Two selfish lovers – Ragsan (pt 7)

Let’s begin…..


Another voice:owww…

Light on’s


San looks around…to the fact he wasn’t in the bar bt was in his room…
He sees nikhil holding his bum
Nikhil:god!m i football that you kick me!(sniffs)that too on my bum
At the time door knocks

Nikhil goes and opens the door…
It was laksh karan kavitha and kavya..and parish..who were in the near by room

Ad: wat hpnd?
San immediately: this nikhil!
Nik: wat did i do?
San:saw a nightmare!
San gives him a pleasing look
Nik nods rubbing his bum

Pari: thank God.. i was scared! Wat and all thoughts were running in my mind
Lak:nikhil calm down bro…it was just a nightmare
Nik felt the sanskar’s kick: yes it was a night mare!
Ad:now we should leave…tommorrow is the mehendi!

San himself: marriage didnt hpn?
Parishlak goes

Kavi locks the door
Kar: now tell the truth sanskar!
San: truth?
Nik sniffs: truth… That u kick me on my bum
Kavya laughs seeing his expression
Nik:ahh.. Why r u laughing?
Kavi:guys..guys… Don’t start now!

Kar: sanskar i m asking you
San: Actually i saw a nightmare
Kavi: wat you saw that even in the AC room you r sweating…?
Kav: don’t try to hide! There’s something that you are wierd from few days!
Nik:wat made u to kick my bum?

San frustrated:ahhh…bum bum bum… I just kicked you mahn…i didn’t chopped your bum and made dog’s eat it!

Kar:cool down…now say! Wats bothering you?
San:ac… Actually….i love
San : yes
All: so why r u bothering?
San:so…!i mean she loves……(after a pause) someone else… Who doesn’t even love her he is committed to another girl!
Nik:u got a lottery!
San glares him
Nik; wat i did? I said the truth…if that guy would hv also loved would be a devdas
San:bt she still loves him..and can never forget him!
Kav:hmm… Yes first love can never be forgotten!
San gets sad
Kar:bt you make her feel that the guy has moved on and
Kavi:and…you are the one for her…
Nik: instead of bothering!
Kav: and for that we vl help you.. Wat say guys?
Trio:yeh bhi koi poochne ki baat hai?we r always with sanky!
Kar:so from tommorrow!
Kavkavi:the mission
Nik was thinking wat to say
Nik happily:ha ha. I got it SANGINI
Kav:wow..even u can think…. interesting!
Kav: watever…

Kar:ok guys back to sleep!
Everyone were going
San:nik wr r u going?
Nik:i don’t want to sleep with you!i will sleep if you promise that you won’t do anything with me and my bum
San fake glares him and laughs.. Later all joins his laughter


Next day!

Rag calls laksh
Rag:hello laksh…can we meet in the society park in half an hour!i want to talk to you something important!
At the time Rag sees swara at the door
Rag disconnects the call
Sw smiles: wat? Why r u scared?
Rag: no…!nthng…u go if dida sees you roaming like this… Then she vl scold you…!


Sw smiles: u r there na to protect me!
Rags smile vanishes
Sw:ok ok..m going.. Now don’t start your lecture!

Sw goes…

Rag picks her bag

She goes out
Rag:dadi…i m going to meet divya…after a long time she came here
Dadi:ok..laado.. come soon!

Rag goes!

Rag was waiting for laksh to come
Some from Rag’s behind
‘bhoooo’..rag stumbles…
She turns scared
She finds smiling Sanskar

Rag: aap…
San:ha..mein!r u waiting for someone else..i dont think so!bcs u came to meet me ryte!
Rag:meet you?
San called me and told you want to say something important to me
Rag:wat?i called you..
San:kasam se…why vl i lie
Rag: don’t freak here too!

