Two Shades (Tashan e ishq) Chapter 18




“Have you lost it?” Yuvi broke the silence and I gulped hardly , nervousness engulfing me more and more. I gazed over at Kunj who sighed , his grip on my hand getting stronger. “How can you be so ridiculous, Kunj?” He asks again and I looked over at Yuvi totally startled seeing him angry.

“Yuvi is right. This sudden decision. Why?” Mahi asks calmly. “I don’t need to explain anything to anyone” Kunj spoke firmly and I locked on in awe. I pulled my hand back instantly and he looked at me hurt.

Infinite thoughts surrounded me and my head ached at all this messed up jumble things happening in my life. I pushed back my chair and ran towards my room and I could hear their faint voices calling me but I just couldn’t think.

I locked the door and stood frozen on my spot. He wants me to marry him. Not after a week , not a month but tomorrow. What could be the reason of this.

I know and I’m sure Kunj would never take anything lightly. There must be a reason of this sudden decision. But he wouldn’t tell me, at least not now. How can I marry him tomorrow

No doubt that I love him and I would love to be with him but marriage , so soon? It’s a big responsibility and I’m not ready but Kunj wants to marry me , tomorrow. Oh God!


“Twinkle open the door” He banged again but I ignored him and wiped the tears who wouldn’t stop. It’s been five hours since I have locked myself in this room. Doing nothing but thinking about Kunj’s marriage thing and crying about just nothing.

“I need to talk to you , love. Please…” I could hear his voice getting low but I couldn’t gather the courage to open the door. Kunj may have come a hundred times and banged continuously but I just couldn’t do anything.

“Fine! But talk to me” He spoke louder and I leaned against the door tears rolling down. Ugh! Why wouldn’t they just stop. “Are you alright?” I mentally scoffed at his question.

“I understand..” He didn’t complete that I chose to speak , “You don’t understand and you aren’t helping me understand all this…understand you..” I shouted , throwing out all the frustration.

I wiped my tears unlocking the door as he stood there. I pulled him inside , locking the door and he looked surprised. “Yeah! I’m all ears. Make me understand”

I snapped my voice louder and he runs a hand through his hair closing his eyes. “Come on..” I spat pushing him back with my hands and he trembled back. “Why do confuse me so much…explain..tell me the reason”

My voice went more louder and I pushed him back again crying harder. He trembled back again hitting his back on the wall and I stood near him , my body close to his. I could hear his uneven breathing.

My hand touched his jaw and I cried harder placing my head on his chest. “Why?” I sobbed and he pulled me closer hugging me tightly. “I promise I would tell you”

I looked up at him and he nodded. I pulled away from him facing the other side. “Leave me alone” I mumbled slowly and wiped my tears. Why am I even crying. “Leave..” He closed the door as he left.


“Morning” Maira smiles at me and I gave her a small smile taking a seat near her and grabbed a glass of water. “Feeling better?” I nodded and she gave me a small nod too.

“I’m going for it” I murmured turning to face her and surprisingly, she looked at me smiling. “What?!” I asked with a faint laugh and she chuckled shaking her head. “I knew you would agree. I knew”

“Come on Twinkle. I know you. And you love him so much because it’s actually so hard to describe how much you love him” She tapped my shoulder and I chuckled. “My little sister has grown up so much”

“Hmm…I’m more sensible than you” She winked and I smiled hugging her. “Mind if I join?” Mahi comes running and joined us in the group smiling. “So as you have decided…why don’t you inform bhai too” She speaks and I nodded.

“I better” I replied. “He really freaked out last night after seeing you” I sighed and nodded moving out of the kitchen. Nervously, I opened the door to Kunj’s room and found him lying on his back.

“Giving your to be wife a s*xy view?” He turned immediately eyeing me. “Twinkle are you okay and-wait what?!” his eyes widened as he stopped on his spot.

“I love you Kunj and obviously you have taken a decision I’m sure there’s must something behind it. And I trust you and I completely support you” I ranted pacing towards me and he nodded reluctantly.

“Is it a court marriage?” I whispered slowly and he gulped nervously nodding. “O-oh okayy” I murmured. “I love you” He kissed my forehead and I smiled. “I know”

“What time are we going?” I asked him. “Uh…be ready till 3 o’clock” I nodded and kissed his cheek smiling at him.

Curiosity got the better of me.


“Ready?” I turned over to Mahi giving her a small nod and she smiled. “All the preparation for bhai and your wedding I had thought had turned out to be useless” She blew out a breath and I looked on surprised.

“You thought about our wedding too?” I asked and she nodded starting the car. “Yup! Never mind” I sighed , playing with my fingers as I sat in the passenger seat nervous as hell.

“Are you sure about your decision?” She asks after a whilst and I took a deep breath , “Honestly, I’m. I don’t know what’s forcing Kunj to do this but I’m sure the reason is big. He’s been…really tense and that’s something I wouldn’t want to see”

She looked on beaming and I rolled my eyes smiling. “Hope for the best” She mumbled and I know she is right.


