Two Shades (Tashan e ishq) Chapter 10







“NO! NO!”
















I imitated his voice and Dhruv gave me a sore look making me chuckle. He deliberately poured the salt in my precious cupcake batter and I pouted settling back on counter.

I crossed my arms as he held his ears signaling a sorry but I turned away annoyed like a five year old and he chuckled shamelessly.

“Sorry?” He pouted in the most adorable way immediately making me think of Kunj as my arms dropped to my side involuntarily and I sighed frowning.

I haven’t met him and it’s almost been a month. My eyes craved for him , to feel his presence, his scent that sends me over the edge every moment , his unfathomable deep brown eyes that used to catch my attention every single second.

I wouldn’t see him If that’s what helps him recover and get satisfaction. It still hurts me a lot and I know it would be damn difficult to erase all the memories.

“All good?” Dhruv snapped me out of my thoughts and I nodded immediately. He didn’t seemed convinced but I gave him a smile and nodded.

Dhruv and I had been getting along really well. I love the way he makes me smile even without trying hard.

We both had a good start and Dhruv offered me to stay with him at his penthouse but at first I refused. Him being impressively persuasive made me agree.

I got along with him eventually staying at his penthouse and that mostly ended my thoughts about Kunj sometimes.

I rarely got to sleep for the last two weeks because of all my restlessness on how Kunj would be . Dhruv had been giving me multivitamin pills along with some others as according to him I’m not well.

“Pale and lifeless but beautiful as heaven” as Dhruv would say to me daily. But other than that he’s been taking care of me every time. Bringing me breakfast despite all his awful skills in cooking.

“Earth to” He laughed and I smiled sweetly. “Twinkle…you already know of my immense fondness towards would you please go on a date with me?”

I giggled at him and he smiled hopefully. “Hmm….why should I agree on going out with you?” I rambled across the kitchen pretending to be thinking and he sighed .

“Oh come on Twinkle ! Say yes. I won’t promise but I would bet that it would be really good” He sheepishly grinned and I rolled my eyes.

“Yes” I nodded smiling. How bad could it be? Better than anything else now. I would enjoy and get myself out of this mess.

“Thank you…finally” He did a quick happy dance and I chuckled. He came hugging me and I smiled mischievously eyeing the batter.

“Dhruv?” I pulled back ,batting my eyelashes at him and he looked at me puzzled. “Wouldn’t you taste it?” I splashed my hand full of batter on his face and laughed hysterically.

“Twinkle” he groaned but not until I found tomato sauce running down my shirt and cussed along joining him in the food fight.

“Here” I pressed the whipping cream making a small mountain like figure and ran back to the counter.

Silence filled the kitchen and I suspected him to be plotting but as soon as I peeked from the counter , Dhruv poured the whole melted chocolate on me and I laughed madly.

I ran as fast as I could towards the fridge, tossing eggs on him. Some would him and some wouldn’t. The last one hit right on his nose and I fell back laughing.

He laughed along pouring the whole can of condensed milk on me and I ran away from the kitchen with him following me behind with several items in his hands.

I had a ketchup bottle , an egg and whipping cream. I glanced back as Dhruv carried a condensed milk can and had rotten tomatoes. Where did he get them?!

I screamed and he laughed chasing me and I entered the hall. He slipped due to the dripped condensed milk and pulled me along as I let out a loud scream.

I smashed the egg on his head but he couldn’t end his laughter and I had a huge smile on my face.

Someone started laughing and we both immediately stopped turning back to them.


Rey was laughing along with Maira. Yuvi had a shocked expression and Mahi had her camera towards us obviously capturing what we both had been doing.

Kunj , obviously had a expression beyond my understanding and I looked away. Dhruv helped me up and I couldn’t remove my gaze away from him.

“You guys are…hilarious” Mahi chuckled , “And cute” Yuvi added and I blushed immediately. What’s wrong with me?

“I know Kunj only and the rest?” dhruv immediately asks and I nodded. “Geez dhruv! This is Kunj Sarna. You obviously know him. That’s Mahi and Yuvraj Sarna , Kunj’s siblings. That’s Rey , his cousin brother and this is Maira my sister”

I introduce them all and they all greeted Dhruv along with Kunj. WOW!

“What we’re you guys even doing?” Rey smiles asking and I shrugged. “FOOD FIGHT” we replied simultaneously and ended up laughing.

