Two Shades (Tashan e ishq) Chapter 19

CHAPTER 19 – HE’S An ass of a hole…




“You didn’t had to do this” I smiled pacing towards him and he frowned placing his hands on his hips. “I can and I will” He firmly told me and I took a seat on my spot at the breakfast table as someone placed their hands on my eyes. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWINKLE!”

My smile fell just as I remembered the date and removed the persons hand from my face. “Twinkle! Cheer up. It’s your birthday” Maira muttered taking a seat opposite to mine. “Happy birthday again , sweetheart” dad kissed my head and I gave him a small smile.

“Thank you” I replied and he took a seat next to mine and held my hands in his. “Can’t believe you have grown up so much. More stronger and wise , ahan and gorgeous like no one else” I smiled giving him a hug and heard Maira’s voice.

“Hey meany people of the world! I’m your daughter too. You never said something so nice to me” She pouted crossing her arms and me and dad simultaneously raised our eyebrows at her. She looked at us for a good long minute before a sheepish smile spreads across her lips.

“Yeah…got two thousand roses and a new sports car..maybe” She scratched the back of her head and I shook my head smiling at her as dad laughs. “Well…you both are the same to me…anyways what have you got planned for your birthday?” dad asks facing me again and my smile dropped again.

Before I could say anything he speaks up , “Yeah Yeah! We know you don’t want to celebrate and bla bla just because that ass of a hole has the same date as yours” I gasped at his selection of words and Maira broke into guffaws.

“Dad!” I warned and he chuckled. “Uh sorry for that dear. But that doesn’t change the fact that he was total pain in the ass and I never liked him since the start but it’s been two years , love” I flinched hearing him call me love.

Yes , it’s been two years dad. I know and I have tried my best to look like I’m not affected anymore but wish it was that easy. I wish nothing of this ever happened. I wish…I had never loved him so much.

I felt someone wiping my tears and eyed dad as he sighed. “I know how it feels. I have been through it. But I made so many mistakes in the past. I lost the years I had to spend with you both and now I have got time to do so. Because you have made me realize..something I would have never realized”

I held his hand and smiled. “You’re right! Why should I let him ruin my day? Many morons may have the same birth date as mine but I’m not gonna ruin it” I responded and earned a smack right behind my head.

“Language girl!” I turned back and shook my head as the devil came. “You may be my sister’s fiancée but before that I’m your best friend” I smirked and got up to give him a hug.

“BETRAYED! BETRAYED! CHEATER!” Mahi cried out dramatically running through the hall and dad laughed at her. Yup! She was the favorite one now. “Happy birthday” Yuvi kissed my cheek and pulled back.

“Thank you for the flowers” I smiled and he nodded smiling back. “Watch out” we all simultaneously yelled as Mahi hits a couch falling back on her bum and I eyed her widely.

Everyone went into silence and I couldn’t control it anymore. I broke into laugher and what it seemed like ages, I couldn’t stop still. I clenched my stomach laughing madly and everybody was silent.

Finally, putting an end to my laughed I silently giggled and they all eyed me surprised. “You laughed so hard after such a long time” I turned around to see Mahi with a warm smile as she engulfed me in a hug.

“You made me” I responded giving her a bone crushing hug. “I missed you” She muttered and I chuckled , “We were hanging out yesterday too” I reminded her and she pulled back shrugging. “So what? You know I love you anyways and you cheater! You called him your best friend”

She scowled and I rolled my eyes giving her a smack on her arm. “Because you are my sister” a chorus of “Awwws” could be heard and her eyes widened. “Really?” I nodded and she clapped jumping up and down. “I always wanted one. Anyways, Tj I’m staying here for some days. Is that fine?”

“Of course! You didn’t even had to ask” dad replied smiling as we all sat down on for breakfast. “Why do you call him Tj?” Maira asks and Mahi sighed. “Calling him Taneja uncle means wasting energy and I have saved that for something”

I chocked on my food hearing her reply as Yuvi glared at her but I know he couldn’t hide the smile too because dad was so unaware of what she said. “For what exactly?”

