Two rivals nd One love story (Part 7)

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RagLak reach home
Ragini : it was an awesome day lakash thanks for full filling my dream
Lucky : it my dream to see u happy
Ragini : aha! btw where is shona.?
Lucky : what do u mean by where is shona she was with u na
Ragini : no lakash she said she going near u
Lucky : No! ragini she did not come to me
Ragini : *took a deep breathe* lakash lets see if she is in her room
both of them go to swara’s room but to their dismay she was not there
An isolated place
a girl is tied to the chair nd her face is covered with black mask, two men are standing there nd discussing something
Guy1 : i think we shuld inform our boss about this girl
Guy2 : yes i am calling our boss
The guy2 calls up his boss
On phone
Guy2: hello boss we successfully kidnapped the girl from the party
Boss : that is good bring her tmrw to the place i told
Guy2: ok boss but until then can we
Boss : dont u dare do to her anything
the boss hanged up the call in anger,
A room
Boss: why the hell did i shout on him i dont have any relation with that girl but still i care for her i dont knw how she looks but still i want her to be safe
servent comes in and on’s the light
Kaka : sanskar beta
yes the boss is sanskar
Sanskar : kaka
KaKa : beta kahna
Sanskar : nahi

kaka left from there nd sanskar is trying to sleep but he is unable to do it
back to the isolated place
one of the men take out the mask nd the girl is revealed to be swara she slowly starts to gain her senses, after gaining her senses she is shocked to see the place she started to shout but all ent in vain no one was there to help her
Guy1: stop shouting or else i will rape u
swara : do u knw who i am
Guy2: yes we knw who u r, our boss told to kidnap u so be quite or else
both the men left leaving swara alone,

Goddia Mansion
Ragini was crying nd lakash was in shock, he immedieatly took his phone nd called up someone
On Phone
Laksh : arrange a meeting with SM now
Person : sir but it is night 10 i dont think he will come
Laksh : u r fired from ur job
he ended up his call
Laksh : ragini i am going out nd u be carefull if u get to knw anything about my princess just call me
he left without waiting for an answer from ragini, laksh was driving his car in super speed nd reached sanskar secret place he went straightly went inside his room
Laksh : Sanskar Maheswari
Sanskar got up from his bed nd was shocked to see laksh in his room
Sanskar : Laksh what r u doing here.? *anger can be seen *
Laksh : i warned u to stay away from my family but no dont listen u have rivalry with me then why are u bringing my family into this just tell me where is my sister
Sanskar : oh lucky is stressed about his family very bad, but i wont tell u where is sister coz i dont knw
Laksh : sanky stop lying coz u cant lie nd tell me where my sister is
Sanskar : Mr.Laksh Goddia just leave my place
sanskar called up kaka, kaka came to his room nd was shocked to see laksh
Kaka : lucky beta tum yaha
Sanskar : kaka tell him to go
Laksh : kaka he is not changed nd he wont nd u Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari listen if i get to knw that u r the one who kidnapped my sister then u will see the worst side of mine, u r taking revenge of something which has never happened
he stormed out of the room leaving sanky nd kaka alone, kaka wanted to talk to sanskar but he left him alone
Sanskar was starring the balnk wall totally collapsed from inside
Sanskar : why lucky why u left me when i needed u the most nd u r saying that nothing has happened u r the reason why i turned into stone hearted person

Isolated Place
Swara was crying badly thinking about her only family that is ragini nd laksh, she did not even relise when she slept while crying
Next day morning swara got up due to loud noise
Guy1 : oh lady get up,
Swara : plz leave me
guy2 brought few ladies nd instructed them to make her ready those ladies forcefully took swara inside a room nd made her ready into a beautiful bride but she was not at all happy, those two men again covered her face with mask nd took her to a place or say a temple where sanskar was waiting in golden sherwani face covered with shehara (i hope the word is right) those two men took out her mask nd a lady covered her face with red veil, swara was silently crying, sanskar nd swara both sat next to each other nd the pandit started the mantras, they completed there pheras nd sanskar tied manglasutra against her neck nd filled her hairline with sindoor,
Pandit : now u both are offically wife nd husband
sanskar instructed the lady,pandit nd those to move.! sanskar removed his shehara nd slowly opened swara’s veil to see her face both were shocked to see each other
Sanskar & Swara : tum
Swara (crying) : u kidnapped me nd married me
Sanskar : u r laksh’s sister swara goddia.?
Swara : nd u r SM
by that time laksh nd ragini came there nd was shocked to see both of them, laksh went there nd started to beat sanskar very badly but sanskar’s eyes were only on swara, ragini was consolling her
laksh : i already told u if u harm my sister i will show u my worst side
he was about to beat sanskar with a rod but in meantime swara came in middle nd stopped laksh doing that
lucky : swara get out of my way
Swara : bhai u cant do anything to him, as he is my husband nd now i am Mrs.Swara Sankar Maheshwari
Lucky : swara no this cant be
Swara : bhai even i knw this cant happen but i respect marriage nd however be the circumstance now i am married to sanskar if u kill him i will be a widow nd u wont be able to see me like that
Ragini : laksh swara is right we have solve this matter within ourselves

laksh was angry but he couldn’t show it he left the place, ragini went near sanskar
Ragini : sanskar now swara is ur responsibilty take care of her
she left giving a last hug to swara, swara was standing there numb sankar came near her
Swara : dont dare touch me
swara left from there nd sanskar was following her
Sanskar : swara we have to go home
swara without talking went and sat in the car the drive was so silent she entred the house nd kaka was shocked to see a swara
Kaka : beta tum kon ho.? sanskar baba ghar par nahi hein
Sanskar : kaka ye meri patni swara hein
kaka was shocked but he showed swara her room she went there nd was crying on her fate, while sankar came in
Sanskar : swara
Swara stood up came in front of him nd unpinned her saree pallu she was standing infront of him without covering her upper part
Sanskar : swara what r u doing *he turned to the other side*
Swara : u want me na, i am now yours u do whatever u want, take revenge
Sasnkar : are u out of ur mind
Swara : no i am in my senses
Sanskar tried to cover her but she jerked him,she fell on her kness nd started to cry vey badly sanskar was trying to console her but she was angry
Swara : how can u do this to me sanskar.? u married me only because u wanted to take revenge from my brother .? the only mistake i did was i loved u
Sanskar : what
Swara : yes sanskar i loved u, from the very first time but then i wanted to tell to my brother but everything is changed now i hate u to the core u are nothing to me..!
sanskar was shocked he left swara alone

Precap : dont knw

Hello all i think u might not remember me, but i am sorry for the delay as i was stuck between some problems nd i could not write the story, i completed the parts but then they got deleted, so i am again writing them..! i will be back soon very soon

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