Two selfish lovers – Ragsan (pt 9)

Let’s begin…..

San isnt getting sleep…he was just waiting wn it will 6 in the morning…whole day with his love that too alone????omg he can’t imagine his state….

It was 11 at the night
Sanskar was just looking at the clock

San:wn i sleep…i dont know how night passes into morning wch breaks my sleep…and today i m feeling like i m sitting for a week still its not morning….

Nikhil who was playing in his mobile…falls from the bed and rolles on the floor and laughs?????

San????:wat hpnd to you?
Nik:wr you get such types of dialogues man….!
San angrily geta down and kicks him…bt Nikhil doesn’t stop laughing

Nik:mera dosth bewda hogaya hai??

San:tu marega!

Nik:tu maarega mujhe…i will curse you that Ragini shouldn’t come with you..if she comes too she shouldn’t be alone wirh you

San????he takes the vase…..

Nik????:i was joking man!!!

Nik gets up:so jaa mere laal.. tommorrow you hv to go and there’s long route there won’t be a driver…as you r sleep and be fresh

After sometime finally sanskar sleeps

At 3:00 san gets up and goes to washroom and gets fresh and xomes out…and he was setting his hair

Nik gets up due to sound..
He sees sanskar was setting his hair and was humming a song..he sees the time its 3:20

Nik???:why r u getting ready this early?
San:early?its almost 6!
Nik hits his own head:abhey…oh Romeo see the time!

San sees the time:waaaaattt?its only 3:20
Nik drags him to the bed:so jaa na yaar…..

Finally its 5:15

Knock knock

San wakes in jerk
Nik gets up:u will kill me giving a heart attack

Nik opens the door and sees ap and suji

Suji:sanskar..go get ready…u hv to go baadi and pick ragini…

San gets up

Suji sees he is ready:u r ready?
Nik:aunty???he is ready at….
San:ma..u go m coming
Suji:food is ready at the eat something and go!
San:ok mom

After they left
Karkavikav comes

Kavi: don’t wear this sanskar

Kavya goes to wardrobe and takes a yellow blazer
Kav:wear this

San smiles and removes blue blazer which he wore…and wears the yellow one…

He goes down… After hvng some food he leaves

Karkavikavnik too goes in another car to see off Sanskar

He reaches baadi…

He shemish were standing out with Ragini..who coincidentally hv wore yellow colous salwar..he smiles looking at his blazer….
He stops the car…he just keeps on looking at Ragini…

Rag after seeing him goes in

San gets down the car and takes shemish blessing

4 friends reach

Shekar sees them:kavya beta hows your fever now…
Nik: Actually uncle…she is not we r going to hospital only…and thought first meet you all

Dadi and dida comes…

San:ok..uncle now we need to go…
To his shock…
Dadi goes and sits in the car

Shocking the other 4 friends too??


Ge looks at Rag who is smirking at him

Dadi: actually i m going with you instead of laado

San:(loudly)waaaaatttttt?(all looks at him)i mean wat?bt why this sudden chance


Dadi:shraddha…aastha.. ummedein agar ragini mein hai tho mujhpar kitni hogi socho tho

San just remembered Nikhil’s curse and his dialogue the previous day
He glares nikhil???
Nik who witnesses his glare he goes behind kavitha

Kav notoces this:tumne kuch kaand kiya hai kya

Nik himself:oh god..till now u didn’t accept any of my prayers…bt why today.. Actually I didn’t pray..and also it was not from my heart….why?ab meri mauth pakki hai…??????

All the 4 prays…for sanskar….

Nik:but dadi…in this age u r trave……
Dadi glares him:wat you told?in this age?
Dida laughs:wow… marwaran…
Dadi glares her….:wat do you mean..

San was like??????????

Kar murmurs:oh god do something..kuch tho karo…god plz help Sanskar…give him his first love..plz
All listens him
They were praying continuously

At the time a car comes… it’s Laksh (May be angel for Sanskar?)

Lak: sanskar…

San sees him:ha lucky???

Lak: Actually you left a packet..u should give this to Ramu kaka

He takes it…

Lak sees dadi is sitting in the car
Lak:dadi?wr r u going?
San sadly:woh.. Actually she is coming with me…

Lak:bt it was Ragini…forget dadi how can you go?
Dadi:wat do you mean by how can i go?i will go in car

Lak:arey dadi…not that.. actually… there’s a pooja in the evng…you are swara’s dadi…
Dadi:bangalan hai na
Lak:wou dadi actually…you would know ritual’s…..(he tried reasoning)
Dida who was noticing sanskar’s sad expression

Dida:marwaran…i m bengali and you will better know their rituals…aakhir ladkiwalon ke taraf se koi tho ho na chahiye nai shekar
Shek:ha should..Ragini beta I guess u only should go
Dadi:ha..laado…u r all ready
4 friends rejoices…

San laughs silently:ha Ragini..we should leave now..its already late

Rag angrily storms in….

She comes with her bag
San opens the door for her
Rag sits… He winks at her while closing the door….
Rag angrily looks other side….

San goes to laksh and hugs laksh which confused laksh

Lak: everything is ok…
San:double ok…bcs of you..i would never forget your this help

San smiles

Here 4 friends shows thumbs to san he smiles
He sits
Lak goes to Rag…
Lak:hv a safe journey…
Rag smiles..
Lak:meet you soon
San:lucky…i m also alive
Lak smiles:safe journey bhai

Dadi:i want to talk to sanskar alone…

Dadi:come with me…

San goes

Dadi:i don’t know why your family is in verge to hurt my laado!
Dadi: nobody is leaving a single chance!i had a dream that my laado will become the dil of Maheshwari’s…i thought my laado will get a husband like a Laksh…bt…everything seems different…mera sapna tha meri laado Maheshwari khandan mein jayegi..maheshwari ke bete ki patni banegi!my dreams are brok…..