Dad asks scrolling through his phone and before she could reply I did , “Exams…Yeah exams” I gazed at her and she raised her hands in defense. “Sorry..” I laughed softly at her and continued with my breakfast.


“I do have lots of dresses” I whined closing the car door and Maira scoffed loudly. “Yeah! Basically the ones your wear in office” Yuvi laughed and I rolled my eyes. “Whatever!”

“Relax! It’s your birthday party and you need a new dress. Umm…a bit of a haircut and seem time in the spa…along with many other things” I chocked on my shake and glared at her.

“When did I throw a party? And hell no! No haircuts nothing” I questioned shocked. “I did! And shut it woman. I’m trying to concentrate on the direction” She easily replied and I crossed my arms looking back at the two who were basically gonna eat up each other.

“Cupcakes?” I asked and they look on boggled. “seems like you are hungry” I smirked and it took them a while to understand as Mahi laughed. “Leave them alone”


“Why are we here again” I asked bored as Mahi scrolled through some dresses but nothing she actually liked. We were at the 12th shop Mahi forcefully made me go. I spotted a few things but nothing that could catch my eye.

“I’ll be back. I’m just going to frost goddess bakery” I told her and she nodded as I grabbed Yuvi. “Where?” He asked and I pointed at Frost goddess bakery and he grinned. “Your favorite place” He mutters.

“Has become yours too” I replied grinning and we both walked around to reach the bakery. “Why do you like it so much?” He asks as we were about to enter. “Like? I adore this bakery. The first place where me, mom , dad and Maira visited together at my birthday” I replied sighing and he nodded opening the door.

“The gentlemen you are” I chuckled and paced inside. Memories flooded through my mind at the time she would hold onto me wiping my mouth , telling me I had cream over my lips. Or sometimes she would have secretly held Dad’s hand and telling him that she loves him.

That has become a bitter memory now.

Yuvi snapped his fingers and I shook my head, “Sorry..just remembered something” He nodded and we walked around the large bakery. It still hasn’t changed much expect the furniture but something I would never want anyone to change.

Liya. She’s the owner of this bakery and mostly , really close to me. A motherly feeling is what I get from her and sometimes when I was really tired of my life I would just be here worrying about nothing. We would bake for hours and have fun with the children in the open cooking section.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWINKLE” I heard liya cheering and gave her a long hug and she laughed. “Missed you” I chuckled. “Nah! Me and Mahi were here yesterday” I responded and she raised her hands in defense, “Who asked you to be so lovely”

I chuckled and we talked for a whilst before a group of children entered. Liya informed about some big charity event held after two days and about these children who were going to bake to sell their food and I grinned happily.

“Great!!! I’m so going to help. In fact , four volunteers right away liya” I bowed down a bit and she smiled brightly. “Good! Thank you so much” I nodded , “I would get the rest. Be back in 10 minutes”


I told Mahi and Maira about this who agreed to help as Mahi and I had already been doing this since an year , well I had started it long ago but Mahi made me promise that she’s going to let her choose my dress. I laughed at that because duh! She’s always doing it.

We quickly arranged the things and I took out a list. “ gather around” I called out as they rushed towards me. “Let’s divide you into groups so we would be able to took easily. Okay?” they all nodded and I started grouping them.

“Okay. Groups divided” I checked that part and went to the food section. “Maira’s team would be making cakes. Mahi’s would be making cupcakes. Yuvi’s doughnuts and my team….forever and ever eclairs” I grinned and liya gave me a thumbs up.

“Let’s start then” I cheered and hell yes I’m happy. Liya had to help Yuvi as he didn’t knew the basics and I laughed at how badly he was going in the start. I sang some songs with the kids as we placed our eclairs in the oven.

“Oh no! I forget to ask. Kids , you came alone this time?” liya asks and the all shook their head. “Nope! He won’t everrr let us alone outside. He’s more caring and protective than daddy” a boy probably 10 or 11 and I laughed along with others.

“Who’s he btw? The one who owns this charity group?” Maira asks and liya nodded. “He started this last year. And it’s held twice in a year. Plus , he would always be here with the kids who comes for this event as he says it’s his responsibility. He’s a really good person guys. You must meet him”

I nodded as a small girl speaks, “And he’s really good looking too” I laughed and bent down a little to meet her eyes. “What’s the name of this mysterious person? I’m eager to know” I whispered and she was about to speak as the door opens.






