Two rivals nd One love story (Part 2)

Swara nd raglak reached Lonavala nd went to their out house which is located near the shore. Swara’s room is adjacent to raglak’s room nd view from Swara’s balcony is beautiful as she can see mountains nd the sound from the waves which is like music. Swara changed into her casuals nd went down next moment she closed her eyes nd said
Swara ?: bhai have some shame u have younger sister
Listening to Swara’s voice both of them got separated nd Ragini was blushing
Swara : hayee my bhai is blushing she looks so cute
Rag: Shona plz
Lakash : what plz ragu
Swara : oho ragu nd all Han
Ragini hid her face in lakash chest nd he kept an arm around her Swara clicked a pic of them like that later joined the hug nd clicked some selfies

At dining table
Three of them of them were having their lunch when lakash got a call
On phone
Lakash: why did u call
PA: sir we cracked the deal
Lakash: that means SM lost the deal
PA: yes sir
Lakash : that’s perfect nd u guys can have holidays for two days inform this to our staff
PA: okay sir

He hanged up the call nd kissed Ragini on her cheeks she turned red nd Swara fake coughed to disturb the moment ?
Swara : bhai Kya hua
Lakash : we cracked the deal Shona
Swara : that calls for a party bhai
Lakash: sure,
Ragini : umm.. Lakash
Lakash: Han ragu bolo
Ragini : I want to open a fashion house actually it was my dream
Lakash : sure u can open it
Swara : then double party
Ragini: thanks lakash nd kissed him on the cheek
Swara: ok bye bhai nd bhabhi I am going out for sometime nd leave u guys alone
Ragini : Shona be careful
Swara : ok Ragini oops sry bhabhi
Raglak : bye
Swara went out leaving raglak alone
She went to shore nd sat on the rock seeing waves nd thinking abt something when she heard a girl crying she went near her
Swara : what happened
Girl : I was playing nd I came far from the place my parents are there nd I forgot the way
Swara : chalo I will help u
Girl : Sachi
Swara: Muchi

Both of them started to search for the girl’s parents nd finally the girl found her parents they were worried for her nd thanked Swara for bringing back their child all this was been seen by our hero sanskar he was following Swara since the time she went near the girl when she was crying both of them heard her crying but Swara reached first. Sanskar was mesmerised seeing Swara’s beauty she was simple with no make up nd was not like other girls ? Swara was going back home when she bumped into sanskar nd was abt fall but our hero saved her from falling nd he tighten his grip on her waist she slowly opened her eyes nd their eyes met for the first time nd was having the intense eye-lock but sanskar broke it nd they both composed themselves
Swara : I am sry I did not see u
Sanskar : umm. It’s ok
Swara : hey I am Swara go…
Was abt to complete when Ragini came running near nd was panting heavily Swara made her stand straight nd made her breath properly
Swara : Ragini what happened
Ragini : Shona u r here we were searching for u
Swara : actually a girl lost her parents track so I came here helping her
Ragini : Shona now let’s go ur bhai is all tensed abt u
Swara : okay bhabhi
Ragini ( turning towards sanskar) : who r u
Sanskar : I am sank..
He got a call nd left from there swaragini also left to their out house ?

Ragini gets to knw abt sanskar being lakash’s rival nd Swara lost in Sankara’s thoughts

I am sry everyone for the late update but I am not getting any idea to write. Nd sry for the short update ?

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