Two Paths Crossed (TPK) Episode 5


The episode starts with Bihaan making a list of to do’s in a notepad for the engagement preparations.Bau Ji walks in and sees him.
Bau ji- Bihaan beta, what are you so busily doing?
Bihaan ( while writing, without looking up) – Bau Ji I am making the engagement prep list.
Bau ji- Oh, Good, I hope it goes well.
Bihaan- Ah! I’ve finally finished this list!
Dhruv walks in just then.
Bihaan- Oh! Dhruv Baiyya! Just when i need you! Come we have to go shop for your clothes for the engagement.
Dhruv- Oh yes! Let’s go.
They leave.
At the formal suit shop
Dhruv- Bihaan, i think this black blazer will do good nah?
Bihaan reminisces of the times he spent with Shraddha at college. His memory goes into the time he overheard Shraddha tell that favourite colour was red.
Dhruv flicks his fingers in front of Bihaan’s face.
Dhruv- Earth to Bihaan! I asked you a question…
Bihaan smiles.
Bihaan- Ummm…Dhruv Bhaiyya, i think this wine red blazer will look better, also Shraddha likes red so…
Dhruv- I’m lucky i hired someone who knows Shraddha so well.
They smile.
Bihaan looks at the blazer and imagines himself in it. He dreams himself putting the ring on Shraddha’s hand and Shraddha making him wear the ring at the engagement.
Dhruv- Bihaan how about this shoe?
Bihaan snaps out of his dream and his smile fades.
Bihaan- Huh? Yeah.
They continue shopping
Sonam, Dadi, Aliya and Guddoos get into Sonam’s Corvette Stingray and drive off to Pandey Nivaas.
They arrive at Pandey Nivaas.
Bau ji and Sonal are talking.
Bau ji- Sonal do you know where Maa went?
Sonal- Dadi went to Sonam’s house with some sweets to thank her
Dadi at the doorway- Ballu, look who I brought!
Sonal and Bauji turn and get surprised
Sonal and Bau ji together- Sonam!
Dadi- Haan! I have to tell you why Sonam, Aliya and Guddoos are here.They are going to live with us. I will explain at the dinner table. Come we will have dinner. Aliya beta, Sonam beta, Guddoos come. Where are Dhruv and Bihaan?
Sonal- Dadi they have gone to shop for the engagement.
Dadi- Oh! then I’ll introduce Sonam to them tomorrow. Sonam has never met those two.
They sit at the dining table. Dadi at the head, Bau ji on her right side, Sonal on her left. Sonam sits next to Bau Ji and Guddoos next to her. Aliya sits next to Sonal. Dadi explains Sonam’s situation while they eat. Everyone sympathise with her.
Dadi- Sonam, we have an extra room upstairs. It is the first room on the right, you can use that. Aliya and Guddoos can stay in the guest room in this floor. Is that all right?
They agree.
When Aliya tries to stand up, she notices that her dupatta is entangled on Sonal’s shirt. Sonal excuses himself and they untie the knot as they share an eyelock (bgm: Bakhuda Tum Hi Ho)
They all leave to their rooms.
Sonam walks up all tired and drained out, she groggily walks to the first room on the left . She drags her luggage in and shuts the door but doesn’t lock it. She takes off her shoes and dumps herself on the bed and immediately falls asleep.
Bihaan and Dhruv come back home with a pile of shopping.
They are so tired that they immediately retire to their rooms.
Bihaan enters his room and locks the door. It was dark but he didn’t bother to switch on the light, so he simply jumped on to the bed. He felt something on the bed; à figure. The figure pushed his hand away. He felt again. The figure rose. Bihaan woke up startled and began screaming believing it to be a spirit. Sonam seeing someone else on the bed began screaming too. They were both like this for a minute before they realised that they were both screaming. Bihaan flicks the light on from the bed head. He is shocked and puzzled to see a young girl on his bed.
Bihaan- Who are you? And what do you think you’re doing on my bed in my room
Sonam( in a state of shock)-, I came here because I lost my house and Dadi told me to stay here. I think i came to your room accidentally thinking it was mine.

Bihaan- Oh! So you are Sonam! even when u are not here u are a headache for me. My Dadi has to keep comparing you with me. I don’t know what will happen to my peaceful life if you start living here. And Dadi must have told you to use the room opposition mine. Idiot!

Sonam- I can’t help it if im better than you. Byt Dadi told me to use the room on the right.

Bihaan- Ghazab! This room is on the left. You don’t even knoww your directions, i dunno how you are running a business (He says with a smirk)

Sonam(raising her finger) – You…don’t you dare insult my business. (She takes a pillow and hurls it at him in anger, the pillow is followed by a notebook from his desk)

Bihaan grits his teeth and clenches his fist as he seethes in anger.
Bihaan- Oho! Junglee Billee! Before I insult you and your Mahaan business please leave my room peacefully. Otherwise I’ll have to drag you out.
Sonam leaves in a huff and a puff and accidentally knocks bihaan down.
She laughs.
Sonam- God’s gift for you!
She walks off with her luggage, as he gets up angrily.

Precap- Sonam cooks Bau ji’s favourite food. And Bau Ji massages Sonam’s head lovingly, Bihaan upon seeing this gets jealous and angry.

Sorry about the Late update today. Hope you like this episode. Keep coming back for more. Much love

Credit to: Aami

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  1. Awesome pliz write part six fast

  2. Manyasa29

    Superb aami ….plz continue

  3. Vinlora

    Aami this is too good ..loved it …and one thing I want to share with u…is sonam s other name thapki????I asked u bcoz when I’m reading any TPK FF I’m imagining Bihaan and Thapki that is thahaan and I’ll get connected to the FF….since here No thapki only Sonam while reading I’m not getting that thahaan feel yaar….?mereliye Bihaan ke saath sirf aur sirf Thapki …Thahaan forever. …?it’s just my view ….waiting for the next update

    1. Well, i imagine jigyasa singh as sonam. But the reason i changed her name was because, i have given her a stronger character as a person who has come up on her own, thus the difference in wardrobes, handling circumstances, hair do etc etc And she doesn’t have the stammer. so, Thapki is different. Hope you still would like this pair.

      1. means this ff main lead is sohaan ?????

      2. Ok I agree ? so I have to Imagine MANYASA as Bihaan and sonam. …?that will be better I think?

  4. Yep sohaan more like manyasa

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