Two Paths Crossed (TPK) Episode 3


Sonam and Aliya watch Kumal get off at a fancy restaurant. They wear wigs and glasses and walk in in disguise. They get shocked as they watch Kumal walk upto Shastri and give the file. Aliya records it all on the phone.
Sonam- Now you see Kumal, how your and your moti Shastri defeat me!
Aliya- Come we will go immediately to the inspector.
Pandey Nivaas
Everyone are having tea and discussing wedding plans for Dhruv, Bihaan slowly descends the stairs looking forlorn and sad.
Sonal- Buhaan bhaiyya, come come, Dhruv Bhaiyya is giving you the chance to become his event planner for his and Shraddha’s engagement.
Bihaan’s eyes widen, he tries to make an excuse
Bihaan- No Dhruv bhaiyya i will not be able to do it well, I’ve never done this before
Dhruv- Bihaan…i want you to do this engagement, i trust my brother and i know you will do this well with all your love, besides, you know Shraddha and her tastes also nah? so it will be an added advantage…
Dadi- Haan, Bihaan is any way jobless! so he can do this
Bihaan smiles tightly…
At the police station

Sonam and Aliya have paged for Inspector Raj and are waiting. Inspector Raj arrives.
Sonam- Good evening inspector!
I.raj- Good evening!
Aliya- Sir we have gound proof to prove us as uninvolved with a bank loan, it is a sabotage by our competitors…she explains everything and shows him the video.
I. Raj- (Returns back the phone and looks hopeful.)Sorry Ma’am i cannot accept this, u have to pay 50 million or your house will be taken and your business stopped. Don’t ask me any more questions and bring anything else, im not going to accept it. I have another case to attend now.
Sonam- But..please..
Aliya touches her shoulder and calms her down
Aliya- ( outside the police station) it seems shastri has bribed the inspector. We have no way now.
Sonam- i can’t lose my house, it’s named after my parents
Aliya- you can’t lose your business, its named after your parents and is your only source of income.Shastri has done this to remove you out of his way, he wants us,his rivals to fail so he’d have more business coming his way. You shouldn’t damage your business.

Sonam- i will pay off the 50 million. I will sell Rhaina Mannat and pay this off. I can build another Rhaina mannat again, but i can’t rebuild the Sonam Rhaina chain of hotels…

Sonam- (At her office, calls her PA) Riya please make an advertisement on the newspaper to sell my house, i will e mail to you the details
Kumal listens to her convo from outside. He takes a call to Shastri
Kuaml- Sir, sonam is advertising her house for sale.
Shastri- Good news! When she sells her Mannat to me, she will go mad. That girl, i brough vher up till she was 6 and threw her in an orphanage, but look at how she is now. But my daughter, i gave her everything and she is just partying all day. I can’t bear to see her better than my own daughter.

Precap- Sonam gives house keys to Shastri, they share looks of hatred.
Bihaan exchanges rings with Shraddha at the engagement party.

Credit to: Aami

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