Two Shades (Tashan e ishq) Chapter 15




“Where are you Twinkle?” we searched the street on which Twinkle had informed Yuvi and I madly searched every corner. “There she is” Maira spoke and I turned around eyeing her.

Her delicate body shivered as she rubbed her hands together. Her body trembled and I could hear the light sobbing of her as I paced closer.

She tore her gaze away from the ground and met mine. Her lips were trembling as more tears were allowed by her. She cried harder and harder and I gulped hardly.

She jumped and hugged me as I hugged her back. My body stiffened on how much tightly she was holding on to me. She was cold and I rubbed her small back trying to calm her down.

Words didn’t left our mouth because they weren’t needed now. I pulled back and signaled Maira to bring the jacket.

I made her wear that but she couldn’t stop crying. “Twinkle…” I finally broke the silence between us and she sobbed holding on to me.

“It’s because of me , right? I’m sorry Twinkle for what I did in the morning…” I stopped and shook her head in disapproval and I frowned.

“Then what’s wrong?” I urged her to open up. “I saw her” She whispered biting her lower trying not to cry harder. “Saw whom?”

Rey asks and I looked on as she looked at Maira who had her hand over her mouth. Her eyes welded up and I looked at the two sisters.

“B-but that’s…not” She mumbled and knelt down holding Twinkle’s hand. “She was never dead” Twinkle cried and I looked on unaware.

“She’s alive Maira…” Twinkle spoke but Maira shook her head. “She can’t Twinkle. She’s dead” Maira sobbed but Twinkle yelled, “Mom’s alive Maira. She is alive and I saw her. Saw her with my own eyes”

My breath hitched in my throat and I squeezed her shoulder tightly. “I hate her so much Maira, I hate her so much”

She mumbled and I was shocked at all her confessions. I could see the inner shade of her. Broken and vulnerable.

How am I going to fix this ?

How am I going to bring the shattered pieces of her together now?



I sit back on the couch and hold on to Kunj’s arm scared of being broken all over again. I felt his arm go around my back and he knew , he knew I needed him right now and I’m aware he won’t let me break.

“Was she okay?” Maira whispered and I gulped down the water Mahi gave me. “Okay?” I faintly ask with a bitter laugh and looked at her. “She was far from being worse”

I added hissing at her and she sighed. “Why the hate?” she’s asks surprisingly and I looked on in awe. “You are asking me why the hate Maira?” I raised my voice a bit and she nodded curtly.

“That women had been lying to us since forever. She’s alive but she never checked on us” I respond and Maira rolls her eyes at me. “That women is our mother. And dad was the one who lied to us about her death”

“She may be your mother but for me she isn’t. And even if dad lied couldn’t she come forward and why did she even pretended to be dead?” I told her calmly.

“Don’t forget all that dad did Twinkle. She must have a reason for all she did” Maira yelled leaving us all astonished.

“How can you be so sure? And you know nothing about dad so shut up” I raised my voice at her and she scoffed. “I don’t. Why don’t you tell me about dad. And what good he has ever done to us”

“The women you are proudly calling mother cheated on dad Maira. Did you ever knew? She has a daughter probably 3 years elder than me and..and” I cried and Maira looked on shocked.

“And?” She pushed further and I sat back crying. “I’m not his own daughter” I could see the shocked expressions on everyone’s faces and Maira gasped tears forming in her eyes.

“Did you knew why he hated us so much? Because we both reminded him of her. I remember him crying when he used to be in my room… ‘You are just like your mother…calm and gentle but moreover a deceiver above all”

“Today I saw her at the café , she was happy more than anything. I heard her taking to her daughter on the phone about how much she missed her. She never missed us Maira then how can I not hate her?”

“She never cared Maira but he did. Despite the fact that I’m not his own daughter he made me stay in his house. He loved us but never showed because he was afraid…afraid that what if we deceive or break him the same way she did.

He would come to us daily at night Maira thinking we were asleep but I wasn’t. I heard him sobbing about how life has played with. How the women he loved and cherished all life broke his heart and went away leaving him vulnerable.

“I wanted to him , hate him for hurting us…for keeping us away from such a big reality but I can’t. Because he’s whom I consider as my parent rather than such a women….”

