Two selfish lovers – Ragsan (pt 22)

Let’s begin….

Ragini sees sanskar eating the salty kheer

Ragini:to whom you are showing off?!

Sanskar just didnt say anything

Ragini goes and grabs the bowl from him :enough of your drama’s

Sanskar takes back from her and continues to eat

Ragini :aren’t you listening my talks?

Sanskar was Smiling and eating

Ragini sees him eating the kheer now he was humming a song

Actually she felt bad seeing him eating it but his ignorance made her pissed

After eating he handovers the bowl to her

Ragini herself:poora kha liya

He gives her a smile

Sanskar:next time add some masala’s garam masala chaat masala jo bhi mile… I will eat it happily but don’t put rat poison

Ragini looks at him

Sanskar :see i gave you idea.. Rat poison!!

Ragini storms from there

Sanskar smiles

Sanskar was moving to nikhil’s room

Brhind laksh:sanskar……. Bhaaaaai

Sanskar held his head and makes a cry face :itne pyaar se mujhe ek hi insaan bula sakta hai…

He turns towards him faking a wideeeeee smile

Laksh:aren’t you going anywhere? Actually me and swara going for an outing

Sanskar??:oh great
He turns to go

Laksh:waise aren’t you going anywhere with your wife.. Humse thoda seekho

Sanskar:ahh… ???ghoomo.. naacho.. Gaao… Aur aish na mein aur Ragini karenge….

Laksh burns

Sanskar’s smile turns a shocked one when ragini was glaring him.. She goes from there

Sanskar himself :kya timing hai…

Sanskar:u are getting late go go..

Sanskar goes from there..

He sees everyone in nikhil’s room but not nikhil…

Karan:sanskar please give the bag from cupboard

Sanskar nods.. He opens the door and gets scared finding a gorilla
Sanskar has stumbled back

All laughs

Nikhil removes the mask:sanskar bhi darr gaya

Kavitha:sanky… Today nikhil has turned more prankster

Sanskar gets an idea

Sanskar:nikhil you have to help me bro…

All looks at him:what? Why? How?

Sanskar:actually the plan is……

{His plan….

Ragini was about to open the room door…
Nikhil would get her scared

If she gets scared then she needs someone..

Sanskar would be standing there for her..
She would go to him and hug him}

Karan:oh ho

Kavitha:very bad idea

Nikhil:it’s a good idea

All goes near sanskar’s room…

They sees ragini isn’t coming out of the room only

After few mins

Karan:she’s coming she’s coming

All hides…

Nikhil was standing out

Once after Ragini opens the door

Nikhil scares her

Ragini gets scared and shouts

(none was in the home except them)

Karan kavi kavya shoes thumps to sanskar

Sanskar was about to go

When ragini to books and hit nikhil.. And tucks her saree pallu around her waist

and looks around and hits him with whatever thing she got.. She sees Sanskar’s belt and hits nikhil unknown to the fact it’s nikhil??she takes the water jug vase and hits him…

Nikhil :oww…. Mummy…. Ahhh

While sanskar and friends are like ??????

Sanskar immediately takes his step back being scared… ???

While nikhil was wincing in pain while he was screaming for help…

She takes hangers and hit him with it..

Nikhil:bachao… Ahh.. Mummy

Finally nikhil takes out the mask… And was crying

Ragini was shocked to see him:nikhil you..

Nikhil was crying:bhabhi… ????aapne kya doya mereko???

Ragini:why didn’t you stop me.. You could have told me it’s you

Nikhil:when the person is getting hit na bhabhi.. He can only utter a single words like ahh.. Oww.. Mummy.. Bachao.. Instead i am nikhil don’t hit me.. It was a prank it’s me nikhil????

Ragini felt bad:but it was you mistake why did you…

She was about to go near him

Nikhil sees hanger in her hand:nooo…. Please i will go myself

He with much difficulty stands

Ragini goes near him

He moves back..

Ragini:are i was giving this..

She picks up the gorilla mask..

He goes out

Ragini slightly hit her head

He looks at sanskar????

Sanskar was controlling his laughter.. He takes out his phone

Sanskar:hello.. Hello… Nowadays these network

Nikhil looks at karan and kavi???

While karan controlling his laughter:kavi don’t you think this wall should be painted some peach colour
Kavi:haa bhaai?

Nikhil looks at kavya

Kavya was laughing covering her mouth???:washing powder bhabhi.. Hahaha.. Washing powder bhabhi… Dhoodh se safedi hahaha???.. Nirma se aayi???haha… Rangeen nikhil jo???haha khilkhil aaya????sabki pasand bhabhi ki washing powder?????

That’s it all bursts into laughter

Sanskar acting in call:ohh great you need a gorilla… But na we can send it only after 10 days… Bechaara gayal hai

All laughs

Kavi:nikhil chal na bahar… Kya pata you may witness aunty ki mummy ki dadi ki behen ki sabki pasand ki washing powder ???

All laughs

Nikhil???:laugh laugh no one loves me…


All hugs him.. They have a group hug

Nikhil screams :oww..

Again all laughs

To be continued…


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