How many of you guys are excited for the upcoming story?

And no don’t assume he cheated on her or she cheated on him.

She did a mistake and so did he.

Which I’m not going to share now. As for the time being I’m loving the baking scenes Haha.

What do you think about the mysterious man and who he is? Kunj or someone else?

Comment down below your views on this sudden change and and also your favorite part of today’s update.

I hope I didn’t disappointed anyone with this change and I promise you guys the fun begins here. Because this time…nah leave it you would eventually get to know.

Plus , I know so much confusion but it would get clear. I would make it clear ??

And did you like it, like it, like it?

I would love to read your views on this update.

Lastly, thank you so so so so so much for the comments on the last update. And I replied to everyone Haha. Because I wanted to be nice.


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  1. Chiku

    Hey misha
    Omgg!! Omgg!!! Omgggggg i am shocked. Completely shocked ? wT happened???? They are seprated. 2 yrs is a pretty long tumym??????☹️☹️☹️
    I loved bakin Scenes though. Its lovely
    Post soon??
    I am waiting eagerly ??

  2. Loveleen

    Ahhh ya sm confusions r der….Bt m eagerly waiting fr them to get cleared … M exctd fr this new phase….Btw how did u write ur physics xm ??

  3. Hey Misha I loved the twist and I guess the man is kunj I’m too excited for the upcoming story keep posting regularly

  4. SidMin

    Leep voh bhi 2 years OMG thats quite long ….. what have Twinj done now ? Really ever to know …..
    Twinkle .. her dad talks were so cute and the dining table part was awesome 🙂
    The bakery part was so sweet 🙂
    I think the guy is Kunj ….
    Love you Post soon 🙂

  5. Presha

    Haha that na much shocking hoga PR phir bhi it’s awesome lived it but eager for the next parts as the story took a good turn

  6. Baby

    misha…………..u know wat u r unbeiliveable 😀
    ohk by unbelieveable i meant dat i cant even make my poor guesses also in ur ff
    like srsly girl dis sudden twist well i knew it was waiting for me but still
    n dats why i told dat i cant even make any guesses ryt now dat wats gonna happen here who is gonna be the “HE”
    n why twinkle hates her birthday date bcoz of her love her kunj
    yaar seriously dis mystery naa……….
    n d dads n twinkles talk was sweet n emotional
    d bakery scene was sweet
    luving dis ff very mch
    n luv u lods♥♥♥♥♥
    plssssssssssss post asap n plsssssssss soon tell where is our kunj leaving his twinkle alone wat happened in d past which gave dis outcome………………………….. 😀

  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome shocking suspense full epi…..

  8. SidVee_Yashvee

    What a shock???.. leap of 2 years and twinj separated???.. what has happened now??.. anyways, it was an amazing epi as always.. loved the family moments and of course the baking part was superb.. loved it.. n I think the man is kunj.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤

  9. Kruti

    This is y u r d best…..twists nd turns….nd i so love them
    Fabulous epi….waiying for mystries to be revealed
    Continue asap

  10. Kritika14

    And finally, MISHA IS BACK! I knew something unexpected would be coming up shortly and thanks for proving me right! ? Btw, I’m really into this already now! You’ve mentioned that the separating is not because of cheating so I’m all excited to know what’s the reason! and honestly, I really feel it’s Kunj who has come to the bakery shop but not sure as you can never let me be! ?

    Will be eagerly waiting to read the next chapter of yours!

    Love you! x

  11. Aanya_pandey

    Wat a turn of d story man… Just can’t believe wat i just read.. hoping to believe soon wat i read?

  12. Ramya

    Misha awesome amazing
    N really I have not expected dis twist
    N I think mysterious boy is kunj
    Loads of love keep smiling

  13. Ria

    Hey Misha,
    Phew! Finally, I believe you aren’t possessed. Like, I was too shocked that day to see such a smooth marriage. Well, this update was fantastic and I kind of expected the two of them to separate as soon as I read about the leap. Well, looking forward to the next update. Hope you can. 🙂


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