Two selfish lovers – Ragsan (pt 23)

Let’s begin…

Nikhil:ow… Yeh abhi bhi dard kyu kar raha hai????

While all 4 laughs

Kavitha:good that it happened to you.. Aise harkath karne se pehle 10 baar sochoge

Kavya:i would appreciate bhabhi as she is the strong.. She didn’t get scared instead she took a stand for her!

Sanskar:thank god mein bach gaya

Nikhil:a friend in need is freind indeed
All looks at him

Karan:kahe ka friend… Nikhil it was not necessary to accept to him… Tujpar tho gorilla ki bhooth jham gayi thi accha hua Ragini ne uthaar di

All laughs

Knock knock

Nikhil immediately hides behind sanskar once after seeing Ragini entering the room

Ragini felt guilty seeing nikhil

Ragini:hame maaf kar dijiye.. Galti tho aapki thi na.. Aapne hame daraya tha tab hum gusse mein the

She moves towards sanskar and nikhil was hiding behind him

Ragini:please i am sorry… She places kaadha near by table

Ragini:drink it you will feel good

While sanskar was admiring her cute face and he was lost in her cute expression.. Haaye he again and again falling for her?anyone could forgive her seeing her cute face

Sanskar:it’s ok

All looks at him

Ragini:i didn’t ask with you???

Nikhil:it’s ok bhabhi.. It was my mistake i thought to make Surrounding good but seems meri hi surrounding bad hogayi

Ragini:drink kaadha

Nikhil nods

Ragini smiles

Sanskar himself:hope you stay smiling and happy Ragini.. Hope your this smile doesn’t vanish.. Even i can die for your this smile

Ragini goes from there

Sanskar:Ragini kitni acchi hai na

While all smiles seeing his intense love for her that he just cant stop admiring her for even seconds


Sanskar was passing by from hall whrn he saw all the Maheshwari’s standing there and arrangements and decorations were going on

Laksh:ma this isn’t necessary

Ap:it is..

Dp:you are newly married laksh and i have already invited many of the family and friends and its not only you who is married even sanskar is married.. Its the small reception.. No argues..

He goes

Sanskar was shocked and curves down his lips being impressed

Sanskarbeven anmrish puri couldn’t resist my cham but my Ragini??

Laksh who was coming at that direction sees sanskar

Sanskar was lost in his thoughts when

Laksh:so where is Ragini? Don’t tell me you left her alone.. It’s not good that you leave alone at the first day of your marriage

Sanskar murmurs:kyu mere bhaaai???(suddenly smiles) u think about your bhabhi a lot.. When this not so brother and husband of your bhabhi is alive is there .. But still Am so happy finding this devar of my wife is so caring and concerned for her..but my loving wife didn’t want me to…..
His eyes falls on Ragini who was glaring him she storms from there

Sanskar himself :iski timing itni kharab kyu hoti hai???.. Iski ya meri??


Sanskar:i am not over… Kahin swara bhooth tho nahi ban gayi jo mujhe tere saath dikhayi nai de rahi

Lak:don’t take swara’s name in your dirty toungue

Sanskar:don’t worry i have brushed my teeth aur 3 baar khulla bhi kiya hai.. And haan to worry about your bhabhi.. Her fit&strong husband is there to take care about her.. Oh i have to complement matching colour dress with ragini for today’s Function.. Meet you later my brother.. He pats laksh and goes

Sanskar goes to his room when he was about to enters dashes with ragini who was going out.. She was about to fall but she was locked in his storong arms.. He smiles..

Ragini:leave me



Sanskar:chod doon

Ragini:i am waiting for the day

Sanskar :sorry to say that.. The day will never ever come

Ragini angrily:chodo mujhe…

Sanskar:haaye you look so hot and spicy when you are angry

Ragini:u are such a….

Sanskar:handsome yahi kehna chahti thi na

Ragini:i don’t want to argue with you it’s a waste of time

Sanskar:why don’t you tell the truth that you can’t control yourself when you see your hot husband

Ragini tries to stand… And he makes her stand but immediately picks her in his arms and goes inside the room

Ragini:what are you doing? Leave me

He places her on bed

He goes to wardrobe and takes out a packet

Sanskar:i want to give this long back but couldn’t give it.. And i want to you to accept it..

She takes the packet and throws it aside

Ragini:tumhare diye hue har cheez ki jagah yahi hai… And i am showing your place in my life… You would not be happy sanskar you would not.. Your these tricks like taking everything as a joke will not work on me.. Did you get that? Don’t ever try to forcefully enter into my life you are a backstabber and cheater.. I hate you and i will hate you forever and ever

Sanskar smiles and claps:wow backstabber cheater.. Why don’t you just rewind yourself.. What were you? You tried many ways to stop swalak’s marriage.. Before pointing at me look at yourself first!