“Take her to her room Mahi” with that Kunj stormed outside and I left with Mahi giving a quick glance to Maira and I felt bad for breaking out the truth to her when I know she wouldn’t trust me ever again for hiding such a big matter.


A strong pain shoots inside of me and I groaned holding my head. Oh God! Such a strong headache. I opened my eyes and screamed eyeing Kunj sitting on the armchair.

“You scared me” I breathed out but he just continues gazing at me and I frowned. “What’s wrong Kunj?” I placed the duvet aside and everything from last night comes to my mind.

I sighed shoving the thoughts away and paced towards Kunj who just kept his gaze on me but never spoke. I looked at him awkwardly and let out a huge sigh moving towards the closet.

Picking up my clothes , I turned to see him standing in front of me and I screamed once again. “What’s wrong with you?” I snapped shoving him away and he followed my steps.

“Kunj..what’s happening?” I placed my hands on my hip and tilted a bit as he passes a glass of water and a pill. He gestured me to take this and I eyed the tablets.


“Why do you want me to have this?” He gave me an unbelievable look and I rolled my eyes. “Why are you not saying anything?” I took the pills remembering I have a headache and gulped down the water.

“Actually Kunj…” I trailed turning around to find him gone. Are you freaking kidding me?

He just went away without saying a single alphabet. Well , obviously bipolar Kunj.


“Morning” I cheered and eyed everyone as they gave me an unbelieving look but smiled nevertheless and went back to having their breakfast. Okayy…


“Where are we guys going?” I asked trying to put on a topic as no one was talking and with them no signs of talking is like something is really going on. They all shrugged simultaneously and I gave them a tight smile nodding.

“Where’s dhruv ? I haven’t seen him after the ceremony?” I ask Kunj but again he shrugged his shoulders and I sighed. “That’s it! Why isn’t anyone talking?” I clasped my hands on the table but they continued eating their food.

They gave me a quick glance and then yes! They went on happily munching on their food. “Fine” I sighed crossing my arms and settling back on the chair.

I let out a frustrated sigh and pushed the plate away from my side. All their eyes were now fixed at me and I rolled my eyes. “Last time , I’m just asking this one last time. What’s wrong?”

I deadpan and gave everyone an angry look. “Kunj wanted to give you time so you could speak out anything you want. You can tell us anything that your heart says so…” but before Rey could finish he got a smack right behind his head.

“Ow! What was that for?” He grumbled rubbing the spot and I chuckled. “Seriously?” I looked around and they nodded. “I’m okay..” I told them and I could hear the scoffing they did.

“I’ll be alright and I’m. But more than that I’ll be perfectly fine after…” I stopped finding it difficult to say those words. “After?” Mahi pushed further and I nodded. “After I find her”

They all looked on in awe and I told them , “I just wanted to meet her. And ask her” I responded and they nodded giving me a small smile along .

“Where are we going , then?” I asked because I need to get rid of all those thoughts about her hitting my nerves every moment.

“Disney land?”

“Aquar park?


“A ball?”






“ice skating?”

“Horse riding?”


“Stop it!” I exclaimed laughing out loud at all the suggestions and they instantly stopped. “Where do you want to go?”

Yuvi asked and I thought for sometime. Just before I was about to speak Kunj began , “Sky diving”

My eyes widened and I look on surprised.

How did you knew I was going to say that?

A smile crept up to my lips and I eyed him smiling. I loved the way he looked down feeling embarrassed as he would turn red , his brown hair falling slightly on his forehead.

“Are you done checking out bhai?” Mahi smirks and I looked down immediately, flattered. I gave her a glare before taking a sip from my hot chocolate.

“You guys can go on. I need to finish something” I heard Kunj speak and looked up to him frowning.

He could have just denied if he didn’t wanted to go. My grip tightened around the cup and I gave them a tight smile. “Some plans with Twinkle”

My heart throbbed loudly inside and I looked on startled. Heat covered my face and the need to hug him engulfed me but I stopped myself.

“And why is that?” Yuvi smugly questioned leaning back on the chair and I scowled at him. “it’s the same old love…” Mahi sang snickering stretching her arms.

“Mahi!” me and Kunj concurrently warned earning heartedly laughs from everyone.



Blowing out the hair from her face , she sighed irritated and I grinned ear to ear leaning back on the side of the door. She groaned throwing her hands in the air.

