Two Paths Crossed (TPK) Episode 4


I had made a slight mistake in the first episode. Mr shastri is supposed to be the best friend of shraddha’s father. With that being said here goes episode 4, the one i like the most, in fact
*Episode 4*
The episode starts with Mr. Shastri on a call with the property advertising division of The Indian Times
Person from the Indian Times- Okay Sir I will cancel the advertisement and refund the money, Please send me your bank account details.

Shastri- I will do so. Thank you so much.
The call ends
Shastri (to himself)- Now, you watch Sonam, when i buy your Rhaina Mannat and destroy the happiness of your Rhaina Parivaar.
He laughs loud evilly.
It’s the next day, Sonam is in her office. She is clad in a egg yellow trench coat,brown dress pants and dark brown platform pumps. Her hair is tied up in a loose high bun.She takes a call to her PA

Sonam- Hello! Poornima, i will be going early today to show ny house to the buyers so I need you to pay my credit card bills and deliver some parcels to Pandey Nivaas. Ballu Uncle’s son has been proposed so i thought that I should gift him something to congratulate him. Also can you send the peon to my cabin.
She continues her work on the laptop. The peon arrives.

Raju (the peon)- Madam you called me?
Sonam- Haan, Raju Chacha, can you please give this CD to Kumal and tell him to watch it now, Tell him that it contains proof of his disloyalty and cheap actions. Also, tell him that once he finishes watching, he can leave the office and never return, the doors are opened to kick him out. Also tell him not to see me before he gets out of this place or else he’ll find his face blue. Tell that to the idiot!

Raju (terrified)- Ha..Haan. teekay Madam, I..I’ll L…Leave now.
He leaves hurriedly with the CD.
At the Pandey Nivaas
A servant walks in with gift boxes. He looks for Dadi Maa. Dadi walks by just then
Servant- Dadi Ji, A lady named Sonam Rhaina has sent gifts for Dhruv sir’s engagement.
Dadi – Areyyy! Ballu beta! Look, Your friend Rhaina’s beti has sent gifts for Dhruv. Such a lovely girl, always full of values. She has always maintained a relationship with this family. Even though she was orphaned at a young age her success today is unbelievable.
Bau ji- Haan, Maa, She has always helped me alot and i cannot forget that, such a sweet girl.
Dadi- You know Ballu, I’ve always thought of making her a bahu of this house. Now that Dhruv is settled i hope at least one of our other boys will find love in her.
Bau ji- (laughs) I think this wedding fever is making you think that way maa
They both laugh.
Meanwhile Bihaan descends the staircase and sees the gifts on the table. He reads the gift tags as addressed to him. He reads the senders name “Sonam Rhaina”
Bihaan- Who is Sonam Rhaina? Mist be some Aunty…But why so many gifts for me?
He opens a gift and finds a beautiful ring
Bihaan- Gazhab! Wow!
He wears the ring and admires it
Bihaan- Thank you! Aunty Sonam, this ring matches my green t shirt today. (He was wearing a green tee, a brown leather jacket, blue jeans and brown shoes and of course lots and lots of leather bracelets )
Dadi comes that way, and sees him
Dadi- Arey! Moti Buddhi! What are you doing, these are Dhruv’s gifts.
Bihaan- Nahin, Dadi Maa, these are addressed to me
Dadi looks at them and laughs- Sonam has mistaken the names, she has sent these for Dhruv’s engagement.
Bihaan- Oh! I’m sorry, this Sonam Aunty must be very old .Wait, I’ll remove this ring and put it back
Dadi- Heh?Sonam Aunty? Arey! She is a young girl, just 24! She is a owner of a giant business, unlike you!
Bihaan- ohhh (To himself in his mind- I already hate this Sonam, why does dadi have to compare me with her? These young women!)
Bihaan tries to yank the ring out, it doesn’t budge at all
Bihaan- Argh! This ring! So irritating! Must be like that Sonam!
He struggles to remove the ring, while Dadi laughs.

At the Rhaina Mannat

Sonam walks up and down waiting for buyers to come. But no one does. She is highly worried. Just then a car drives in. Mr. Shastri gets out of the car.Sonam is shocked.
Sonam- Sh..shastri?
Shastri- Yes its me! A pleasant surprise?
Sonam smirks and turns her face
Shastri- I saw your Rhaina Mannat advertised, he says it slowly on purpose
Sonam is slightly hurt- Yes, what do u want?
Shastri- Of course I want to buy it!Am i too late?has someone bought it as yet?
Sonam- No
Shastri – Good then, i have cash of 50 million ready right now, will you sell it?
Sonam gets thinking, she recollects the letter she read, it was already night and no one had cone to buy the house and she had only 2 days more….
Sonam- okay…you can buy it.
Shastri- Good! Here’s the money (He holdsthe briefcase up)
Sonam- Poornima, take the briefcase and count the money every note, it should be 50 million.
Poornima comes back a while late- It’s right Madam
Sonam- Give the house documents to him
Aliya and Guddoos come there, they are completely shocked.
Shastri- Sonam, before you hand over the keys to me go around and live your memories.
Sonam gives him a dirty look and explains everything to Aliya and Guddoos, they get into a group hug and cry while they remember memories of the fun times they had ; the pranks they played on each other, and the good food cooked by Guddoos.
Sonam goes back and hands over the keys to shastri . They share looks of hatred. The others bring their luggages to move out.
Sonam- Aliya, till we get an apartment, the three of us will stay in the office, okay?

They nod sadly. A loud bang is heard with a crash of glass. Bihaan’s Dadi stands in shock at the doorway.
Dadi- Sonam! You sold the house to this Shastri! This man!
Sonam- Haan Dadi, i jad to, i had a sabotaged bank loan to pay (And she cries)
Dadi- Sonam, you and the others will stay at our house, you won’t stay anywhere else, you can’t say no. We have only 5 people in our house and have enough space for you, jaa, jaa, we’ll go!
They leave with Dadi and look back to see Rhaina Mannat

*Precap- Bihaan excahnges rings with Shraddha af the engagement. Bihaaan enters his room in the dark of the night and finds someone sleeping on his bed, he screams.*

Credit to: Aami

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