San laughs:oh ho jaanemann… Did you get my voice en i told ok! Atleast you didn’t find laksh’s voice! So one thing is confirmed you don’t love LAKSH bcs if you loved him you would hv found him by voice …. And why r u disturbing that Romeo.. Who has fell for swara..and he was busy in his dress fittings…call me anytime i m totally free!i m all yours…
Ok now coming to the torpic.. Tell wat you wanted to say to Laksh?
Rag turns to go
San held her wrist…
San: ok don’t say! Atleast talj to me something
Rag: leave my hand
San: wn i hv to leave your hand for forever.. Why to leave now? Hai na

Rag: why r u doing this?
San: i think you know that!
Rag: plzzz….i don’t love you
San: even laksh doesn’t love you!
Rag looks other side

San:this dialogue suits the situation
“Ek tarfa pyar ki taqat hi kuch aur hoti hai … auron ke rishton ki tarah yeh do logon mein nahi bat’ti … sirf mera haq hai ispe”

(The power of one sided love is unique … it doesn’t get distributed into two, as it happens in the relationships of others … only my right is there on it)

Rag looks at him
San laughs: good one right
Rag: leave my hand..
At the time she gets call from dadi
Rag: ji dadi hum abhi aate hai…
Rag disconnects the call
San: let’s go!
Rag: wr?
San: i vl drop you
Rag:no Thanks!
San: yes i m going to say this only how did you got to know… In our relation there should be no thanks and no sorry!
Rag again gets call from dadi to come soon
San:i vl drive fast
Rag frees her hand from him and there was no rikshaw

San: you vl be late… How will dadi and sharmishta aunty alone manage everything… You should go hai na!
Rag thinks: ok if you promise me that you won’t talk nonsense
San: ok

They moves towards his car
Rag goes and sits back seat
San: hey why r u sitting backside
Rag: my wish
San: wat is the problem if u sit front?
Rag: i feel the same problem wch u feel.. wn i sit at back!
San pouts: not so innocent
She ignores
Rag: will you bother to drive.. It i should take rikshaw
San:no no.. Thankyou…i vl drive..
He sits..and adjusts side mirror to Rag..he sees herin the mirror who was looking out
San himself:just tell me once that u love me….then u always sit like a princess in a back and i will sit like your driver in front…for our whole life…

Rag:will you start?
San: oops sorry!
San drives…

He on’s music system

Tujhko Hi Tujhko Hi Tujhko Hi Dulhan Banaonga

(Only you, only you, only you, I will make a bride)
Tujhko Hi Dulhan Banaonga Warna Kunwara Mar Jaaonga

(Only you I will make a bride, otherwise I will die a bachelor)

San laughs

Rag: are you mad?
San: yes in your love
Rag: ahh!
San: first line of the song is ok… Second line doesn’t match us..hai na..i won’t die bachelor…i vl marr…..
Rag: stop the car!

He changes the song

, tera dil bhi jaana beqaraar ho jaaye

(Let your heart also, my love, become impatient)


tera dil bhi jaana beqaraar ho jaaye

(Let your heart also, my love, become impatient)


rab kare tujhko bhi pyaar ho jaaye

(Let God make you too to fall in love)

Sanskar chuckles..Rag glares him

o, mera dil bhi tera talabgaar ho jaaye

(Let my heart become desirable for you)


mera dil bhi tera talabgaar ho jaaye

(Let my heart become desirable for you)


rab kare mujhko bhi pyaar ho jaaye

(Let God make me too to fall in love)

San: don’t you think.. Today even music system is supporting us

Rag:oh god!wr i m stuck?
San:dont curse..who knows may be you vl be stuck for life long
He laughs

Rag nods her head in disbelief

They reach baadi
Rag gets down the car
San: will u not call me in?
Rag turns and smiles sarcastic: i don’t want to make even my family to join a mental asylum
San: oh that means you hv joined with me
Rag:arghhh! And do consult the psychiatrist before going home
San:i will…! Will you come with me to explain my madness to doctor
Rag; mujhe bhaksh dho
She folds both of her hand

She turns
San: today for the function.. Wear a black saree.. Don’t know bt my heart wish to see you in a black saree with hair open..and long earing.. with few bangles in your hand…and m sure you vl look….
Rag:no…no i vl not wear!
San: u vl
Rag: i vl not wear black saree today
San: ok wear tomorrow
Rag: not today.. Not tomorrow
San: ok wear after our marriage!
She turns to face him actually glare him
He winks at her


She fists her hand…
San: my dadi saas to give you a cold water….
He starts the car! And goes! Waving his hands…

Rag: i need a break..(huff)

She goes on and sees swara with a teasing smile…. Wch she couldn’t understand…
Sw:is he my future jiju in the car?
Swara laughs…
Rag: why god why? All mentals near me…
She chases swara…. Swara runs


Shemish sees this and smiles

Later both stops and hugs…laughs!


To be continued……

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