Clothes were scattered everywhere on the ground and I shook my head at the mess she made.

And people say , men are weird!

“I miss you dad…” my smile faded away hearing her words and straightened up a bit. “I miss hearing your voice dad. I miss the way we all used to be together”

Her back was pressed against the bed as she lifted her legs hugging them to her chest.


One word that described her right now.

“But you know what dad , I love you so much. Something you aren’t aware of dad. But I know, I’m sure that one day you would get to know of this”

She mumbled her lips trembling a bit as she tucked on her hair. I really wanted to hug her badly but then she would stop expressing herself.

“And there’s someone you don’t like that much” her lips curled into a small smile and I looked on puzzled. “Kunj..” she breathed out and I shook my head the time I punched her dad.

“And he’s being really good these days. Well yeah! He’s bipolar…” She chuckled and I look on shocked.


What on earth!

“When he would look at me I would actually feel myself sinking out of this word. Actually everything would turn blurry except him. He’s gorgeous isn’t he?”

I laughed lightly at her words and looked on amused. Well , pretty good.

“His brown eyes are so intimidating and I sink into them every time. His hair…hmm it’s soft really soft. And the moment I touch it , I find myself drowning more and more into him.

He would be always there if I break down , if the memories haunt me. He doesn’t let me collapse , dad.

And yes I have named him” she shrieked out suddenly and I raised my eyebrow waiting for what she named me.

“He’s my Knight in shining armour”

And it took all my seriousness away and I broke into guffaws. I threw my head back laughing out loud and leaned on the wall beside the door.

After what it seems like ages , I choked on my own breath and her eyes seemed like they were gonna pop out of the eye sockets. Her face turned pale and she clasped her mouth with her hands.

I held my hand in a fist against my mouth trying to control my laughter but couldn’t. “How long…have you been standing..?”

Astonishment couldn’t leave her face and I stepped inside moving towards her bed. “Uh…since you started” my reply surprised her more.

She buried her face in her hands groaning and I smiled rolling my eyes. “I..I..why..were you..” she mumbled against her hands.

I gently removed her hands and smirked eyeing her. Her face had turned crimson as blush crept from her neck towards her cheeks and I made her look at me.

Just as her eyes met mine , I gave her a dramatic sigh placing my hand on my heart. She giggled shaking her head. “I feel so stupid”

“No! I loved the way you expressed everything Twinkle. And now you have made me the happiest person ever , love”

She gulped visibly as her breathing turned uneven. Do I have this effect on her?

“You are so beautiful” I myself lost count on how many times have I said this but I couldn’t help it. The effect she has on me is undeniable.

I hooked up with many girls but none has this effect on me as she does. None made me go for them.

“Do you know what I feel about you?” She shook her head side to side at my query.

“Your eyes are like an open book to me. I could read through without any complications. I can go through the unfathomable you. It’s like I already have been through all the pages of you.

Emotions that are unfathomable to others , are so perceptible , so discernible to me that sometimes that fear of hurting you exhausts me.

I have never craved for anyone the way I do for you. Never have I ever chased anyone so much that it hurts sometimes. Hurts so badly, because I devastate you.

Sporadically, the compulsion to have you against something or anywhere and make you mine so badly hits me and I can’t stop myself”

Just as I thought, her eyes widened flabbergasted and I chuckled deeply. My finger traced the side of her jaw bone as she convulsed.

I held her hand my eyes never leaving her face and left meager kisses on her fingertips, her eyes closing tightly.

I moved closer , my hands on either side of her body trapping her. I nuzzled my nose in the back of her ear earning a soft whimper from her.

I stroked her collarbone with my thumb and dandled her more to my body. Brushing my nose against her cheek I asked her , “You want me to stop?”

My voice low and soft causing her to shiver slightly as I held back my smile. “Hmm?” I snuggled closer leaving feathery kisses behind.

“Open your eyes” I murmured in her eyes and it took her a few seconds to do so. I held back my breath as desire lashed through her dark chocolate colored eyes and something else that I couldn’t shove back.


It didn’t took me a second as I scooped her up in my arms earning a shriek from her. “Kunj…stop” She breathed out as I placed on her bed.

I stepped back frustrated on myself. I shouldn’t have started this. I fisted my hair in my hands and stormed out of the room towards my room.

She doesn’t likes me being this close to her?

