Two Shades (Tashan e ishq) (Chapter 1)


CHAPTER 1 ~ It’s not always what it seems like…



Home is what these people say we live in but I think it’s the earth we live in. HOME SWEET HOME is what me and we all have been hearing since childhood. It’s not always home sweet home or a happy family , because love is nothing but deception.

The thing which is given importance and respect is love. Huh! Better change your definition of love. The only thing that matters and what makes a man powerful is MFP, MONEY , FAME AND POWER. If you have those three things , then you don’t need the fourth thing called love.

Love never existed in my mind and it never will and you can change anything in this world but you can’t change the definition of a 25 years old Business Tycoon’s mind and about his meaning and understanding towards love.

I turn around hearing several knocks on the door and approach towards the door. “You are unbelievable” She stands there , her hands on her hips and frowns at me. Her hair tied in a low ponytail and she swings her hips side to side entering my room, flipping her hair back dramatically she takes a seat on the bed , her right leg crossed upon the left one.

She clears her throat and smirks at me. I arch my eyebrow at her and she smiles cockily. “There’s no rule that you have to stay with that face 24/7” She says , circling her forefinger at my face and I look on bored. “What do you want?” I ask , leaning back on my couch and she let’s out a dramatic huge sigh.

“Just a few minutes to talk to my brother” She says with a hint of sadness in her tone. I roll my eyes and ponder over her works. Few minutes with her brother , huh. “Mahi you kno-“ I begin but she cuts me in the middle.

“What? You don’t have any time for me or Yuvi” She crosses her arms as her eyes turns glassy. “Listen don’t begin crying” I try to console her but heck! I suck at consoling people. “I’m telling you for the last time Bhai! If you behave this way I’m going back to live with mom and dad” She blurts out and I groan.

“No! You aren’t going to them ever , what do you want?” I ask and she wipes her tears. “A dinner with my two brothers” She smiles and I nodded. Her words of going back to those people , who for the rest of the world are our parents , we’re like daggers to me each second. “You know saying sorry or smiling won’t harm you” She grabs my hand and walks with me downstairs.

“Where are we going?” I ask , trying to ignore her comment. “Um..Don’t know..but somewhere with no media or work” She frowns and I rolled my eyes. Typical Mahi. “Ahan you did the unbelievable” Yuvi winks at her and I pursed my lips in a thin line.

“Just some words, some threats , some tears and that’s all” She boasts and I chuckle. “Oh My God! Did you…Did you just did that?” Mahi asks and I shrug. “We are getting late” I gesture towards the door and they sigh shaking their head from side to side , observing the unbelievable me.


The car stops with an abrupt halt as we all motion towards the restaurant. I stop on my tracks reading the name and wriggle my eyebrows. “What are we doing here?” I ask Mahi and she gives me her girly smile.

“I thought maybe you’ll find your true love just like Mom and DAD did” She says with a weak smile and I turn to go but she holds me back. “It’s not always a disaster Bhai” She speaks and I look at Yuvi who smiles at me.

“Come on Kunj!” He pushes me inside. Does everyone in this world get such crazy siblings. I have , yes pretty mad they are. Living with a 19 years old sister and a 23 years old brother is bad luck. NAH! I’m working so hard , earning so hard , living this life so I’m able to give them all what they need.

Although , Mom and Dad are considered to be billionaires but they don’t have the heart we three desired for. For the world , they may be the best couple , they may have loved each other but to us they were never a happy family.

They were the ones , busy in their own lives. Huh! We three were raised by our grandmother or mostly the others. After turning 22 , I walked away from them followed by Yuvi and Mahi. Who would have loved to live in a hell? I am pretty sure the answer is no one.

That’s why I said , change the definition of love. Take the example of my parents. “Kunj! Stop your imaginations” Yuvi laughs and I sighed.

“What are you plans for the future Mahi?” I ask and Yuvi chuckles. “Pffft! Not those things again” Yuvi says making Mahi giggle.

“Umm…Maybe Doctor” She smiles settling her plate and I nodded. “That’s Good!” I reply and she smiles. “Bhai… I know you are disturbed with Mom and Da-“ she begins but I clear my throat.

“Mahi not now” I tell her and she nods. I care about her and Yuvi but not them , those who pretend to be my parents.


“Thank you for coming with us” Mahi cheers as we motion towards our car. My phone buzzes , “You both go home. I’ll be back later” I tell them as they go towards home.

“Hello!” I greet the unknown caller on the phone and he laughs. “Didn’t Recognize me?” the sound is familiar , I guess I have heard this voice before. “Excuse me?” I blurt out in confusion. “I didn’t knew that Kunj Sarna will forget me” He speaks through his irritating and bothersome tone and I roll my eyes.

Then it hits me , I know who he is. “Well , Mr. Taneja , how can I forget you” I mock and he laughs bitterly. “So , are you up for it?” He asks. “Haven’t I told you that your ears are damaged? Anyways , the answer is no and no one can change my mind” With that I cut the call and sighed.

Can’t people understand the meaning of the word NO! Obviously they can’t , the example is here , Mr. Taneja. Shoving the thoughts away I begin to move towards my car. “No! No!” I hear someone shouting and turn to hear a voice from the narrow corner across the street.

I gasped moving towards the center as someone hits me. “Ow Ow!” I hear the voice whine and I wrap my arms around a delicate, fragile body. “There she is!” I see some men running after and frown.

“Th-They…” her lips trembles as she sobs. She looks so weak. Her brown hair messed up in a ponytail and her baggy clothes torn from the edges. Her arms and body covered with bruises and blood. “Are you okay?” the sudden urge to protect her raises and I eye the men running towards me.






Are you ready to change the definition of love for Kunj???

I’m ! Who else is with me?

What do you think about their first encounter??


There’s a reason for the encounter. For that just keep reading. Hehe!




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