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Two Shades (Tashan e ishq) Chapter 11





“I never knew you could cook” I genuinely add as he turned the chicken over the pan and turned cornering me on the counter.

“Is that so?” He smiled nibbling on my earlobe and I giggled. “You seem to be really happy” I commented and he immediately stopped pulling back with a sore expression.

I almost regretted at my selection of words but Kunj laughed at my feared expression and I rolled my eyes at him. “Whatever”

I pushed him away checking the fridge for some chocolates. “Okay I’m sorry come back” Kunj held back his laughter.

“You make me happy” I turned back as he placed the chicken on the plate pouring the sauces along and pushed it further gesturing me to eat it.

“And your plate?” He smirked at question and I raised a quizzical eyebrow. “I had my meal” I blushed and began eating as his gaze never leaves me.

One second , this man would be ready to make you nuts and the other ready to make you blush.

“This is great” I complimented his dish and he did a quick bow gracefully and I smiled. I placed the plate in the sink and washed my hands.

“Let’s go” He grabbed my hand pulling me towards his room surprising me. “here” He nodded towards the left side and I went back. “I know you haven’t slept well…I know everything”

I gasped at his words and he wrapped his arms around me as I snuggled closer to him. Relief surrounded me and I smiled hugging him closer and he rubs my back patting it lightly.

“Night Kunj” I mumble in deep slumber and try hard not to over think about everything.



Beaming recalling yesterday’s night , I tossed the pillows back on the bed running a hand through my hair smilingly.

Never knew Twinkle would take the first step. Never knew she would be the one kissing me with her own choice. Never knew this would happen and certainly drive me nuts.

Taking a quick shower , I dressed up in my denims paring it up with a black v-neck shirt and wandered outside my room.

The sound of laughter perforated my ears and I quickly recognized to whom that alluring laugh belonged too. TWINKLE…

“Morning” Mahi cheered stirring something which probably is pancake mix and I grimaced at the sight of that awfully bright yellow mix.

“Finally you are here” Rey breathed out tossing the apron aside and I looked on puzzled. “It’s Mahi’s six attempt on making the perfect pancake mix but..” Yuvi begins.

Everyone busted out laughing and I smiled at them. My gaze locked on Twinkle who was currently arm wrestling with Dhruv giggling and I pursed my lips in a thin line.

Be calm Kunj!

They are just arm wrestling.

I plastered a smile and paced towards Mahi and she moved a bit giving me space to make a new mix. Twinkle looked at me from the corner of her eyes and I smirked at her making her blush instantly.

“Never knew you could cook” Dhruv comments applauding a bit and I shrugged flipping the pancake on the other side. “Never knew you would loose”

I shot back at him as Twinkle won from him doing a quick haply dance. “Ha! I win” She cheered happily.

I finished garnishing the pancakes with powdered sugar and strawberries as Mahi and Maira arranged them on the table.

“Ahan! Blue blueberries one for you” I winked at Twinkle as I’m aware of her choice. “You should have asked me too , even I love blue berries”

I rolled my eyes at Dhruv’s comment and began eating but dhruv suddenly stopped Twinkle ushering her to get up.

“Crap! Twinkle we are gonna be late” Everyone stopped eating and dhruv sighed. “You forgot Twinki? Our date?” He gestured and Twinkle’s eyes widened in realization.

I clenched on my fork eyeing both of them as they continued. “But my breakfast..” wow she’s concerned about her food. GREAT!

“Pretty please Twinkle! I have things settled over there” Dhruv smiled and Twinkle kept on looking at me. I tore my gaze away from her mentally stabbing the pancakes.

“Come on Twinkle …just go already” Yuvi laughs and Twinkle left from there. I sighed tucking on my hair and left the table too losing my appetite.



“WHAT’S ALL THIS?” Mahi and Maira joined me eyeing the messed up room of scattered clothes everywhere. I growled loudly and sank back into the black leather couch.

“What are you even upto?!” Maira mumbles eyeing the bed and I sighed audibly. “I don’t know what to wear…casual ..or something fancy…formal…ugh!”

“Duh! Ask Dhruv” She speaks and I pondered over her words. “But dhruv wouldn’t tell me where we are going” I whined and pouted as Mahi laughed at my face.

“Least he can do is tell you the dress code..right?” Mahi wiggles her eyebrows and nodded. “Right!” I cheered and went to talk to Dhruv.


Eventually, I am dressed up in a dark blue Off-the-shoulder top which I have paired them with distressed denim and brown fringe sandals.

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I quickly grabbed my purse and rushed out of the room towards the hall.

“All set?” Yuvi asks munching on his popcorn and I nodded. Kunj’s head snaps towards me and I gulped nervously fidgeting with the hem of my shirt.

“When will you be back?” I hear Kunj asking in a calm tone. Huh! I knew that tone. The one filled with venom and disgust which I could recognize easily.

At first I thought he was actually not mad about this date but examining the tone he used , my hopes shattered. I quickly settled back and replied , “I..I don’t really know”

My voice came a bit higher than a whisper and he rolled his eyes. What’s with him rolling his eyes on my answers?!

“You look breathtaking” I jumped a bit at Dhruv’s slow murmur and cursed mentally. “You scared me” I mumbled back and he chuckled. “Ready?”

I nodded as he laced our fingers together and made his way towards the door. I quickly stole a glimpse of Kunj to see him carelessly watching TV and I sighed.

If he doesn’t care , why should I?

I’m definitely gonna enjoy my date and live a little. No matter the thoughts of Kunj popping up every minute.



A normal Hello today Haha..

So how have you all been?

Hope you liked the chapter and you were satisfied because it was quite boring but I promise you guys the next chapter would be long and really good.

And I won’t be able to update this month like weekly because my pre-boards have started and those are pain in the 🍑


So if you want to ask or say anything for it in this chapter so I would be replying to those in the next chapter.

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