San interrupts:tho mein kya daaku ke khaandan mein paida hua hoon
Dadi looks at him not understanding

San:chill dadi…if not one son..the other son in Maheshwarii is still alive and most importantly single unmarried ?? he will keep her like a queen

Dadi looks at him confused

San:still didn’t understand..dont worry i vl make you understand…after coming back..coming to the point..why you called me..may be because you r scared..dont worry dadi…na samaj aawara pagal sab hoon par badtameez nai can trust me!he takes her blessings

San:anything more?

Dadi? nods in no

He goes

He sits in the car and drives….

Both were silent…
Sanskar was smiling…smile was nowhere to leave his lips

San to tease Rag:yellow..yellow…dirty fellow

Rag who has closed her eyes..opens it and sees him wearing yellow…and even she too

Rag herself:damn….did i had only this colour…

Rag acts ignoring…

San sings a song to irritate Ragini:Ban ja tu meri rani
Tenu mahal dawa dunga
Ban meri mehbooba
Main tenu Taj pawa dunga

Sun meri rani rani
Ban meri rani rani
Shahjahaan main tera
Tenu Mumtaj bana dunga

Rag angrily: will you plzzz shut your mouth!

San:oh mouth why should i listen you!

He was abt to play music system

She remembers the song incident ??
She held his hand

San looks at her:kuch kuch hota hai…haath chodo nai tho…
She leaves his hand immediately
She turns her face to the window

At 8:00 in the morning…

Rag was sleeping

San stops the car and looks at her
A hair strand was playing on her face
He tucks the hair behind her ear…
Feeling his touch Rag opens her eyes

They hv an eyelock..her eyes showed sorrow and his eyes showed happiness

She realises the position..she gets angry…and gets down the car

San smiles:wn you get angry you look hot!and spicy?

Rag: huh!
She starts to walk…
She could listen a music

She turns and sees sanskar lipsing the song…wch is playing in a music system
(Do listen the song..wch i hv given above while reading?)
San video calls kavi..
Nasha yeh pyaar ka nasha hai, yeh meree bat yaaron maano
Nashe me yaar dub jao, raho na hosh me deewaano

Ppl who were walking there sees this..

Nasha yeh pyaar ka nasha hai, yeh meree bat yaaron maano
Nashe me yaar dub jao, raho na hosh me deewaano
Kee jabse maine tumko yeh dil de diya, mitha mitha sa dard le liye
Suno o priya, maine tumko dil diya

Here karkavikavnik too dances
Few kids joins him who r in school uniform and they dances with him

Nasha yeh pyaar ka nasha hai, yeh meree bat yaaron maano
Nashe me yaar dub jao, raho na hosh me deewaano

San holds Ragini and pulls to him and dances

Najar se yu milee najar, divana mai ho gaya
Asar yeh kya hua asar, kahan yeh mann kho gaya
Behke behke kadam, behka behka hai mann
Chha gaya chha gaya mujhpe deewanapan
Sun o priya, maine tumko dil diya

Rag pushes him angrily and starts to walk

Nasha yeh pyaar ka nasha hai, yeh meree bat yaaron maano
Nashe me yaar dub jao, raho na hosh me deewaano

Rag was walking but kids covers her way…san smiles

Here laksh sees all 4 dancing
Lak:wat hpnd?
Nik pulls him for a dance…
Laksh eyes falls on the phone wr he sees sanskar dancing
Jhukee jhukee nigah me bala kee shokhiya chhupee
Khulee khulee laton me bhee hay, ghata kee mastiya rukee

She angrily glares him
Yeh haya yeh ada yeh hasin yeh nayan
De gaya de gaya mithee mithee chubhan
Suno o priya, maine tumko dil diya

ppl there sings with sanskar…he irritates Ragini…

Nasha yeh pyaar ka nasha hai, yeh meree bat yaaron maano
Nashe me yaar dub jao, raho na hosh me deewaano
Kee jabse maine tumko yeh dil de diya, mitha mitha sa dard le liye
Suno o priya, maine tumko dil diya
Nasha yeh pyaar ka nasha hai, yeh meree bat yaaron maano

There was silence..she couldn’t see sanskar anywhere!
San comes from behind and sings
Nashe me yaar dub jao, raho na hosh me deewaano…

Rag:if your madness is over can we go now?

She goes and sits in the car

A kid comes to her and gives hwr a chocolate she smiles
Kid:keep smiling didi…
Rag smiles and kisses the kid

San:haye..if i was in the kid’s place?

San sits in the car
And drives

Rag:you wont understand!
Rag:no matter how many times i tried to explain you that it’s not ….
San interrupts:my life…and i think you should stay away if its irks you
Rag looks other side she is having tears:kyun kar rahe ho aisa..mein laksh se bohoth pyaar karti hoon

San stops the car..he turns her to him
San:i hvone question woth you!
Rag looks at him

San:if it was not laksh..if it was me whom you would hv engaged before?tum kya tab bhi laksh se pyaar karti?bolo ragini would you hv still loved laksh! If you say that you would love laksh..then i m promising you that i will stay away from you!tell Ragini….

Ragini was blank…she had no answer…

To be continued……

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