When two lives become one (swasan) os

Hi guys…. M ur MAHA I hope u all don’t bash me for my irregular updates on my ff “THE SOUL OF MY LIFE” but what to do guys. M n MBBS student n my exams are near so I can’t give u updates… I thought u all were missing me or should I say m missing u guys so much so thought to write a OS…guys if is my first ff….hope u all like it.

A girl is shown in bridal attire sitting on the bed…it looks like her marriage has happened today only…..
She is none other than swara…

Swara pov:
God thank u for giving me sanky in my life but I don’t think m a right choice for sanky….I know m married to him. But I don’t think he is happy with this marriage.he is best n deserves best…. I rejected him but my parents convinced me to marry him. On the day when he proposed me I’m on cloud nine but…..
Her chain of thoughts were disturbed my sanky…
Sanky: what r u thinking wifey…
I heard him calling me wifey….I was yearning for this call… I always dreamed of myself as her wife. But destiny had something for me… Which made me far from this call but atlast I’m happy that I will be called swara sanskar maheshwari…
Sanky: wifey….
Swara: ntng sanky…..
Sanky comes near her…
Her heart beat raised for every step he is taking towards her…
When he hold Swara’s shoulder n turned her towards him.
Sanky: swara is anything bothering u n do u want to say anything to me….
Swara: no sanky everything is alright…
Sabky: swara dont feel nervous… I will come to u only when u r OK with this relationship n want to take this relationship ahead till then u sleep on bed n I will sleep on couch.
Saying this he was abt to go meanwhile he is stopped by swara.he turned n saw swara holding his hand.
Swara: sanky u can sleep on bed we can share it.
Sanky comes to other side n places pillows between them..
Swara was confuses by his doings..
He notices her confused face..
Sanky: don’t be confused I have a habbit of keeping my legs on the person sleeping beside me so I always used to keep my legs on sanky but he was not here so I thought u will feel uncomfortable so I’m making this…
Swara smiles listening to him..
Sanky: gd ngt
Swara: gd ngt.
Both lie on bed facing away from each other.

God he is such a cute person… I can’t help but to love him…. I still remember how childish he was…..

Swara n sanky were childhood frnds….
Swara: sanky it’s not like that mom n dad will stay with me…
Sanky: no swara they stay with me…..
Swara: no with me
Sanky: no with me…
Sanky: acha teekh hai we will do onething one will stay with u n other will be with me..OK..
Swara: ha OK.
Voice: what was going on here..
Swara: Papa…mama….
They goes n hugs shemish
Shek: shona what hppnd what f u thinking abt…
Swara tells him everything…
Sanky stays with them as he loves shemish company n shekhar n dp are childhood frnds too
So dp n ap agrees for this.
Swara: so mama u will stay with me n dad will stay with sanky when he goes to his house…
Dp: how can that be possible beta.
Now sankh goes n hugs dp(guys dp n ap live in Mumbai while shemish live in Kolkata)
Sanky: Papa we decided this…
Ap: but beta how can they live alone leaving other…
Sanky: but I will leave without shona na so in that way they can live.
Ap: beta they r husband n wife so they live together…
Sanky: what is meaning of what u said…
Shemish n dp ap laugh hearing to him as he was unable to utter the words husband n wife.
Mishti: beta when we love someone n don’t want to part from them then we will marry them so that we can stay with them forever….
Sanky: ohoooo then I’ll marry u people
Swara: arey buddhu how can u marry my mama Papa I’ll not give them to u..
All laugh listening to them
Ap: sanky u can’t marry them if u want u can marry swara n takes them along with u..
Sanky: nice idea I’ll marry swara then all will stay with me only. N I can play with swara too
Dp: but u can’t marry swara now
Sanky: y Papa
Shek: becoz u r too small to marry when u grow old we will make u marry both.
Swara: no ill not marry him.
Ap: y so don’t u like sanky
Swara: no he always irritates me. I don’t want to live with him now I will send my parents with him…
All laughs
Sanky: hey chipkali don’t say like that. I want to marry u for uncle aunty only.
Mishti: OK OK if u have completed ur fighting can we go inside..
All goes inside…

Flashback ends..
I don’t what it meant to marry someone. I don’t want to marry him as he always irritates me.
But ……I was attracted to lucky when I was in clg….
N we got married….everything is fine till that day.
That day was the worst day of my life I regret for spending that day….

We are leading our lives happily….
But one day I felt like something bad was gonna happen…
My heart was restless then in the evening I came to know that my husband died in a car accident…
I’m unable to bear it….I became numb….
My parents came to me n try to talk to me but I was in a shock.
He loves me a lot. All the happy moments with him were flashing in my mind….
I didn’t shed even a tear after that….I became very pale my parents can’t take it more.
I used to skip my lunch or brkfast or dinner.sometimes I used to remain in my room without any food…

