Two paths crossed (TPK) Episode 8


I’m here once again with Two paths crossed series after a almost 2 months delay.. Haha… Anyways I’m continuing it this time ??.

Link for the prev. Epi episode-7

It’s morning at Pandey Nivas. Bihaan is sleeping on Sonam’s shoulder after watching the late night grand finale of Born To Dance. The television is still switched on. The two have slept sitting next to each other. The morning sunlight streams in and disturbs Bihaan’s peaceful sleep. He wakes up, first opening one eyelid and then the other. He looks to the right and sees that he had been sleeping on Sonam’s shoulder. He gets up in a hurry and cleches his fists because he was angry that he had to sleep on “Sonam Aunty’s shoulder”. He was about to leave when Sonam wakes up and teasingly says “Bihaan where are you going? Won’t you thank me for allowing to watch the show in my room? ”
Bihaan remains silent in anger as he chisels his jaw.
Sonam adds in a soft naughty tone “also for the good night’s sleep? ”
Bihaan slams the door shut in anger and walks to his room.
Sonam chuckles to herself…she smells the strong smell of Men’s Shampoo emanating from her shoulder area.
Sonam think to herself ‘Bihaan really uses some nice smelling shampoo… Ughh what am I thinking? ‘. She takes her clothes and goes off into the washroom.

In the Pandey Nivaas living room preparations are being made for Dhruv and Shraddha’s engagement. The pillars are decorated with flowers and lights and everyone is in a hustle and bustle. Dadi calls for Bihaan but he is nowhere to be seen. She then calls for Sonam .

Balwinder- where could both of them be?
Dadi- There is a unity of love happening today .. Maybe God is untingg both of them too.
Balwinder- Maa.. They always fight.. The sky will crack if they come together

Dadi chuckles and says “There’s always a beginning for love beta”

Bihaan is seeing buttoning his kurta cuffs and walking out of the room. He sees the engagement cards on the console and feels sad “Today my first love Shraddha is running away from me, Maybe God has something better, I have to go check on Dhruv Bhaiyya now”
As Bihaan is about to go his eyes fall on Sonam’s room. Her room door is open. Bihaan sees a figure of a girl standing with beautiful open hair, wearing a pale pink and gold lehenga. He is dumbstruck and keeps staring. He thinks to himself ‘This can’t be Sonam Aunty, she never opens her hair and I don’t even know if she has traditional clothes’ . He gulps as he sees her. Then suddenly the girl begins to turn to face him. Bihaan stops dreaming and takes his phone out and pretends he is on a call. The girl turns, She is no one other than Sonam. Bihaan is shocked and drops his phone . Sonam catches it on time. She gives it back to him and says “I thought you were on a call, but your phone doesn’t show it” she says in a teasing tone.
Bihaan gets angry again and goes.
The function had started . Bihaan was standing close to the staircase as he didn’t want to see Shraddha getting engaged with his own eyes. But he also kept looking up to see where Sonam is as she hadn’t come yet. After a few more minutes of wait, he couldn’t wait anymore and went upstairs.
He could see Sonam struggling with a pin.
Sonam- “Ughh.. This stupid pin, no one is here to help me”
Bihaan clears his throat.
Sonam – “why are you here ? Can’t you leave me alone? ”
Bihaan- “actually everyone is looking for you.. You seem to be taking too long” bihaan lied. Bihaan thinks to himself ‘ why am I lying? Why am I going behind this ladki’

Bihaan- Wait I’ll help you with that.
He gets close to her and pins her dupatta on her shoulder. They have a eyelock. (Bgm- Pee Loon)

Precap * Bihaan is drunk and crying after the engagement and speaks to the sky about his broken heart. Sonam comes there and takes the bottle and drinks too.. She reveals in a drunken state that she hates marriages and love because her heart was broken in the past. Later the two hug each other in their drunken state while crying. *


Hope you will like it ?

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