I felt lost , lost in my own desire. I rambled across the corridor entering the kitchen cursing heavily, much louder this time.

Don’t look at the glasses Kunj! Just don’t.

I made up my mind of going out of here else I’m gonna break something again.

Just a glass , I convinced myself but ended up breaking about 6 of them.

But I sighed, taking a seat on the chair beside the counter. Was I so wrong? I shouldn’t have touched her in the first place.

A few minutes passed and then I hear someone breathing softly behind me. I knew it was her as no one was home right now.

“Leave” my voice was cold and sharp and I heard her sighing. “Just leave” I groaned surprised by own anger , balling my fists. She placed her hand on my shoulder .

Within a second, I turned harshly removing her hand and she trembled back and was about to hurt herself on the glass before I held her by the waist.

My breath was uneven more like I lost it. “At least walk carefully” I spat and she furrowed her eyebrows biting her lower lip. “You pushed me” her voice was so low that I barely heard it.

Anger engulfed me more and more eyeing her but that was replaced with a loud groan. “f**k Twinkle! Why would you do that?”

She kicked me where the sun doesn’t shine!

“Asshole!” She shouted on my face before walking off from here. I quickly matched her steps and stopped her in the thin corridor.

“You got it all wrong” She snapped at me and frowned. “I stopped you because I thought everyone was home and you left the door open. But I know you got me wrong.

You thought I was scared of you. You know what f**k yourself”

It was the first time she cursed heavily and I closed my eyes fighting back to stop myself from hitting my head.


“I’m sorry…” I whispered and she huffed walking away but I grabbed her hand pulling her towards my chest. “As now you have confessed, you won’t get rid of me so easily”

A sudden smile played on her lips and I smiled back. “I’m sorry” She nodded smiling and that turned to a smirk and I watched her amused.

“Do you want me to touch you?” Her low murmur made my breath hitch in my throat and I gulped down awestruck. “Let me kiss you”

I demanded but she moved her head back, her body caged by my arms. “Beg for it” I growled mentally at her words.

“Let me kiss you” I mumbled but she shook her head. “That’s more like an order. You can’t be the Alpha now” She winked and I grinned at her words.

“f**k it” I captured her lips pushing her against the wall. I kissed her passionately, drowning in her. She intoxicated me and she will.

I kissed her deeply , biting her lower lip in the process. My passion for her increased more and what shocked me more on how she pulled back , turning around as now my back was attached to the wall.



Astonished at my own move , my heart throbbed widely inside and I felt my head heavy with all the kisses he’s giving me.

His hands traveled down to my legs , as his left hand rubbed against my thigh making me moan out. Just as he removed his hand , my skin was on fire. The area felt like burning as I craved his touch.

In a moment , his cold fingers brushed against the small exposed area near my waist and I looked on tenderly. Finding the perfect opportunity, I rubbed my hands over his shoulder feeling him stiffen under my touch.

I moved my hands and tugged on his hair and he threw his head back closing his eyes and just then , I kissed his neck making him growl slowly.

I stopped there finding his weak spot and nibbled on it for while his breathing turning heavier.

“Enough” his voice was raspy and commanding and in a swift motion, my back hits the wall again. Holding my wrists in one hand , he moved them above my head with his other hand lifting my shirt a bit.

I suppressed a moan as he stroked my exposed skin and his lips cornered mine before they harshly stopped on my collarbone. He sucked on it and scraped it there.

Pain enrolled me but soon was recovered with pleasure. His lips all hovering over me as he pushed the strips of my tank top lower from my shoulder biting up there and I cried out in delight.

“Ravishing..” I hear him mumble before I’m lifted up and I wrapped my legs around his torso and attached our lips again.

He turned the knob of the door and opening it and kicked it back closing it as I let out a heartedly laugh. He smiled back .

One of his genuine smiles!

The young , excited and full of enthusiasm Kunj I saw months back. The boyish smirk I yearned for and I got to see it today.

Just as we both reached the bed , I removed his shirt running my hands on his chest. He hissed out as my hands touched him and I kept on kissing him on his collar bone now.

He flinched and I moved back. His eyes opened and he looked at me confused. “D-did… something wrong?” my voice was small and he quickly shook his head.

“ made me feel good and that’s unbearable” He whispered winking at me and I flushed at his words. In a matter of seconds, I was on my back as he smoothly turned me around.

