Two Shades (Tashan e ishq) Chapter 22

CHAPTER 22 – Dear husband….



“NO! NO! NO!” I screamed out loud kicking my legs in the air but it was of no use. “Just get me downnnn” I whined my head falling back on Kunj’s shoulder and I heard him laugh as I rolled my eyes. “I don’t want to go to my home…”

I mumbled as he placed me on the seat in his car and he sighed. “THEN WHERE THE HECK DO YOU WANT TO GO?!” my eyes widened at his sudden out burst and he squeezed his eyes shut grumbling. I never asked him to drop me and I don’t want to tell him that.

My eyes watered but I looked at the other side, my head slightly resting on the window. “My house” I murmured and heard him sigh before he started his car. I closed my eyes sighing as we both sat there awkwardly with an uncomfortable silence between us.

After some time , Kunj stops his car but it’s no where near his home. I look around suddenly remembering that this place looked awfully familiar. “Don’t think so hard..” his voice snapped me out of my thoughts. “Do we have someone craving for ice cream here?”

He pretended as if he was talking to himself and I crossed my arms settling back on the seat. “No one. Sure then. What else could be better than having ice cream at Sunday’s parlour” I gasped eyeing him earning a small chuckle from him.

“Realllllyyyy?” I beamed at him, my sadness and annoyance ending within seconds and he nodded smirking to which I rolled my eyes. “Let’s gooo thenn” I cheered rushing out of the car.


“This is so goooddd!” I took a spoon full of my pralines and cream and beamed at Kunj. He had a boring vanilla flavored one in front of him to which I already had made a frowning face early in the shop.

“Now don’t go on eating the spoon too” He snatched the empty box from me and threw it in the dustbin as I pouted. “I need to go back home…you should go to sleep” I nodded going towards my dressing table yawning.

I quickly pulled my hair in a ponytail and started unzipping my dress. “Stop!” Kunj yelled looking the other way.



Her eyes widened as she turned around leaving the zip of the dress immediately. She innocently looked at me confused and I sighed. “I..the..I..” I stuttered and she chuckled deeply. “As if you have never seen me nak..”

She stopped instantly and I could hear her gasp softly. “Oh My goodness!!” She shrieked pacing in the whole room and I looked on boggled. “Damn it! You have seen me naked. It means I’m not a Virgin anymore”

I raised my eyebrow at her rant and leaned against the wall amused. “Oh My god! Shit shit shit” She threw her arms in the air , her frustration on the pinnacle and I laughed. “Relax! We didn’t had s*x”

She blew out a breath and hurriedly raced towards the bathroom picking up her clothes. After a few minutes, she quickly came back and went straight to the bed. I covered her with the duvet and sat beside her.

“What now?” She asks removing the duvet from her face peeking. “I’ll go once you go to sleep” She grumbled pulling me in and looked on boggled. “Shut up and sleep” I heard her murmur and just as I was about to speak she had fallen asleep.



I groaned heavily hearing Yuvi and tried opening my eyes but failed miserably due to the extreme headache. I rubbed my forehead stretching out just as my arm touches someone.

“Twinkle!” I heard Yuvi’s voice again and he sounds angry. My eyes snapped open and I let out a scream eyeing Kunj sleeping next to me and fell back on the ground. “What the hell?!”

I screamed and gazed over at Yuvi who has glaring at me and Kunj. “Rohan! Stop being f**king annoying in the morning” my head snapped back to Kunj as my heart sank hearing the name. “Now why are you not..”

Kunj’s eyes snapped open and his eyes widened realizing at what he said. I looked over at Yuvi and my heart ached to see the hurt expression over his face. “What the heck are you doing here?” I spat settling myself and glared at him.

“Seems like you are wasted till now” I heard him mumble and rolled my eyes , “I heard you”

“Do you mind telling me what’s he doing here?” I hear Yuvi coming after me as I marched down the stairs. “I don’t know” I lied and that was obviously so lame. “Yeah right” Yuvi scoffed and I sighed.

“Not now okay?” I moved towards the kitchen and entered eyeing Mahi and Maira near the kitchen counter as Maira was stuffing her face with cornflakes and Mahi with popcorn. Who eats popcorn in the morning.

I simply ignored the stares and searched the cabinets for an advil finally coming across one and turned back to see Mahi with half popcorn in her mouth that was wide opened. I looked at the front and groaned mentally eyeing Kunj.

Yeah that’s why they all so awestruck.

“Thank you for helping me yesterday. But now , you can leave” I said crossing my arms and he smirked. “Ahan! Aren’t you too eager to send your husband away , hun?” my breath hitched in my throat and seriously my heart skipped a beat.

“What nonsense!” I snapped moving towards him. “Enough of this sickening sweet act. Just get lost. I hate you Kunj and you are not my husband” I placed my forefinger on his chest and he laughed. “Whatever floats your boat , love. But you never signed the divorce papers neither did I”

I squeezed my eyes shut and groaned. “What do you want now? Why can’t you just leave me and let me be?”

“That’s nothing I would tell you. It’s the court order. You have to stay with me for six months and then you can get rid of me. It’s your choice. Stay with for six months and get your divorce after that or stay Mrs. Sarna for life time”

I gritted my teeths and grumbled , “Aren’t you the great Kunj…then do something…because I’m not going to stay with your for six months” I snapped and he crossed his arms. “Sure then…see you tomorrow when they tell you the same thing”

And with that he walked away leaving me totally mad. I so knew he was upto something, else why would he be nice to me.

“He’s right Twinkle. You have to stay with him for six months” I groaned at Yuvi’s words and sat on the kitchen counter. “Come on Twinkle! Just make his life hell” my head snapped towards Yuvi who had a smirk on his face.

“He should better start his countdown. Shouldn’t he?” I looked on smugly and nodded asking for Yuvi’s phone. I quickly typed Kunj’s numbers which I had memorized long ago. “Hope it’s the same number” I murmured and dialed it.

After a few rings he picks up , “Pick me up at 9. And yeah start the proceedings and be ready to spend six mesmerizing months with your lovely wife , dear husband”

And with that I canceled the call leaning back smiling victoriously. Wait for your wife to be there Kunj and see what she’s capable of.








And I would be posting soon. I promise you that.


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