoulder. “It’s alright. I’m fine now. Uncle, I think a vacation would be nice”

He nodded smiling and gave me a thumbs up. “Good then. What’s there to wait. We’ll go tomorrow. After all , we have to use our private jet” my mouth fell open. “You have that?” He nodded chuckling.

“My excitement is on the pinnacle” I beamed at him and my gaze fell on Kunj who was in deep thoughts. Was I wrong? Did I over reacted?

No Twinkle. Don’t even think about that.


“Good night Rohan” I yawned moving towards my room and went inside frowning as the lights were off. I quickly grabbed my phone and quickly turned on the lights. I turned around and screamed eyeing Kunj on my bed.

“The hell! Are you mad?” I spat pacing towards him. He smugly looked at me and stood on his toes sighing. “Hmm..nah! Were you afraid the lights were off?” He asks stepping ahead and I kept my hands on my hips. “Of course! And you know that and you purposely turned them off”

He raised an eyebrow amused and I rolled my eyes. “And you purposely pushed yourself and I was afraid too” He spoke coming closer. I took a deep breath understanding his words. “Afraid because I was thought you badly hurt yourself. And afraid because my parents thought I treat women like that”

“You never considered them as your parents” I scoffed and he frowned. “And hurt? This is what you call pain?” I pushed down my cardigan pointing at my arm. “This?” I quickly removed the white band aid and his eyes widened. He stepped forward but I pushed him back.

“You don’t touch me” I hissed. “This is not pain” I pushed two fingers on my arm and Kunj again moved forward but I pushed him back. I pressed the cut and cried out collapsing on the floor. “This is not pain. You have hurt me here” I pointed towards my heart.

I cried harder my head falling into my hands and heard him hurriedly shift beside me. “I love you Twinkle and I always had..she lied..she f**king lied Twinkle…look at me..I never used you to…” He made me look at him and I cried more. “You wanted to see me break right? Look , you did that 2 years back Kunj.

I’m like a dead person Kunj. You know what it’s not your fault. It’s mine. I should have never loved you because you do nothing expect f**king lie to everybody. Just leave me alone and get lost” I screamed sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Twinkle are you okay?” just then Rohan rushed inside and froze at the door eyeing both of us. “Tell him to go , Rohan” I cried out tugging on my hair because I allowed myself to break. I looked on as Kunj left and rohan knelt down grabbing my hand.

“Relax..” He rubbed my arm and I shook my head , “I allowed myself to collapse. I showed him that I’m weak. I never wanted him to know that he did affected me”

“Stop Twinkle” he scolded , “It doesn’t matter to you right? Then why would you even care what he thinks?”

“Because I still f**king love Kunj” my voice came out loud and he sighed , “He also does” I let out a faint laugh at his words , “Don’t even try telling me that Rohan. Don’t” I raised my hand at him and he sighed nodding.

“Tell me if you need someone to talk to” I gave him a small nod and looked the other way not wanting to show my tears and as he left I crept down , feeling vulnerable just as the time I felt two years back.






I hope the chapter was good and I just wrote it in a rush. But hope it was good. I’ll try to make the next chapter much longer.

And a huge massive THANK YOU. I was really happy reading the comments and so glad that everyone is satisfied with the track.

Yeah and about rohan I hope you did remember him from this chapter. Remember the time Twinkle and the rest went to the bike race.

And Kunj mentioned rohan…

And about the one shot. I would be completing the first one soon and then inform you guys on one of the upcoming Two Shades chapter.

Love you all!

Bye ????

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