Two Shades (Tashan e ishq) (Chapter 2)




Confusion and confusion , all written over my mind. Who’s this girl? And why am I here to protect her. “Hey you! Leave her to us” One of the men barks and I grunted. “Leave.her.alone” I say in between gritted teeths and they laughed out loud. “Oh! She isn’t your property” the other says and I could feel the girl shaking in my arms.

“D-Don’t…let“ she sobs and I looked on. In a blink of an eye, they sprinted towards us and I hid the girl behind me. They don’t know what they got themselves into. They were two of them and I shrugged, they were drunk. I kicked the first one right on his manhood and he groaned in pain. With that , the other ran away.

After a couple of kicks on the first one , someone stopped me. “Stop!” her voice was more firm and I narrowed my gaze at her. Her big brown eyes were red and her lips bruised from the corners with dried up blood. Before I could even respond she passed out.


“She’s badly hurt” Mahi mutters caressing the girls hair who was unconscious at the moment lying on my bed. “What exactly happened?” Yuvi asks and I give him a glare so he could shut up.

The girl moves a bit and frowns in pain as Mahi helps her up settling the pillows behind her back. She rubs her eyes and looks on blinking rapidly. Suddenly , she shrieks back horrified , maybe. “W-Who are you?” is what she asks and I let out a faint laugh.

She’s in my house and is asking who I’m. “Um..actually” Mahi tried to find the perfect words but nothing comes out. “Hey! I know you” Mahi suddenly speaks up and stands with her forefinger and thumb rubbing her chin. “You are the book store girl right? The one who saved my life” Mahi asks and I look on.

“Saved your life what do you mean?” Yuvi asks and I look on confused. “Yeah! I was actually about to meet an accident…” She scratches the back of her neck nervously and I clear my throat. “You nearly met with an accident?” I slowly emphasize on each word and she sighs.

“Forget that! What’s your name?” She ignores my question and asks the girl. “Ria…” She merely whispers and Mahi smiles. “What we’re you doing on the road late night?” Yuvi asks and she sighed.

“I..I got fired from my job and then..the place where I used to live..they..they kicked me out” She says with tears forming down and I gulp. “Oh…You can stay here with long as you get a suitable job and home” Mahi says and I look on boggled.

“Excuse me? This is my house!” I demand an explanation. “Bhai! She saved me life so yeah!” She defends and I roll my eyes. “Come Ria…Let me give you some clothes and I’ll show you your room” Mahi says as they both walk out.

Ria…She’s so captivating that I can’t take my eyes of her. Her eyes attract me. Her whole body attracts me. I can’t. I need distraction from her.



Sometimes in life you meet people who you consider as angels. I did. First Kunj and now Mahi. The brother saved me and the sister is helping me. Kunj didn’t liked the idea of me staying in his house.

“Don’t be affected by bhai’s words. He’s a bit to himself. But I could see the care for you on his eyes” Mahi speaks and I look on at her.

She’s so pretty , her hair in a lose ponytail with her heart shaped face well managed. We both enter the room and I gawk around. Purple and white is what it is. There is a king sized bed in the center with two nightstands on each side. On the left is a big white book shelf with dozens of books.

There’s a table with a macbook. A balcony exposing the perfect view outside with a small black coffee table. “This is your room Ria! Call anyone anytime if you need by just pressing the blue button over the nightstand. And I’ll send some clothes. Goodnight” She greets me and I give her a weak smile.

I slowly lay down on the bed caressing the soft and comfy covers as someone knocks on the door. “Your clothes” a lady places them on the bed and I nodded as she hurriedly moved outside the room. I guess the servants over here are scared of Kunj too. Miserable life!


“Good morning!” Mahi cheers as I walk down on the stairs. “Uh..Good..morning” I reply slowly and she laughs. “Why are you so scared? Come on, there’s no harm here” She nudges me and I smile.

Kunj too comes downstairs with his phone attached to his ear. “Yeah sure..” He speaks and suddenly bumps into me and I trembled. “Can’t you see?” He yells and I backed off. “Its useless to talk to you” He mumbles angrily and I feel my eyes pooled up.

We sit at the breakfast table as Mahi asks a question surprising me. “Bhai! Can you please keep Ria as your PA?” She asks and Kunj looks on. “Better show your emblem somewhere else” He speaks and I cleared the lump in my throat.

“No opposing! You are hiring her. Plus , it’s been months you have been looking for one and seriously you can’t find anyone capable for this job” Mahi complains and I speak up. “Er..It’s okay…I..” I begin but Kunj cuts me off.

“Fine! Be reading in 10 minutes” He speaks before rushing towards his car and Mahi cheers hugging me. “LUCKY YOU” She yells and I smiled. “Thank you so much…I’ll move once I find a home an-“ but Mahi stops me.

“You can stay here as long as you are capable of affording a house” She speaks and I nodded. “I have to go. Bye” I hug her and she nods.

I quickly take a seat in the back next to Kunj and he mutters nonsense under his breath. A smile forms on my lips. He’s always angry or complaining. “What’s so amusing?” He snaps and I shriek back. “Nah..nothing” I mumble and he grunted.

“I can’t find my phone..Damn” He groaned and unknowingly a chuckle escapes my mouth as he looks at me. “It’s right over here” I point towards the phone on his left and he nodded. Silly him!



She’s attracting me which I’m fighting. I can’t get enough of her. And now Mahi wanted her to work with me which I can’t deny. Two reasons , I can’t oppose Mahi and second I don’t want this girl to be away.

Several hours and I’m drawn towards her. “Good morning Sir” the guard greets as we move towards the elevators. “Uh sorry Ms. You can’t go from here” He pushed back Ria and I clenched my hands. “” I say in between gritted teeths and he backs off.

“Sorry sir. I thought She’s an employee” He lowers his head. “She’s my PA! Come Ria” I grab her hand and walk with her. “ didn’t..” she begins and I lose my control.

“Do you let everyone step over you always?” I yell and she backs off as her eyes turns glassy making me frown. “Uh! Do you have your CV or resume or anything?” I ask trying to change the topic so she’s doesn’t start crying. I know she’s doesn’t have them , she didn’t even had her clothes.

“I don’t have them..I..but I promise you won’t regret it” She speaks and I nodded. Hope so.


2 Months later……

It’s been about 2 months , since , this girl is working for me and living with us. Two months and I’m already so dependent on her. I can’t work without her neither can I do anything without her. She’s like a shadow following me everywhere.

When I’m drunk , she would take care of me. In a trouble she would handle me. She and Mahi have been really close these two months. A knock on my room pops up my imaginary bubble making me sigh. “Come in”

Aman , my best friend comes with a dull face and I look on suspiciously. He’s never like this. He’s always been the energetic types. “You okay Aman?” I ask and he leans on the couch.

“Kunj… I’m sorry” He blurts out and I narrow my gaze at him. “What happened?” I ask in confusion and he sighed.




How have you all been?

I’m so so so sorry for the delay but everyone faces a phase in their life where they can’t focus on a particular thing.

Many things , bad and rough had been happening in my life but now everything is okay. And I got my stamina back to write again.

So this was a short chapter again sorry for that.

I know so much confusion but just wait for the next one to arrive.

I hope you liked this chapter.

I have started working on the next one and I’ll post that one soon.

Love you all to the moon and back??????

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  12. Twinkle Kunj Sarna

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    1. POV means ‘Point Of View’ dear..

      1. Yes that means point of view☺

  13. Firstly I want to say pardon me… I had never commented on ur previous ff – don’t hate me!…but I had read the whole nd it was my one of the fav ff …
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