Two poles becomes one by love shot-1

Hai everyone…. Sry for making you all wait…. But try to understand my situation guys…. No more talks, this is a short story….it will take five or six part…. First you all yourself read and give your comments upon this story… after reading your comments I will go further… now let’s get into the story….

One fine morning in Oberoi Mansion,
One girl does pooja before god idol…. After finishing it she goes near dadi, she blessing her… followed by she goes near Sakthi and Pinky, they also blessed them….
Pinky: we got such a beautiful and lovable bahu… we must say thanks to god for giving you as a bahu…. Janvi comes there and says don’t eye on my bahu Pinky… saying this she goes near her and hugs her….

Pinky: don’t get jealous didi, she is also my bahu na…
Janvi: but you also have own bahu na… Pinky turns her face…. Seeing this one girl get sad… seeing her sadness another girl goes near Pinky and says, auntyji I did this all works as good because of Anika didi only…. If she in not there then I can’t did it… so we must say thanks to god for giving Anika didi as a bahu to this house… without saying anything Pinky leaves from that place… seeing this Anika gets sad… she goes near Anika and says didi please don’t get sad… you very well know about Pinky auntyji na… one day she also accept you…. Anika forcefully smiles…

Now the screen shift to upward, there one boy seeing all this gets proud and smiles…. He goes inside his room and takes one diary…. By taking this one photo gets slipped from this diary…. He takes that and sees…… in that photo one girl in modern dress with attitude face working in laptop there…. Her eyes are fully focused on work seeing this we get to know this image is takes without her knowledge… then Om get into the fb,
One fine morning, Om works with statue in his art gallery… there our team goes inside by calling om….
Rudy: Om you didn’t think this too much…

Om: why what happened what I did…. He asked this question without facing them….
Sivaay: Om today is Sunday… this day also you have to work…
Om: this is not a work Shivaay, it’s my passion… whenever I come here I get a peace…. And you know na all will get happy when they spend their time with their loved once….
Rudy: it means Art is your lover…
Om: what is wrong in that…
Rudy: goes and pulls Om towards him and checks his temperature….
Shivaay: Rudy what are you doing…
Rudy: bhai I think Om going to mad…

Om: stops his work and says what did you said…. Saying this he starts to run around Rudy…. Shivaay smiles at them… at last Om catches Rudy, bhai come and save me…. Today no one can save you…. Saying this he starts to beat him… finally Shivaay comes and stops the fight… Rudy says, you are come after all finished…. Shivom laughs and hugs him… Rudy, bhai don’t make me to call your art as my bhabhi…. at the time Anika comes and says, doesn’t worry Rudy in few more days your bhabhi will be came… Omru shockingly asked what… Shivaay, Anika is right we are seeing alliance for you Om…. Om not interestingly why this much hurry…. Rudy, what it’s too late, after your marriage only I can marry my Somu…. Anika rotates his ears, and says first you finish your degree then think about marriage… Shivom laughs…

Om, I don’t have any problem if you’re marry before me… Anika, why are going to preacher… they laughs, Om, nothing like that bhabhi…. Shivaay, then what is your problem, he goes near Om in husky voice he says you’re getting fear by seeing my state because of your bhabhi… Omru laughs…. Anika, what you’re saying… Shivaay, I said about us… after marrying you how I will happily live… Omru controls their laughs… Anika: if you’re loved anyone Om…. Om hurriedly no no bhabhi… Anika: then what… At the time Tej comes and says, day after tomorrow Om’s engagement with worlds no one business man’s daughter… Om angrily asks who gives the rights to fix my marriage Mr. Oberoi… Shivaay controls him… Tej says, don’t forgot I am your father Omkara… Omkara smiles and says now only you remember this, in these days where you went Mr. Oberoi… you don’t have any rights upon me…. In these days Shivaay only take care of us, so he only have the rights to take any decision upon my life and now Anika bhabhi also have the rights….