Ragini was silent

Sanskar smiles :Ragini you showed me my place in your life and i am so happy about that you know why? Because today i got to know that i have some… A little place in your life.. I have a place near your feet… And i am really happy about that…

Ragini looks at him

Sanskar:jaise ki meine pehle bhi kaha tha trust gaya thel lene waise hi hate bhi saath gaya uske saath because… My love is enough for both of us

He goes from there

Later sujatha comes and keeps a lehenga and a jewelleries on bed

Sujatha:for function wear this..
She goes from there

And soon the guests starts to come….

Swara and laksh comes all ready for the function

Ap takes swara along with her and makes her meet all the guests

And sujatha feels bad even if she’s having a daughter-in-law she can’t do anything to her as she can’t go against her husband

Ragini gets ready in navy blue colour lehenga she was extremely looking gorgeous

Sanskar enters the room so has wore a grey tuxedoes and trousers extremely looking handsome

He looks at Ragini…. He was mesmerised

She know about him looking at her but acted unknown and she was avoiding him…. Like he isn’t present in the room

And sanskar knows about she avoiding him
She then passes by him and he held her wrist

He pulls her and she hits his chest

Sanskar:don’t you have any words for me? Don’t you have to make me remember the sin made by me according to you.. Don’t you want to show your Hatred or take your anger out on me…

Ragini doesn’t look at him

Sanskar :but i want to tell you something you are looking breathtaking…

Hearing his comment too she didnt look at him neither struggled to free herself

He leaves her.. She turns to go

Sanskar:saath mein chale.. if you don’t mind? function hai…

She moves…

Sanskar was disappointed…

He looks front and sees she was standing still…

He smiles and moves to her and she starts to move

Function was in full swing

Laksh was looking at Ragini.. But Ragini has bent her head and she was not aware of surrounding

He pulls swara with him and dances with her

Ragini still was not aware of surroundings…

She moves when waiter gives her a juice

Sanskar very well knew laksh was trying to make Ragini jealous… But he didn’t move because he himself don’t why he don’t want to go to Ragini…

But his eyes search for Ragini.. Who was no where to be seen..

He moves when a kid comes to him
Kid:uncle uncle uss aunty ne mere se meri tab cheenli

Sanskar smiles:kis aunty ne beta..

Kid:aapki wife ne

Sanskar :Ragini

He goes to search her

Ragini was sitting holding the yab

Sanskar:Ragini why did you take the kid’s tab?

Ragini looks at him smiling dreamily..

Sanskar found fishy in her behaviour

Ragini:sansiiiii.. Haa yeh tab na bafi boring hai.. Chalo na dance karte hai

Sanskar was shocked finding her drunk

Ragini held his hand and drags him

Sanskar :Ragini Ragini Ragini…. you drunk? ??

Ragini poking her cheeks:woh kya hota hai.. Mujhe dance karna hai…

She drags him

He pulls her:Ragini what you have did with you…

She frees her self and pushes him:bad sansii.. Mujhe dance bhi karna nahi deta..

She goes..

Sanskar follows her

She reach the function… Goes into middle where everyone were busy talking with each other

Ragini screams:Music

Oh Come To Me
Na Na Na Na..
I Came To See
Na Na Na Na..

Everyone looks at Ragini shocked.. Ragini removes the bun in her hair and and brushes her hair and pouts

Sanskar was shocked

Ragini dances crazily

Honthon Pe Beimaaniyan
Karle Karle, Thodi Nadaaniyan
Honthon Pe Manmaaniyaan
Karle Karle, Thodi Nadaaniyan

She sees laksh who was utterly shocked seeing Ragini

She pulls him and dances

Everyone are shocked

Mujhe Aadhi Raat Ko Sataane Lage
Mujhe Apne Saath Tadpaane Lage
Tu Aaja Paas, Ye Bulaane Lage
Tujhe Chhoona Chaahe
Mere Ye, Mere Ye, Mere

Laksh was freeing himself and moving
Ragini pulls him and dances holding his hand

Sanskar comes and pulls her
But she again frees herself from him

Pink Lips, Pink Lips, Pink Lips
Pink Lips, Pink Lips, Pink Lips
Pal-Pal Tujhko Karte Miss

Ragini drags Dp and dances
Dp feels insulted

Pink Lips, Pink Lips, Pink Lips
Pink Lips, Pink Lips, Pink Lips
I Know You Want My Baby Lips

Sanskar goes to her and drags her with him

But she frees him moves to laksh

And cups his face..

He frees himself and was about to go

Ragini held his hand

And cups his face:laksh… Laksh I Love you….

To be continued…

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