Two Paths Crossed (TPK) -Intro and Episode 1

This Fan fiction is inspired by Thapki Pyar Ki and its characters.
Disclaimer- Characters and storyline are completely different from the original Soap featured on Colors Tv
Bihaan (Manish Goplani)
Sonam (Jigyasa Singh)
Dhruv : Bihaan’s own brother (Ankit Bathla)
Shraddha : Bihaan’s initial love interest (Monica Khanna)
Sonal : Bihaan’s younger brother ( Arjit Taneja)
Balwinder Pandey : Bihaan’s father and owner of Pandey Nivas
Dadi maa : Bihaan’s grandmother

Aliya: Sonam’s Best friend ( Nikita Dutta)
Gaddoo: Sonam’s cook

Mr. Shastri (Shraddha’s Father and owner of Shastri Chain of Hotels) (Played by the actor of Durga Prasad in Swaragini)

Episode #1

It’s morning, Mumbai streets are filling up with vendors and vehicles. A lady is sipping her coffee and watching the hustle and bustle from her high private balcony. The white curtains fly outwards and catch the wind. She turns around to reveal herself in red and black checkered pants and a white printed t shirt. Her hair is tied up in a messy bun, and a few strands tickle her cheeks. She steps into her state-of the art room splashed in white with purple garnish. She is Sanam, the owner of Rhaina hotels; a large business in Mumbai. She is an orphan with a painful past but a worthy present. The only two people in her life is her best friend Aliya and Cook Guddoos. Aliya is an orphan and helps Sanam in her business. The threesome live in the large villa Rhaina Mannat;named after her parents. (Of course the villa is too big for just 3)
Enter Aliya
Aliya- Morning Sunno Bunno!

Sanam-(making a wry face) Morning!
Aliya- Guddoos is making Roti and butter chicken, just sniff the air
Sanam- Stop making me hungry. I have to go get dressed now., you’d better too, u have work remember?

Aliya- oh yes! I’ve to call Shan to spwak about that booking. Seems loke a long day
They walk down the stairs Sanam dressed in a trench coat and dress pants with a boss briefcase, her hair which is sleek and straight is tied up in a pony. Aliya is dressed in a formal striaght cut suit.

Guddoos- Sanam beta, here’s your juice…Hai Rabba! I am waiting for the day when you will open that beautiful hair of yours, always tied up!

They all laugh. The twosome take blessings from their loving cook who is more like a mom and leave for work.

Bihaan is shown getting off a Chopper. He is adorned in a leather jacket, blue t shirt, black jeans, brown boots, polarised sunglasses, lots of leather bracelets and a black pair of ear rings.

He walks across the road towards a lake, a girl is shown standing.

Bihaan- Shraddha… he gets mesmerised seeing her (he is infatuated) Shraddha turns to him sharply
Shraddha- Bihaan why do u keep troubling me like this, u tell me to meet u and u just make an excuse and walk off, what is your problem? She asks rudely

Bihaan- Shraddha all this while, i actually, actually….wanted to say i love you. He says extremely fast.

Shraddha- you? Who do u think u are?u think I’ll accept u? U r nothing but a failure, no job, no mone, you only live like a leech on your father and brother. You know what? She smiles wickedly and gets closer to him, ( He falls into her trap and smiles like a little child
Shraddha- I…Actually…L..L…HATE YOU! She screams and slaps him hard.
Bihaan is left shocked
Bihaan- Shraddha, Shraddha , Please, I will give you the world… she walks off and hugs another dude.

Bihaan bangs his fist on a tree, Bewajaa plays…he looks on at the lake and thinks, ever since my kother died i only had my family to love me…

Bihaan is shown back home, entering the Pandey Nivaas. He sees the family seated at the sofa discussing and laughing. He is too heart broken so doesn’t notice anything. He walks towards the stairs

Bau Ji- Bihaan come here! Where are u going? We have good news! Come congratulate your brother

Bihaan in a daze- Ha Bau ji….

Dadi Maa- Your Bhaiyya Dhruv has been proposed, he’s going to get married soon!

Sonal- Dhruv Bhaiyya is gonna become a hero!

Everyone laugh, Bihaan is still in a trance

Sonal flicks his finger in front of Bihaan’s face

Sonal- here, look at the pretty, lucky bride our bhabhiji. He passes the picture while everyone smile. The episode freezes on Bihaan’s hand taking the photo

Precap – Bihaan sees the picture, it is Shraddha, he is shocked to the core.
At Sonam’s office cabin, she opens a letter, it is from the courts to seize her house, her eyes grow wide. Precap freezes on her shocked face.

Hope you guys like it! Let me know in the comments below, i would love your suggestions. Exciting and realistic episodes to come, keep coming back for more and spread the word. Much Love ~ Aami

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    Hey aami…superb buddy……enjoying the storyline….great work…next part plz…

  2. Vinlora

    It’s interesting. ..plzz continue dear…and it’s Sonam or Sanam ..?plz clear this confusion ?

    1. Sorry it’s supposed to be sonam,typo 🙂

    2. thank you, appreciate the support episode 2 will be up tonite hopefully

  3. Also,shastri is supposed to be the best friend of Shraddha’s father

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