Two rivals nd One love story (Part 5)


Recap : raglak’s date nd swasan helped in arranging date
Sun was up.! Nd the rays were disturbing raglak’s sleep, Ragini snuggled into lakash, after few minutes Ragini got up nd saw lakash she blushed remembering last night, she was abt to get up when lakash pulled her nd kissed her
Rags : lakash we have to go
Lakash : we will stay here only na
Rags : no Shona is all alone since last night
Lakash : okay
Raglak got up nd they moved towards their home.!
Swara’s room
Swara was sleeping peacefully hugging her pillow but her sleep got disturbed due to constant bell ring, she lazily got up nd moved towards the main door,she opened the door only to find her family, lakash nd Ragini were standing there hand in hand
Swara : why did u come early u guys will not let sleep or what nd u guys also must be tired nd did not sleep last night na ?
Raglak blushed, swaragginilak came inside Swara went back to her room nd got fresh n up, went towards the kitchen to make coffee for evryone, Ragini came nd started to help Swara in preparing breakfast
Swara : ragu what happened yesterday ?
Ragini : Shona yaar plz stop na
Swara : but I did not evn start
Ragini : Shona
Swara : Ragini
Ragini : ☺️
Swara : someone is blushing
Lakash : Shona breakfast is ready I need to leave for office I have work
Shona : but bhai we came here for a holiday
Lakash : sry Shona but I need to leave
Ragini : we r also coming
Sona : yes
After breakfast evryone got ready nd left for Mumbai.!
Swara was lost in her thoughts..! She did not realise when she dozzed of to sleep.!
Here sanskar came to Swara’s house to see her for one last time but to his disappointment Swara already left ?
Sanskar’ PoV
Yaar I so wanted to meet Swara for the first time I met her I felt something connected then when I was passing through the place I saw her doing some decorations but this girl is so clumsy she fell down nd I caught her at right time , I helped her with decor, i just like to be with her then we both went to eat ice cream , she is such a kiddo but yesterday I dropped here only maybe she left.! Anyways I have to go back to the same to rotinue ? boring..!
End of PoV
Sanskar also left for Mumbai, after good long drive all the four returned back.! Lakash nd Sanskar left for office, Swara was at home Coz she wanted to help Ragini with her designs, few weeks passed like that Ragini almost prepared her designs only few were left.! Ragini got a call from a Manish Malhotra’s office, she was invited for dinner party
Ragini : swaraaaaaaa
Swara : Kya hua
Ragini : got a call from Manish Malhotra’s office they invited me for the dinner party
Swara : that is great u nd bhai go
Ragini : no Shona he is going out of town for a meeting
Swara : Ho
Ragini : u will accompany me
Swara : ok
Ragini : then be ready by evng we will go

Precap : Manish Malhotra’s dinner party, Sanskar also came there with his friend, Swara got jealous seeing Sanskar with some other girl

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