“You started it” Dhruv points out and I narrow my eyes at him. “Woah! You hugged me” I protest.

“He hugged you?” Kunj questions and I completely ignore him.

“You agreed to go on a date” dhruv whines and I rolled my eyes.

“You are going on a date?” ignore Kunj again.

“Okay okay! Stop it…seems like you really enjoyed Twinkle” Yuvi examines and I nodded smiling at dhruv.

“I bet on that..hey settle down guys..but a great surprise” dhruv smiles at them. “But how come you all are here?” I ask amazed.

“Bhai thought about going on a family trip so here we are…and we really missed you” Mahi winked and I nodded awestruck at Kunj going on a “family trip”

Everyone thought of hearing this?

Nah right?

Me too….


Me and Dhruv finally came back, dressed up as humans and neatly settled after cleaning the kitchen.

“I know you guys must be tired…come I’ll show the rooms to you all” Dhruv told them and they nodded going along with him.

Mahi and Maira shared one room and Yuvi and Rey had to share a room leaving a separate one for Kunj obviously.


My heart throbbed and I had to take deep breaths. I took small steps towards her kitchen glancing back , to the right or left praying Kunj doesn’t show up.

For a quick check, I eyed the door to Kunj’s room and the lights were off.


I quickly paced towards the kitchen finding the lights turned off. They are usually on since Dhruv knows I’m afraid of darkness.

I panted trying to find the lights and felt a strong hold pulling me back and I was a ready to let out a scream but stopped immediately.

“It’s okay Twinkle. Breathe…” I followed his instructions and I exhaled turning back to face. “I turned off the lights…Relax” his hold on my waist was firm.

“What are you doing here at this time?” He turned me around and I could see his face in the faint light coming from the corridor. “I..I am hungry” I almost whispered and he chuckled.

He immediately stepped back letting go of me and turned to the left but I quickly grabbed his hand. “I was just turning on the lights” I nodded as he searched for the lights and turned them on.

Kunj looked at me from head to toe and I almost shrieked as he picked me up and placed me on the counter standing in between my legs.

“You have lost more weight” He muttered running his finger down my shoulder , before I could even respond I felt his lips upon mine and he pulled back after exact 5 seconds .

“Your lips are cold” He stated and grinned sheepishly eyeing my shocked state. What’s with the new Kunj?

He ran his hand down my hair and I close my eyes and before I knew what was I doing I pulled him closer kissing him.

He wasn’t surprised rather he chuckled pulling me closer towards his chest. He bit my lower lip and I let out a soft moan. I tightened my grip on his hair and he growled pushing himself further.

I pulled back and he groaned lightly at the sudden loss of contact making me giggle and kissed him again. He smiled picking me up as my legs were parted on each side of his torso.

He rambled towards his room but didn’t stopped kissing me and gently placed me on the bed hovering all over me.

He left several kisses down my neck and I arched my back once he found the perfect spot and I let out a small whimper. He grinned ear to ear , “Found it” He whispered and I blushed.

He nibbled on it for a while marking that place and definitely leaving a hickey behind. His lips were back on mine kissing me much softly this time.

I parted away trying to catch my breath but Kunj would capture my lips again. I swirled around as he settled down on his back allowing me to kiss his jaw.

I ran my hands in his oh so perfect hair which he wouldn’t allow anyone to touch and I stopped as he placed a hair strand behind. A smile crept on to his lips and he moved closer whispering, “I would love to have you all to myself but you have to eat”

In a swift motion, he turned around and stood up holding out his hand for me and I assented.


“I never knew you could cook” I genuinely add as he turned the chicken over the pan and turned cornering me on the counter.

“Is that so?” He smiled nibbling on my earlobe and I giggled. “You seem to be really happy” I commented and he immediately stopped pulling back with a sore expression.

I almost regretted at my selection of words but Kunj laughed at my feared expression and I rolled my eyes at him. “Whatever”

I pushed him away checking the fridge for some chocolates. “Okay I’m sorry come back” Kunj held back his laughter.

“You make me happy” I turned back as he placed the chicken on the plate pouring the sauces along and pushed it further gesturing me to eat it.




Guess in what language did I said hello today! No cheating. Give it a try Haha!

So how’s everyone ?

Sorry for the delay…

Hope you would love the chapter because I did and there are some signals Kunj and Twinkle getting along…right?

Let’s see what more have I got for you guys…



And you guys are the BEST so definitely.

Take care and I LOVE YOU ALL…


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