Two paths crossed (TPK) Episode 7


First of all, I’m really sorry about the almost two weeks of a delay in the update. There was some browser error with the telly updates website and i was badly sick, i still am, although I’m much better now. So,here goes episode 7

It is night time, Bihaan walks into his room while using his phone. His phone time shows 10.45 pm. Suddenly a reminder pops up with a tone. The reminder reads “Born to Dance Grand Finale 11 pm.”
Bihaan- Oh my God! Today is the BTD finale, i almost forgot, i have to watch it!
He throws his phone on the bed and fiddles through his drawers for his tv remote. He finds it and runs to stand in front of his tv and switches it on. The tv switches on and switches off again on its own.
Bihaan- Ghazab! (He shakes the plug and switches on again)
But to no avail, the tv does the same drill. He taps on the remote and tries again. Yet again the tv fails to work.
Bihaan-Urghghgh! Bakwaas Tv! (He dashes the remote on the ground in frustration )I will go to Sonal’s room and watch it. I cannot miss this. Myself and Paan (his friend ) have a bet as well.He walks to sonals room and sees sonal asleep.
Bihaan- oh no! Kya kismat! Now how can i watch!everyone else is also sleeping. I will try to watch online. But Bau ji will scold me for my data bills…
As he walks back in despair to his room he hears the theme song of BTD.
Bihaan- Areyy! From where is that coming?

He follows the music and stops at sonam’s room (opp. His room). Her room door was slightly left ajar. He peeks in and sees her laughing amd enjoying the show. Bihaan gets jealous
Bihaan- Baghwan! Can u see that I’m also hete, not only this Junglee Billee, why can’t you favour me?
He looks on and gets even jealous. He starts getting interested in theshow and watches it from outside the room.Sonam sees him.
Sonam- Bihaan! Why are you standing there and watching?come in and join me.
Bihaan- No i have a lot of work, i have no time for this. I was just checking if u were using the tv right, u migjt break it otherwise.
Sonam just makes a face and continues watching.
Five mins later Bihaan is still standing there.
Sonam- Oh Mr. Always Busy, i thought you had work!

Bihaan thinks to himself- this is my house, so that is my tv and ican watch if i want.
He walks in in fury and grabs the remote from sonam and in one go pushes her off the carpet she was sitting on the floor. She sits out of the carpet in shock.
Sonam- Idiot! Now why are you watching?
Bihaan- My house, my things, my rules, i can do what I want. BTD is my favourite show okay?
Sonam- mine too!
Bihaan makes a dirty face at her
Sonam gets angry- Urgh!i always try to be nice ,but u are just so rude! (she clenches her fists)
They watch the show together and laugh at the same things falling over each other, and high fiving each other. They have an eye lock (bgm:dhoka dhadi)
The show ends and both are very sleepy bihaan sleepily falls on sonam’s shoulder. And sonam lays her head backwards and sleeps. (Bgm: is this love kahin naa lage)

Credit to: Aami

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  1. Manyasa29

    It was too good aami…was waiting for this part from so long…..
    And take care of ur health…
    If its possible….plz make it a bit lengthier from nxt time….
    Cant wait for the next part !!!
    Keep writing.

  2. Nice episode…..waiting ur next episode…. How is ur health now aami???

  3. Thanks so much for your concern guys. I’m much better today (in fact i returned back to classes today as well). Well, yes Manyasa27 i will try to make it lengthier next time. And i will be uploading epis once or a max of twice every week because my hols are over and im back on track. Hope u guys still keep following this fan fic

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