Two rivals nd One love story (Part 6)

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Swaraggini got ready, both were looking amazing, Swara took her car within 20 minutes they reached a 5 star hotel both of them got down nd told the security to park the car, the party was last floor, swaragini were awestruck with the decoration, Ragini went with the PR of Manish Malhotra I show some of her designs, Swara was left nd she was feeling little uncomfortable with the party as she never attends, she was busy in her phone when she saw Sanskar in the party she felt happy nd relaxed but after seeing he came with a girl she turned her face to hide her anger ?? she went towards the bar counter nd was seeing evryone enjoy the party
Sanskar : Swara ?
Swara : oh what a pleasant surprise mr. Sanskar
Sanskar : Han anyways meet my girlfriend Kavita
Swara : hello Kavita (fake smile )
Kavita : hello
Kavita excused herself and went towards the gossiping girls side
Sanskar : so what r u doing here ?
Swara : why I shuld not come here, I love parties
Sanskar : liar
Swara : what do u mean I never lie
Sanskar : u are not party types nd u r not evn mingling with anyone, u came alone or with anyone
Swara : you are right, I came with Ragini
Sanskar : but where is she ?
Swara : she is in meeting with Manish Malhotra , if he likes her designs she will keep them in her new fashion house
Sanskar : that is cool
Ragini came there.
Ragini : Shona he loved my designs nd he wants a
Sanskar left that place as he got a call, Manish Malhotra’s PR came on to the stage
PR : I would like to tell that we are collaborating our fashion house with Ragini goddia’s new fashion house, nd the store will be openly shortly.!
Evryone cheered for her
Swara : Ragini can we leave, I feeling uneasy
Ragini : ok
They left the party, sanskar came back nd searched for Swara but she left, without informing Kavita he also left, Kavita found it strange but left the venue.!
Swaragini come back home, Swara was going back to her room
Ragini : Shona
Swara : Han
Ragini : r u ok ?
Swara : I am bit tired
She left from there
Next day morning
At sanskar’s office
He was talking to someone nd seemed to be very happy
On phone
Sanskar : that is awesome, so lucky I mean lakash will bring his sister nd his wife for that event
Guy : that fashion house he is opening is for his wife only
Sanskar : oh find out the dates for the opening nd we will excute the plan ?
Guy : ok sir
He ended the call, so lakash be ready for the gift I will give u..!
3 months passed
It was opening of fashion house, swaragginilak left for the venue, the opening day was success, evryone was enjoying…… But

Precap : Swara in crying badly

Guys my story is heading towards the end so bear for few chapters aur I will be posting this ff every Sunday ?

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