Two Paths Crossed (TPK) -Episode 2


The episode starts with Sonam in her cabin at office checking some letters.
Sonam (to herself)- i have to call kumal and tell him to pick up these utility bills for accounts keeping…hmmm…so much to do, so little time… (She sees a large document among the letters) What? A letter from the courts? (She hurriedly tore open the envelope) ” The Sole Owner of Sonam Rhaina Hotels,
Dear Madam,
Due to a long pending unsettled bank loan of Rs. 50 million, the Bank has decided to provide you a time of 4 days to settle this sum. Failure to settle the due loans will lead to the seizure of your property (Rhaina Mansion). For further clarification please contact inspector….
What? Wait, i don’t even remember taking such a loan. Maybe this is a mistake. I’ll have to call Inspector Raj
She wiped her sweat from her brow and held her phone unsteadily, while dialling the number.

I. Raj – Hello! You’ve reached inspector Raj, of the Mumbai Police
Sonam- Inspector Saab I’m Sonam Rhaina, the owner of the Sonam Rhaina chain of hotels, Sir, I’ve received a letter regarding an unpaid longstanding bank loan, Sir I just want to let you know that our company is not responsible for the purchasing of this bank loan.

I. Raj- Ma’am, you cannot sya that your signature has been plaved on the documents and your company is involved in this. There’s no further talk unless you find proof.

The call ends

Sonam- What do I do? (She sits in a daze and gazes at the picture of her mother, father and the house she built in their name) I will never let anyone harm anything of ours mom, Dad, I promise…If only you were there with me for these situations that people create for the distress of my life… I have to call Aliya, we have to find proof

Sonam hurriedly dials Aliya and explains the situation.

Aliya cuts the line after the call and gets thinking, she walks to Sonam’s cabin.

Sonam- Aliya! what do i do?! How can i find 50 million in 4 days.
Aliya- Wwe have to think rationally, we have to find proof, i was thinking, we have to start at the accounts department.
Sonam- This actually means that there is someone who wants our business to close down, no i won’t let that happen. But who wants such a bad thing?
“Shastri Gadodia” They both say together
Aliya- And there is someone in this office who is helping him
Sonam-Someone with access to all documents
Aliya- (looking distantly) Kumal, the treasurer
They both look at each other with determination
Sonam- we have to take a look at the document room.
Aliya and Sonam search high and low, 3 hours pass by
Sonam- there is one most important file missing, Kumal has taken it

They exit the room and see Kumal walking with a file
Sonam- the file!
Aliya- we will get proof only if we follow him and get on a video. We need to know where that file is going
They follow him
In Pandey Nivaas
Bihaan takes the photo of the bride and looks at it. It is Shraddha. He is shocked and gulps. His hands begin to shake and the photo falls down.

Bihaan- s…sor..sorry! She looks good. You’re lucky… (he gets into a trance and thinks of her) Shraddha is such a beautiful and pretty girl, with a large heart,she is almost like an angel, very few people have the luck of getting her… (Everyone gets shocked and remains silent, Bihaan comes out of his thoughts and realised what he said)… meant i know her, she’s my best friend’s good friend and she was in my collegem so i was giving a description of her to my brother.(They all smile)

Sonal- Oh! So Bhabhiji will be really comfortable with us then!
Bihaan- I have some work upstairs i have to go to my room.
Dadi- Arey! What work do you have still you don’t have a job!
Bau Ji- He must be having something to do, Go ahead Bihaan
Bihaan walks to his room. He gets in and locks himself up, he cries behind the door badly. He walks up to his mother’s picture
Bihaan ( to the picture)- You always told me maa, that women had the biggest hearts and they love dearly, but it is only you from all females and dadi who have loved me, why do the others break my heart?why are they all so heartless? He falls on the floor and cries more. I can’t bear to see my brother marry my love…i can’t

Precap- Sonam gives her house keys to Shastri, they share looks of anger.
Bihaan exchanges rings with Shraddha at the engagement.

Credit to: Aami

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  1. Manyasa29

    Awesome aami….liking this track too much……keep it going. Plz update the next part asap.

    1. Thank you for the support. The next two parts are uploaded. They are exciting so check them out. And spread the word to TPK fans and your friends. Loadsa love

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