Two Shades (Tashan e ishq) Chapter 16






Twinkle gets know about her mother being alive. Maira and Twinkle have an argument about their parents. Twinkle is asked by Maira about their mother’s well being but Twinkle tells her she never cared. Maira supports her mother but Twinkle supports her dad.

She discloses the reason of this because their mother cheated on Mr.Taneja leaving him broken and Twinkle also reveals about her not being the real daughter of Mr.Taneja as she tells them that she’s Leela’s and someone else’s daughter.

Kunj hears Twinkle talking to herself about him and they both end up kissing each other but things turn the other way and after a whilst he confesses to Twinkle that he loves her.

Scared and shocked , Twinkle runs away and later they have a girls night in where they find about Yuvi and Maira being together and also about Kunj and Twinkle.



“Kunj Sarna” I was greeted by Mr. Larson along with other businessmen in the conference hall as Dhruv nodded , signalling everything would be okay.

“Son” I shut my eyes tightly, anger and hatred running up in me but replaced it with a tight smile facing him. “Dad” I nodded smiling and he nodded back.

“Mr.Sarna” I hear Mr.Larson’s ear-splitting tone and flinched. The greetings went on but she was the one that occupied my mind the whole time.

I took a large gulp of champagne eyeing everyone but my eyes just searched for her.

f**king stop thinking about her!

After about an hour , the contracts were about to be signed but then as usual Mr.Larson would spat something that I would actually want to shove him under an elephant.

“Where’s Twinkle Taneja?” He smirked looking up at me and I settled my tie eyeing dhruv. I let him handle it because one more moment and I would be chocking this man to death.

“She’s ill. And that doesn’t stop us from signing the contract” once the deal is complete , I’m gonna slide this huge ass of his on a pile of swords.

There was a moment of silence before he began laughing. “Well well , seems like she isn’t” He gestured his champagne glass to the other side.

I turned and saw her entering the hall. Her long legs were covered with skinny black jeans and she had a blue shirt on top. Her heels clicked the floor as she made her way towards us.

“Hello” She greeted Mr.Larson and dad but never looked at me. “Hello , pretty lady” Mr.Larson kissed the back of her hand and I rolled my eyes at him.

blo*dy old bald fat ass pervert!

I snickered at the thought of it and they gave me a glare before continuing their business. “Hello , Mr. Sarna” a sweet smile played on her lips as he greeted her warmly.

“Should we continue then?” I asked eyeing Twinkle but she didn’t looked at me.

Has her feelings changed for me?

But why would she agree on what happened earlier between us?


“Finally!” Dhruv sank back in the limo’s seat and I loosened my tie , tired. My eyes lingered on Twinkle who was looking out of the limo and I felt a strong pain shoot inside of me.

She doesn’t even wants to look at me. It felt like someone had ripped out my heart and tore it into pieces.

I feel…


“Thank goodness you came Twinkle. Else that old man would have chewed our brain” Dhruv commented as she smiles at him. “Anytime”

“Can you ask the driver to stop at Hilton Club?” She asks and I looked on. Why did she wanted to go there ?

“Why do you wanna go there?” Luckily dhruv asked. “Need to pick up Rey and Yuvi”

Relief surrounded me and I smiled to myself. What’s wrong with me?


“BHAI!” Mahi chuckled wrapping her arms around me and I looked on startled. What’s wrong with her?

“Yuvi is in love!” She shrieks pulling back and I looked on laughing. She gave me a surprising look as we settled on the couches. “I know” I replied back grinning.

“And you didn’t bother telling us” Mahi pouts placing her hands on her hips as I raised my hands in defense. “He asked me not to” I pointed to Yuvi and he chuckled nervously.

“Why would you do that?” She asks narrowing her eyes at him. “I didn’t wanted you to ship us with your stupid made up names” He air quoted and I laughed.

“But now you can’t stop me” She winked at him in a challenging tone. “What we’re you saying earlier on phone to Maira…hey babe….I love you and I miss you..don’t you miss me?”

She mimicked his tone and I smiled at how much all of them brightens up my day. “Baby..I really don’t wanna stay away”

Rey mimicked his tone too and a familiar warming and alluring laugh enters my ears and I know it’s Twinkle.

“Guys stop!” Yuvi stomped his feet and pouted sitting back on the arm chair. “When are we going back?” Rey asks and I shrugged.

“I don’t really know” I replied honestly. “There’s a month or so left for the deal to be completed” I told them and he nodded.