“Wakey Wakey!” someone exclaimed and I groaned heavily rubbing my eyes. “Leave me alone” I mumble but the person laughed. “Damn! She’s sleeping when she’s about to get married” Uh! That’s stupid Maira.

“Dumb! That’s totally illogical” I snapped stretching out and eyed as everyone gathered around the car. “Where’s Kunj?” I mutter stepping out and they smirk at me , totally simultaneously.

“Whatever!” I mutter rolling my eyes at their nerve wrecking ways and make my way inside. I’m greeted by Rey along with Kunj whose smile faded just as he saw me.

He excused himself and stepped closer to me. “Something wrong?” I whisper asking him and he nods , his hand creeping up to touch my jaw. “You didn’t sleep well” I heard him mutter and I sighed.

“I’m perfectly fine. And it’s getting late. Let’s go” He looked on for a while before nodding. “Sure. Eager much?” I could hear the smirk in his voice and smiled shaking my head. “Not at all”

We waited for a whilst before heading inside as the verification of the documents had been done and appointment but how? Oh the perks of being Kunj Sarna! Never mind.

Meanwhile , Kunj was talking marriage officer when Maira came calling me. “Come on. Time for the signing of the declaration” I nodded and stepped forward as Kunj signed in the end looking at me.

“Twinkle..” He calls out , taking my hand in his. “You really want to do this?” I looked at him for a good long minute. Do I want this?

“Yes!” the confirmation in my voice surprised me too and I gave him a smile before going to sign the declaration. Just as I got into the ending signature part , my mind buzzed with all the thoughts but I smiled shoving them away.

“Now the witnesses” Mahi , Maira and Rey stepped forward as they continued with the rest of the procedure and I stepped back sighing heavily.

Yes , Yuvi isn’t here. The minute he got to know about my decision he stormed out of the house and then I didn’t saw him. Yes I know he’s angry but not for a long time I’m sure.

“I Kunj Sarna take thee Twinkle Taneja to be my lawful wife” I hear Kunj speaking and looked at him as he looked on for me to speak further.

“I Twinkle Taneja take thee Kunj Sarna to be my lawful husband” no hesitation in me this time. Everything seemed perfect to me no hard feelings no unsure feelings.

I smiled gracefully eyeing him and Kunj smiled back stepping closer to kiss my forehead.

We signed the marriage certificate in the end and do you believe ? Yes or no but I do. I’m marred and it feels new , weirdly new. Something not easy to explain.


“You guys should probably be packing” I heard Kunj speak as we’re in his car looking boggled. “Pack for what dear husband?” He chuckled at his new name and smiled. “We are going back to India”

I smiled brightly finally happy to be going back and the others nodded. “Bhai! You have been taking decisions and not even giving us a clue” Mahi speaks crossing her arms and I glared at her. “Be polite. He’s my husband”

Everyone broke into guffaws and I rolled my eyes , whatever. “But unlucky you guys. Your wedding night…” Mahi shook her head sympathetically but the smirk could be obviously seen. Evil they all are!

I blushed deeply looking at the other side and thought about how quickly time went on. Who ever knew that I would be falling in love with someone I was forced to steal from. Well yeah dad and he’s bipolar side.

But I’m so going to thank dad for this. If he wouldn’t send me here , I would have never met Kunj. Never would I had to pretend about the goons and then he saving me.

The time spent with him as his assistant. The time him claiming me “You are mine” the fights we had , the kisses we shared all this were worth. Not forgetting the time he was mean and insulted.

Moreover , the moment he told me he loves me and trust me nothing better is to hear than Kunj telling me how much he loves me.

I smiled at all these thoughts and held Kunj’s hand as he did held back mine giving it a small squeeze.

Here goes the start of the something, something new.

Something I never imagined would happen.






I totally went LA LA LA LA LA reading the comments and I am so happy getting this enormous amount of support and love.

So, how was the chapter?

They are married. Finally , but is it the end? Or more to come ahead? Uh huh! For that you have to read further?? sorry I’m mean

And I know you guys must be think that OMG! Is this misha? Like their marriage without any new shock? But wait for what’s next.

And I would try to post soon guys. Maybe till Saturday but I’m not sure.

And wish me luck for my next paper that’s tomorrow. Physics sucks!

Oh and I love you guys!

I’ll be back.. just going to have some chocolate❤?

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    Awesome.. finally twinj are married.. but I’m sire there’s some twist stored ahead.. U r fantastic.. loved it.. eagerly waiting for the next ?

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  10. Kritika14

    Hey Misha!
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    1. Misha

      Hey Monica! I would love to call you by this name. Hope you don’t mind

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    Awesome episode
    Finally twinj have got married
    All d best fr exam
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    1. Misha

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      Thank you so much.
      Loads of love to you too❤❤

  12. Ria

    Hey Misha,
    That was an absolutely fantastic update. Everything happened rather too fast, but in a happy way. Frankly, your talks scare me. I know there’s a lot more to come up ahead so, I’ll be waiting for it and Yuvi. Is he really angry or something else? Looking forward to the next update.

    Well, all the best for your test. (Physics is my favourite, though. ?)


    1. Misha

      Hey Ria!
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    Mishu darlo…. Lovely update

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