He lifted my shirt above my head and this time I wasn’t worried about my self. I didn’t felt exposed, I felt cherished by Kunj. He smiled understanding and moreover happy that I didn’t tried to hide myself.

He traced his fingers on the side of my ribs just below my bosom making me go demented. His hand moved towards the back of my bra but stopped eyeing me for a while.

I nodded.

He threw my undergarment carelessly on the floor as suddenly I feel cold. I guess he saw me shiver a bit because right then I was braced in his arms , and crossed my legs on his torso.

We both never removed our gaze as his hand went down and adhered my bosom , grasping them in his hand. I closed my eyes fighting back the urge to clutch on something.

“Kunj..” the room filled with silence. The only sounds to be heard was our wild heartbeats against our chest and my voice filling the corners of the room.




I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was simply breathtaking and what made me happy more that she didn’t tried hiding herself from me.

I saw different shades of her today.

Shades that made me cherish her more.

She looked incredible and just the sight of her took my breath away. Her body shook with the pressure I applied as I murmur in her ear, “Kiss me Twinkle..”

Her eyes opened up and she kissed me weakly and I removed my hands from her pushing her back on the bed as she groaned at my move. I smirked sheepishly and she blushed flattered.

“Let me love you” Her eyes widened flabbergasted and I gently pushed back a strand of hair. “I know you are not ready. But let me make you feel good”

Her shoulders relaxed and she looked on curious before I moved my hand unzipping her jeans. I threw it on the floor and kissed her lips wrapping her hands around my neck.

I bit her lower lips asking for entrance and she granted. Her lips were addicting, something I couldn’t get tired of.

HECK! I can never get tired of her.

A small gasp left her mouth as my hand touched her. She threw her head back in delectation as I clinched her with a bit of encumbrance.

She groaned heavily as I removed my hand I laughed lightly pecking her lips before removing her lace undergarment. I captured her lips and stroked her down as she grasped on to my shoulder.

Picking up a quicker speed, I grazed her and she moaned out. “I..Kunj..I can’t…” She held her breath and I made look her into my eyes before adding another finger.

The painful look was vanished from her face. She eased in delight and I paced a bit harder, kissing her hungrily.

She locked her gaze with me , pleasure flooded in her eyes and I knew she was close. “Let go , love”

Her grip tightened around and her body shuddered as her muscles tensed and for the last time , my name left her mouth before she hit it.

After a couple of minutes, her body relaxed and her muscles eased as I pulled the duvet on us. I gazed at her.

Her eyes were closed and small breaths leaving her now swollen lips. I stroked her hair calmly and she slowly opened her eyes looking at me smiling.

“You look breathtaking” I held her hand , lacing our fingers together and she smiled gracefully kissing my hand. “Twinkle..” I called her out and she looked at me making my heart for wild.

Should I do it?

I took a deep and breath and let out something I never thought I would be saying it.

“I love you”

Her smile faded away the moment those words left my mouth and something inside of twisted so badly. The feeling of my heart being slashed ringed my ears.

She looked on at me blankly before she clutched the silk duvet tighter around her body and rushed out of the bed towards washroom.

Another SLASH!

I groaned heavily , and tugged on my hair angered and annoyed at myself.

Am I too late?



“You said you were on a diet” Mahi cried out trying to snatch the bowl of popcorn and M&Ms but Maira munched on it carelessly. “I’m on a diet” Maira yelled laughing and I looked on puzzled.

Caramel popcorn and M&MS are included in a diet?

When you have weird siblings…

“Yes. Popcorn counts to be healthy” She retorted and I smacked my forehead. “But it’s caramel popcorn” Mahi whined as Maira rolled her eyes. “It still counts”

“Fine” Mahi blew out a breath and then asked , “What about the M&Ms?” and to that Maira shook her head. “Come on. They have nuts in here. So they are healthy”

I laughed at her words and Mahi laughed too chucking a bag of chips at her. “You guys aren’t helping” I growled loudly and they zipped up instantly. “Geez! Chill” Mahi responds drinking her coke.

After those words left Kunj’s mouth , I ran to the bathroom. I don’t know why.

I was scared.

Just as I came back from the bathroom , he had left. And I didn’t saw him after that. It’s about 11 and he still isn’t here. But Maira said he had to go for a meeting with Dhruv.