“Let’s play a game” I heard Mahi’s voice and shook my head moving to my room but she stopped me. “No bhai! You have to play. Pleaseeeee?” She pouted and I sighed giving up.

“Okay..” I breathed out and she grinned clapping her hands like a child. Well , after all she’s my baby sister.

“What’s the game?” Rey asks rubbing his hands together as it was much colder inside the apartment. “20 CONFESSIONS! But as we are more so I guess 3 would be enough”

Hmm , a pretty simple thing!

Mahi and Maira asked us to step back so they arrange for the game. Arrangements for a game?

It took them a while before I glanced at the living room. The fire was lit in the fire place and the lights had turned off and the only light was coming from the fire place and the small lamps and candles she had turned on.

Soft music plays as they keep a medium sized circular table and covered it with different snacks and chips along with candies and drinks.

“Ready” they both chirped simultaneously and I was about to sit but the only place left was in between Rey and Twinkle.

I sighed and sat there. Yes , I was happy. “Who’s going on first?!” and with that Yuvi begins.

“I have a confession to make” He states clearing his throat. “I confess that when I was 9 , I was the one to put Dad’s car on fire”

I actually laughed at that one whilst everyone’s jaw hits the floor. “Are you serious?” Mahi asks bewildered. “Yup!” he agreed nodding smiling. “I was the one blamed” I scoffed at them.

“I’m next” Mahi speaks and she gives me a sheepish grin as I narrow my eyes at her. “I confess , I had a boyfriend in high school”

I chocked on my barbican and nearly ended up being dead. “Y-you..w-wha…?” my voice wasn’t that clear and Yuvi rubbed my back laughing. “Don’t tell me you knew about this?”

He just chuckled in return and I groaned. “” I gestured my hand between us , emphasizing on each word slowly. “Oh! He doesn’t. She isn’t child” Twinkle passes a wink to Mahi.

“Bhai! I can open up your deeds too” She smirks and I gave her a glare. “What deeds?” I narrow my gaze and she laughed. “Same old love..” she sang again stretching her arms.

“Did you just quote selena gomez?!” Rey asks laughing.

“My turn!” Maira speaks and we nodded. “I confess that I’m deeply, incredibly and madly in love with the person on my right” A chorus of ‘awww’ came and she blushed deeply.

“That’s so sweet” Twinkle mumbled smiling brightly at them. She moves a bit and just then her leg brushes slightly with mine and I could hear the sharp intake of breath by her.

I smirked moving a bit closer and her eyes widened as she gave me a glare. “My turn!” Mahi speaks and we all gave her a weird look.

“But you just confessed now” Yuvi opposes and she scoffed dismissing him away. “I have a question” She said snickering causing me to narrow my gaze at her.

“Twinkle…” She trailed smirking and I sighed , here she goes. “Be honest and answer , have you ever fallen in love and if yes , then with whom ?”

Twinkle chocked on her soda giving her a glare and shook her head side to side. “Mahi..” she hisses but Mahi shrugged gesturing her to answer.

“Come on Twinkle” Everyone hooted and she sighed nodding. “Yes..” she mumbled slowly. “We can’t hear you…can you guys hear her?”

Maira questions smiling. “Fine! Yes , I have fallen for someone” my heart went wild and she gulped visibly eyeing me. “Oh My god! Who is it??!”

Rey and Yuvi bombarded her with questions. She took a deep breath before she said something unbelieving.

“I confess that I’m in love with Kunj”

Nothing else was to be heard , nothing else was to be known. Just the wild beating of my heart was to be heard and the immense love I have for her was to be known.


Sorry guys , I wrote this in such a hurry and couldn’t properly think of how to organize it.
But I hope you all liked it.
And I’m so sorry for being late. Actually I have a lot to catch upon these days.
Cultural shows in my school. Assignments. Tests. And I’m working on OS as well.
I have a question for you guys.
Do you want me to write the OS about Twinkle and Kunj or someone else. Make sure you comment down.

I would try to post soon.

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  1. Kritika14

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    This one was amazing! The game seems to be pretty cool! Anyway, really glad Twinkle confessed, waiting for the the reaction now! Hope you’re doing well with your school work 🙂 Moreover regarding the OS, I would prefer it to be of Twinkle and Kunj than someone else but still, go with the majority!

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    Woaaah i seriously loved it????itsss sooo cute. Its just awesome. Lovely ???finally twinkle confessed it???waiting for kunjs confession. I was smiling badly while reading ur chapter. Its so amazing
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