Then came sanky in my life again…..
Actually Papa n dp uncle met in Kolkata again. Then maheshwari family came to know abt me…
Sanky: shona u know what u look same like that ugly shona whom I met years back u didn’t change even a little. But my shona is not like that.she used to fight with me for her mama papa. She used to get what she want at any cost. She used to care for others n dont like tears in other eyes.I know but she is gone leaving Me behind..if u are like this then will ur lucky will be happy seeing u… He will feel definitely guilty for ur condition.
That is when I tears started n I cried for the frst time after Lucky’s death.. I cried hugging him then I don’t know when but I felt relieved after crying. Soon I slept hugging him…
When I opened my eyes I felt something relief. I started behaving normally…
Days passed don’t know when but I started feeling for sanky…sometimes I uses to scold myself even for thinking like that. But I can’t help.
That is when dp n ap aunty came for asking my hand for sanky.
Somewhere I was happy but the very moment reality struck me.
Swara: no no swara how can u marry him u are already married n u r a widow. How can u spoil his life…. He deserves best.
Swara: sry uncle srh aunty but I don’t want this marriage to happen.
All are shocked at my statement…
Ap: shona what are u saying if u r thinking that we are sympathizing u then it’s wrong. We always wanted sanky to get married to u. N how long will u stay like this. I have to move on beta. Life never stops for anyone.
Swara: but aunty I can’t marry sanky n ruin his life for my sake…he deserves best m not the one.
Voice: who r u to decide whether u r the person that suits me or not.
Yes he is sanky
Swara: no sanky m not at all crct for u. Pla marry someone who is best for u.
Sanky: cups her face. N I already decided who it is. No one is better than u. My parents decided to marry me to u so I’ll marry u.
Swara: no sanky ur parents will never force u u can decide ur bride.
Sanky: no swara they will never go against my will. I will marry u that’s it.

Soon. We got married. But somewhere i used to feel that he doesn’t love me. He married me becoz his parents chose me.
Thinking this I dosed of into sleep.

Swara pov ends

Sanky pov
In the morning when I woke up I saw my love sleeping peacefully in my embrace….. Yes I said crct she is my lady love. I didn’t marry her becoz of sympathy. I married her becoz I love her. Not from few days but from my childhood… But to my bad luck she loved laksh her husband.
I thought she will be happy with her husband so never wanted to interfere in her life. When I came to know abt Lucky’s death tears made their way thinking abt her how shattered she was…
I went to her n saw her like a body without any soul. I talked with her she hugged me… That is when I saw my swara back. One day when Papa n shek uncle talked abt our marrg I was on cloud nine. But she was not ready to marry. I felt like someone stabbing my heart. She thinks that I married her becoz of sympathy but only I know how much I loved her….

Pove ends
His thoughts were broken by swara cuddling on the bed. As soon as she opened she found herself in sanky’s embrace. They had a cute eyelock.
They were disturbed by ap calling for rituals…

Days passed like this.
Swara pov:
Days were passing like this. But one day when we came to a restaurant I noticed someone staring at me.but I ignored them. Then one person from that gang came towards us. I felt scared. I said sanky that someone is coming towards us. But I was shocked to hear that he was sanky’s frnd n saw sanky n me so came towards us.
I cursed myself for thinking wrong.
Sanky gets a call he leaves us excusing.
Then I came to know abt his love for me.
Karan: bhabhi u r lucky to get sanky in ur life.
I smiled at him.
Karan: u know what bhabhi he always used to take ur name… I wondered how can someone love like that. Whole clg was behind him but he always thinks abt u.
Just then I noticed that one truck was abt to hit him. I immediately rushed to him…..
Swara: have u lost ur mind. Can’t to talk there what is the need of coming here…
Sanky: arey. But
Swara: chup ek dam chup see what have u done to urself…ur hand is bleeding. Come we will go to home n as soon as u reach their u will resg n no work.
Sanky: arey swara but.
Swara: chupkarne ko kahana
He then sees her lovingly…when she is blowing air on the wound n doing frst aid there itself.
Sanky: ouch…
Swara has tears when he screens in pain…
His frnds comes to them.
Abhi: sanky I swear I never saw such a love… Actually I never used to believe in love but now I’m feeling like kash mera bhi ek lover hota.
Swara: if u come against ur soul mate then automatically u will fall in love… We doesn’t know when we fall in love but pyar ho jatha hai.
Karan: sanky I used to think that she is lucky to have u I her life. But now m saying u r lucky to have her in her life. It seems like she loves u so much.. K we will be going we have work. Bye sanky bye bahbhi..
They all left.we headed to mm…

At ngt
When I completed my work in kitchen n went to our room I saw sanky no where. I wonder where he has gone that too at this time.
Then I saw a paper near the pillow. It asks if m searching for my husband. I was surprised thinking who kept that there. Then I again found another chit on dressing table.
Chit: if u want to see ur husband then go near cupboard.
I went n saw another chit with a packet.
Chit: wear this n come to terrace.
I wonder what he is doing on terrace n why he wanted me wear this. I wore n went to terrace.
I was awstruck seeing the decorations…. When I turned n found sanky on his knees.
Sanky: shona i know u don’t love me. But I love u not from today but from childhood. No prblm if u don’t love me I just wanted to express my feeling to u. It says na secrets should not be there between husband n wife. So I confessed my feelings today. N don’t get embarrassed becoz I will behave as I was ur frnd only. I don’t want to brk this fndshp.

I thought how can he love me that much is he made of heart or something else..
But after completing his words he started going that is when I hold his hand to express my feeling for him.

Swara: who said that I don’t love u.
That is when I noticed a glow in his face.
Sanky: it means…it means….
Swara(teary): ha… I love u…. Don’t know when but I fell for u. Not now before our mrrg only but I don’t want to spoil ur life so rejected for this mrrg. But destiny wants us to meet so we got married.
She hugs him n he hugs her back….
Atlast they confessed their feelings to each other.
When they headed back to their room.sanky was arranging pillow wall
Swara: no need of this sanky.
Sanky smiled n removed the pillows.
Soon both dozed off. In middle of the night when sanky saw someone holding him tightly… He saw swara n asks her what hppnd. She removes her hand just then again thunder storm occurs n she hugs him tightly…..sanky smiles seeing her…
She feels secured n lifts her head to see sanky.
Soon their eyes met. They are having their cute eyelock….without their consent they r coming closer…soon their lips met. Both closes their eyes n excitement. Soon kiss turns to a passionate one n they made love with each other
After 1 yr they were blessed with a boy.
They lived happily ever after.

Guys has I have already mentioned it is my frst OS. Plz do comment.

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