Two selfish lovers – Ragsan (pt 8)

Let’s begin….


Ap:sujatha…today is mehendi..we didn’t brought the familial chunni

Suji: don’t worry jiji..vl do something
Ap:bt on the wedding swara should wear it
Suji:we vl send someone tommorrow morning..they vl go to the palace and bring!dont be tensed!
Ap:who will we send! In this time!
Suji:i said na jiji don’t worry


Soon the mehendi function starts
Gadodia’s reach the mm

Everyone are enjoying mehendi!

Rag was stading in a corner!she was wearing simple pink Salwar

Rag was having tears herself:if everything was smooth!i would be in Swara’s place

She sees swara who had applied mehendi in her hands
Laksh was making her drink water!

Rag herself:why laksh?i loved you sooo much!!i would hv changed myself as your choice!

She wipes her tears!

Sharmishta and dida was seeing this

Dida:we can see everything is perfect!bt the perfection was done by Ragini who hv broke down into pieces making it look like perfect!watever shoru has did! I don’t know wat to say
Sharmishta:even the wedding was so soon that no girl can handle!i..i feel like she is getting the pain like me and janki both!


Rag couldnt stop her tears…as she couldnt control herself
At the time a hand forwards a kerchief!

Rag looks at the person who obviously none other than Sanskar

She turns to go!

San:why?why tears for the person who doesn’t love you?

Sharmishta and dida sees!

He held Ragini’s hands

She goes….freeing her hand from him

Suji sees her:arey..Ragini why didn’t you applied mehendi!

Rag:no..cha..i mean aunty!i don’t want…
Suji:you r going to apply.. that’s final..

Ragini applies mehendi…

After the function!

San comes to ragini wbo seeing the food..but she couldn’t eat due to mehendi!

San:you didnt had dinner!?
Rag: no i had!
San smiles widely
San:you said you won’t wear black
Rag looks at herself confirming that there’s no black
Rag:ha..i didnt!
San:bt you know… look damn gorgeous in this pink!see white and pink complements eachother
She looks at him who has whore white kurta
Rag:it doesnt complement
San:oh ya..wn we both are made for eachother..who will see colours while seeing the love between the love birds

Rag:plzz…dont start again
San:i should stop to start again…
He points to his heart
San:but this stupid heart doesn’t stop na..always tells me.. Sanskar go to Ragini…Sanskar go to Ragini…then wat should i do jaan…tell me!from the time you hv entered my life… There’s a different spark yo…….
Rag:basss….(her eyes were welling up)
So u r making fun of me!wat do u want to do?if you think that i vl fall for your this stupidity!then it will never happen.NEVER EVER!

Rag goes
San:listen Ragini..if you think that i vl stop loving you after your lecture!then you are wrong!and mark my words you will fall for YOUR SANSKAR and that bcs of the same stupidity

She goes…


Shekar comes with a plate of food to Ragini
Shek:my daughter didn’t had food!
Rag: bt papa

He makes her eat..she smiles
After feeding her
Shek:thanks to Sanskar..if he didnt say this!
Rag:sanskar told you!
He smiles
Rag sees Sanskar standing there with his signature smile

Even after she hates him but couldn’t ignore him!why?

Ap:sanskar..will you go to our old palace!
San:why badi ma?
Ap:there u hv to take the familial chunni from ramu kaka…swara ko shaadi mein wohi pehen na hai…kal haldi hai aur parso shaadi!
San:ok badi ma!

4 friends who couldnt get any chance for the mission
All looks at eachother
Kavi:kuch karo kavya
Karan:kuch karo kavya
Kavya:kuch…kuch karo…
She pinches nikhil

All looks at him…
Nik:eh..aunty i was telling…its so far…someone should accompany sanskar

Ap:ha u r ryte!u all should go

Kavya stamps nikhil’s foot
Nikhil glares her
Nik: Actually….aunty…kavya had viral it has spreaded!to karan and kavi..he glares them while telling bt plaster’s a smile…

Nik:waise..! sanskar..dont you think there should be someone traditional types! afterall you don’t believe such thinks!and it’s laksh’s marriage!everything should be perfect na..shraddha aastha ummedein hona chahiye nai!
San controls his laughter seeing his friend’s antics

Ap;ha u r ryte beta
Suji:how abt sending Ragini?

Rag widens her eyes and looks at sanskar

He gives her a trainee smile and winks at her!

Dida:nai kya!you should go
Dida:marwaran.. don’t you think someone who can take responsibility should go!
Shrk:but Ragini alone
Dida: akeli kahan hai…sanskar hai na!
Rag:but i….
Ap:plz beta! there is none..plzz!

Rag looks at sanskar.. Who was teasing her by moving dance steps

Rag unwillingly:OK


To be continued…..


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