Two Paths Crossed (TPK) Episode 6


It’s morning. The episode starts with Sonam waking up in her room for the glare of the sunlight. She scratches her eyes and yawns largely. Her foggy vision clears up and she is left confused at the unfamiliar room. In an instant she flashes back into the time she handed over the Rhaina Mannat keys to her biggest foe Shastri. She smiles lightly to herself in sadness.
She draws in a huge sigh and gets off the bed sharply. Sonam sees a bird on her window sill and walks to it. She places her face on her palms and palms on the window frame as she talks to the bird cheerfully with a twinkle in her eyes. She then leans out and draws in a huge amout of fresh air and basks in the morning light as she smiles her worries away.
Sonam leaves to the bathroom to change. She emerges from her room dressed in a pair of green three quarters, a grren sporty jacket, a yellow inner t shirt and green sneakers, her hair as usual was up in a ponytail . It was Sunday, so she was free from work. Sonam headed over towards the kitchen.
Sonam- Dadi ma, today i want to make Bau ji’s favourite dish Chicken tikka masala!
Dadi laughs- Okay beta then, the kitchen is yours.
Sonam happily begins making the dish. Aliya walks in just then. Aliya wanted to make kheer for dessert. The two besties work in the kitchen together.
It was breakfast time, everyone was seated and the food laid. The two bestie chefs were bringing in their dishes.
Bihaan was blocking Sonam’s way.
Sonam- Mr. Dhruv, can you please move.
Bihaan (holding his head in annoyance with gritted teeth) – Ms. Junglee Billee! Im not Dhruv. Im B for Bihaan Pandey, B for Bihaan Pandey only.
Sonam (rolling her eyes) – ok! Im sorry! MR BIHAAN
Dadi- Bihaan! How can you speak so disrespectfully like that, she is a guest in this house and i have not even introduced you to her

Bihaan clasps his palms together- please Dadi,i don’t need any introduction. I had a nice one already yesterday. This junglee billee, JB was sleeping in my room and gave me a fright. First even before she came that ring almost broke my finger!

Dadi-Stop it! Now Shut up and eat!
Sonam gives a one sided smile
They all sit while Sonam places her dish. Unfortunately for Sonam, the only seat left was the one next to bihaan. She casually walks to it and seats herself. Bihaan was fidgeting in anger but was unable to put up a fight. Hence, he quietly served himself.
Bihaan- Woah! Chicken Tikka Masala! Bau Ji’s favourite too!
Dadi- Sonam made it, its so tasty
Sonam smiles
Bihaan mumbles to himself – then surely, some disgusting J.B soup
Bau Ji-Shabaash! Sonam beta! Super tasty! Thank you so much
Sonam- No problem Bau ji.
Sonal- What’s for dessert Dadi?
Dadi-Aliya has made kheer
Sonal- Kheer! My favourite! Thank you Aliya Di
Aliya- You’re welcome but I’m not Didi to you. She laughs
He laughs too.
Bau ji is sitting on a chair and reading a newspaper. Sonam walks by holding her temples and massaging them.Bau Ji notices this
Bau ji- Sonam beta, why what’s up?
Sonam- Nahin Bau Ji, Im having a slight headache
Bai ji- You must have been out in the sun too much.
Sonam- Hmmm. Yes i was too fascinated by Ram Pyari
Bau ji- Ha ha! Bihaan loves them too. But come here beata i will give you an oil massage
Sonam- No Bau Ji, it’s okay
Bau Ji- come, come its okay
She walks over and sits on the ground cross legged. Bau ji massages her head with oil while her hair remains tied.Bihaan comes from out just then, he sees this and gets jealous and angry.
Bihaan pretends to have a headache and massages his head all over, but bau ji was too busy telling old stories to Sonam he doesn’t notice. Bihaan gets madder and angrier.
Bihaan- Bau ji, you used to give me also head massages nah? I wantone today.
Bau ji- but bihaan, let me get done with her
Bihaan-No bau ji, if u love me, u have to give me one now.
Sonam- Bau ji, my headache is actually gone, i will go now, thank u so much.
Bihaan walks over and when he sits on the ground, whispers to Sonam- Don’t try to snatch my bau ji’s love, he will only love me.
Sonam just makes a wry face and walks off.
Precap- Bihaan and Sonam sleep on each other’s shoulders (bgm: is this love kahin na lage)

Credit to: Aami

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