So don’t interfere in my life… Shivika looks at Om… Tej angrily shouts, just stop it Om…. Till now I didn’t interfere in your life…. But this marriage is really important to me… because till now I am in second in business world…. If you marry that girl then we get a deal with them…. After that deal I am also come in first place… Om laughs and says, I think you’re changed and think my wellness… but now also you proved it I was wrong… after all one business deal you’re making me to sold… Tej, it’s for your goodness also Om… if you married her then you will be the owner of 25000 crores and you know last two years she only runs this bussiness…in this two years itself she received awards such as “great business women award in the world” in two times…. That much she talented… after marriage she will help our company also then we will only no one…. Om says I can’t marry her and also I didn’t interest in her…if you want this deal and her help you can marry her like shwettlana….. Tej shouts with full energy, day after Tmr is your engagement…. No one can change this it’s my decision…. Saying this he leaves….. Om sits there…. Shivru goes near him and consuls him…

The engagement day, whole OM is decorated with flowers and its looks most beautiful…. In Om’s room, the whole room is dark by closing all the curtains and turn off the lights…. There Om sits on the floor by putting his hand upon the bed by crying….. his hand starts to bleeds due to his angry he breaks the mirror….the room is fully messed up with breaking mirror and other things even he breaks his statue also…..At the time Shivru comes there and turns on the lights…. After seeing Om’s state and room’s state they hurriedly runs, towards him and hugs him…. Om starts to cry loud… Shivaay and Rudy can’t see their Om like this…. Their eyes also moist by seeing their Om like this… one blood drop slips upon Shivaay’s hand…. Seeing this he ask Om what you did…. Rudy you go and take the first aid box…. Then they start’s to dressing his wound…. Rudy: bhai why you’re doing like this…. If you not interested in this marriage then don’t do it…. We are there for you…. Shivaay: yes Om now itself I will go and talk to bade papa…. You don’t worry saying this he tries to move but Om holds his hand and says, no Shivaay if he scold you then I can’t bear this… in my life what is happened with my wish… I can manage it… Shivaay: Om… Om: I will marry her Shivaay… Rudy: why Om, from the first day itself you’re not interested in this marriage… then why take this decision… you don’t worry we will speak to dad….

Om: today also I not interested in this marriage but I did this marriage for our mom…. Shivaay: what are you saying Om…. Om: yesterday Mr. Oberoi comes to my room and says if I did this marriage then he will leave that Shwettlana by making her out of this Mansion…. And also he will start his new life with mom…. That’s why I did this marriage…. Shivaay: tries to speak something but Om stops him and says if I am happy or not but I will do this marriage for my mom….
All the guests are starts to come… Om also sits there with sad face… Tej comes near him and says Omkara you looks so handsome…. If she sees you definitely she will fall on you… Om didn’t react… Tej: your mother smile is in your smile, don’t forget it… hearing this Om forcefully smiles…. Shivaay can’t take this but he silently stands there only for Janvi mom… Anika comes there and says, why are like this, we also want Om to marry na… you’re not happy for Om’s marriage… Shivaay: yes we want him to marry a girl with his choice… but now see he is just do this marriage for his mother not for him Anika, then how I will be happy….

Anika: don’t worry Shivaay, everything will be alright… Shivaay: how Anika…. Anika: did you remember our marriage Shivaay…. Shivaay gets sad….Anika I didn’t say this to hurt you…. But just think Shivaay, in our marriage we two are not interested in it but later we starts to love each other na… in Om case he is a good boy, surely he will also get a partner like him… definitely she will take care of our Om…
At the time ten cars enters Oberoi Mansion, all the security who is inside the cars comes outside and checks after conforming everything is fine… four boys goes near one BMW car which is parked in the middle of ten cars…

In this car one man comes outside and he says, beta please come outside we had reached the place… that girl: papa please give me five minutes it’s really important…. Now you go inside I will reach there before you enter…. Saying this she continues her work…. Her Dad: but it’s your engagement you must come at first…. In this day also you have to work, you continue this after your engagement please come beta…. Papa, if you talk likes this then I can’t complete on time then I can’t come to this engagement…. Ok I will wait for you, after you finished we will go together…. Saying this he stands outside the car… papa, you can wait for me by sitting inside the car why you are standing outside…. But he didn’t reply…. That girl seeing this she closed her laptop without completing her work….

And goes near him, he starts to smile… after seeing his smile, papa you go inside I will come in two minutes or come inside our car…. He says, If I disturb your work no na…. you go and finish your work, till that time I will wait for you by standing in outside….without you I will not go inside… He says this with serious tone…. That girl says, ok ok come don’t over react… hearing this he hugs her and says, it’s only my princess…. Then they go inside…. All are sees them gets happy… few members says she is so pretty…. Om heard this but didn’t see her…. Tej goes first and welcomes them… followed by Janvi and others… at the time also see looks at her phone she didn’t see them…. Her father called bata after that only she sees them…. Her father gestures her to take blessing she also did like that…

I will stop here guys…. After knowing your comments I will continue…. If I bored you by giving this story one by one without completing anything and I also I didn’t be regular… if you think so please say it guys but don’t use harsh words…. If you liked this story I will meet you all in our next episode… till then bye this is from your maha…


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