As soon as they all came back home , I told Maira and Mahi that I wanted to spend some time with him. And Maira offered a girls sleepover.


We made sure Rey and Yuvi were out of here for now and sent them to a party.

But they aren’t helping!!

Instead they are fighting for food when the kitchen is filled with like everything. They are countless Pringles on the counter of different flavors. With many packets of cheetos bags thrown carelessly here and there.

Mahi got many other chips and more than hundred packets of M&Ms. But still they are fighting over it. I asked them to bring sour candy strips as I needed them now.

So many items here and there , displaying vibrant colors but right now, I didn’t wanted to have anything. Not even favourite sour candy.

“Kunj said he loves me” I practically yelled to stop their fight and from the looks of if it seems like a mannequin challenge was going on.


“What the effing thing?!!”

“Crap! How?!”



They shrieked and squealed laughing and giggling and I shook my head smiling. “In the afternoon , but..” their smiles dropped exactly at that moment.

“But I ran away” I breathed out and they looked on shocked. “Where?” Mahi pushed further and gave them a sheepish smile , “Bathroom”

I expected them to be mad at me or do something reckless but instead they broke into guffaws. I glared at them as they continued laughing like maniacs.

“It’s quite natural..” Maira begins and I raised my eyebrow at her. “How so?” I asked suspiciously and she looked taken aback. “I..I just said it like that..”

“Really?” now me and Maira teamed up crossing our arms at her as Maira tensed moving uncomfortably in her seat. “Who’s the hotshot?” I asked smirking.

She blushes looking down and we laughed as Maira’s phone rings suddenly. Me and Mahi gave each other a stare before I snatched the phone from the counter.

“Don’t make a sound Maira” I warned her and she rolled her eyes. I checked the caller and broke into a series of giggles.

The screen flashed with Yuvraj’s name and I answered it. “Hey babe” I covered my mouth and so along with Mahi not to laugh at them.

“Hey yuvi” Maira cleared her throat.

“I love you. And I miss you” my mouth twitched into a huge grin , happy for both of them.

“I know” Maira replied and we giggled as she blushed deeply. “Won’t you reply to my I love you?” Yuvi laughed on the other side and that was it.

Me and Mahi busted out laughing and had to stop to regain our breath. “Maira?” I heard Yuvi’s puzzled voice but I guess reality must have struck him because he started cursing out loud.

Is this a symbolic gesture of both the Sarna brothers to curse?

Maira snatched the phone and went outside talking to Yuvi. I sighed but gave a puzzled look to Mahi who was deeply surrounded in thoughts.

“You okay?” I placed my hand on hers and she nodded smiling. “I’m just happy for both my brothers. And specially you” She hugged me and I did back.

“Mahi..” I pulled back sighing. “I love him so much that it hurts sometimes because I know he doesn’t. It hurts so badly and it scares me that I would break down.

I yearned so much for him to say it to me but he never did. And today when he said it , I could see how he broke the walls around him and confessed. It didn’t shock me , it scared me.

Because what if he was joking or just said it. Confusion was all it made me run away. I ruined it…”

I cried hugging her this time and she patted my back soothingly. “You didn’t. But you have to fix this now” She said with a warm smile that eased me up a bit.

“It’s now upto you how you do it” She winked and I nodded smiling.

Smiling like there was no the end , I hugged her back.

I’ll be there Kunj.






I would actually be running in my room shouting that he said it.



You are so bright , so marvelous.

You are brighter than the sunshine

And calmer than the moon.
Wishing you happiness
To welcome each morning,
Wishing you laughter
To make your heart sing.
Wishing you friendship
Sharing and caring,
And all of the joy
The birthday can bring!

There couldn’t be a better day
To take a chance to say,
That you are wished a joy and luck-
Be happy everyday!









How many of you were shocked that Twinkle isn’t Mr. Taneja’s own daughter and only her mother’s.

What about her mother and the daughter?

That’s not it!

There are more secrets to come up but but but don’t freak out.

Now , the main point is Kunj and Twinkle.

And OMG! He said it.


And well, I hope you liked it all. And still they didn’t made love. It’s just the beginning.

There’s more to be written.



And was this chapter long?
Hope so.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments.

Love you so much.

And make sure to comment.


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