Two Incomplete Souls Complete Each Other #Rumya Part 3

Hi and sorry if i am not updating my other FFs.I might delete Rumya_FF since it is not getting enough response so If you want that FF to be continued than show some love to it.But this FF is going great so I am going to continue it.I have been MIA.Actually I was taking a break from writing.

Soumya woke and saw and saw no one so she went to living room and saw that no one was there and then she went to take a quick shower and then she went downstairs after getting ready.She saw everyone gathered in the hall.
Soumya:What happened?
Ishana:Shhhh!!! Rudra lecture aap to che.(Shhhh!!! Rudra is giving lecture)
Rudra:Shhhh!!! Does anyone remember anything remember anything special about today?
Everyone nodded saying no.
Soumya:If you are done can I go? My parents will be waiting for me.
Dadi:You can go in the evening.
Just then Soumya gets a call.She picks it up.
Soumya:Hello Rohan

Rohan:I am at your house.Come fast!!!
Soumya(Excitedly):Wait I am coming in 10 minutes.
They disconnected the call.
Soumya:I am going right now since someone very special is waiting for me.
Ishana(Whispers to Rudra):You should also go and see who is that special person.
Rudra:Wait Soumya, Let me drop you.
Soumya:It is okay.I will go.
Tej:Now let him do at least do one thing.
Soumya:Okay I have no problem.But you have to be quick.
Rudra:For now I am leaving but try to memorize what is so special today.
Then Rudra and Soumya leave to go to Soumya’s house.The whole oberoi Family starts doing their job like Ordering cake and catering and also other things.
While in car:
Rudra:Why are you so excited to go to your house.
Soumya:My best friend is coming today from New York.
Rudra:So what is the big deal?
Soumya:Oh hello!! I haven’t seen him in 5 years.
Rudra(thinking):Wow kitni acchi birthday gifts mil rahi hai.
They were in traffic when a little girl knocked Rudra’s side of window.
Soumya:Open the window
Rudra opened the window.
Little Girl:kya aap in phoolon ko le jaenge?
Rudra:No Thanks

Soumya:Take it please
Rudra:Ok for how much?
Little Girl:Jitna dena chahte hain utna de dijiye.
Rudra gave her 100 rupees and took the flowers.
Little Girl:Bohot achhi jodi hai aapki.
Before Soumya can clarify the girl left.
Rudra:I have heard that kids don’t lie.Let’s go before girls start chasing me.
Soumya:Good job and now without any stop let’s go to my house.I can’t wait.
Rudra:Take this flowers and let’s go.
After a while they halted at Soumya’s house.Soumya quickly went to her house.Rohan and Soumya’s parents were sitting in living room.Soumya quickly went and hugged Rohan.Rudra came and saw this scenery and he was getting jealous.After a while they broke out of hug and Soumya introduced Rudra and Rohan.Then Rohan sat next to Soumya and Rudra sat next to Soumya’s dad.
Jigna:It is almost afternoon so you will all eat here.I am going to cook right now.
Rohan:I can’t wait.I will eat good Gujarati food after so long.
Soumya:So where do you work in New york?
Rohan:I work as a software designer in Apple Company.
Soumya:That is so good.
Rohan:What about you?
Soumya:I am about to start my job in 1 week.
Rohan:That is so amazing.You know that Bijal is getting married?
Soumya:Yes, I got the invitation card just yesterday.
Rohan:Also when are you getting married?
Soumya:Not decided yet

After talking so much they went to dinning table to eat lunch.Rudra was shocked seeing so much Gujarati food.
Rudra:What is all this?
Soumya:Oh yeah let me tell you all the food.But first do you eat spicy food?
Rudra:Not that much
Soumya:Mummy, Get him a gallon of milk because he is going to die.
Rudra:How do you eat so much spicy food.This curry looks so red.
Soumya:It is the speciality of Gujarati people.They are immuned to spicy food.
They started eating.Rudra drank more water than eat anything.After they finished dinner it was afternoon than they chatted for the whole time.Then it was time to go to Oberoi Mansion.Soumya with parents and also Rohan also came.
In car:
Soumya sat behind with her mom and Rohan and Rudra sat in front with Soumya’s dad.
Rudra(thinking):This is a way to ruin a great birthday.Worst birthday ever.
Soumya(thinking):You are going to be thinking this is the worst birthday of yours.But This is going to be your best birthday.I promise you that this will be worth it.Even I can’t wait to wish you.Even I felt bad.
Rohan(thinking):Don’t worry Soumya I am going to tell you all my feeling today itself.I waited all this years to tell you.But I am out of words.
Soumya:Why are you all so silent? I am bored just sitting like this.
Rohan:I have nothing to say.But you being a chatterbox has nothing to say.
Soumya:I am out of words.
Rudra:For what reason?
With that silent they reached Oberoi Mansion.They parked the car.
Soumya:I am never traveling with this boring company ever again.
Rudra:Oh well, You are stuck with me the same company your entire life.
Just then Rudra opens the door and everyone screams SURPRISE and the lights goes on.
Rudra:I am out of words.You all remembered my birthday?
Jhanvi:Tumhara birthday kaun bhul sakhta hai?
After everyone wished birthday to the birthday boy and gave him his gifts.
Pinky:Now everyone is going to say something about him.
Ishana:Good Idea!! Let’s start with the elders.
Dadi:I will go first.

Dadi goes on the stage and starts her speech.
Dadi:I am so happy today because this is the day when my Ru was born and he won many hearts and by that I mean won hearts of girls.His sense of humor is the best.He always believed in living his life like the last day on the earth.I loved this baby since childhood and would always support him.
Next comes his dad and shakti.
Tej:Today is my this little cutie’s birthday and I have no words.I just wish he stay this happy his whole life.I will always love you.
Shakti:Another chapter is starting in your life and just focus on that.Forget your past because it will only bring regret.This is my tip for you.
Rudra hugged his uncle and dad.Next was his mom.
Jhanvi:I have so much to say but don’t know where to start.Rudra, I will always trust you.I will always time and time again and again support you.Because I know how pure and childish you are.Don’t ever break my trust on you.Because once it’s crumbled it can never be same again.
Rudra went on stage and hugged her mom and then it was time for Pinky’s speech.
Pinky:I will always wish best for you.I love you, Priyanka, and Omkara as much as I love Shivaay.Don’t ever feel like i am just your aunty I am also your mother figure.I will always support you and don’t ever feel neglected.
Soumya had tears in her eyes after seeing the bonding of the family.It was time for Shivaay,Ishana,Omkara,and Anika’s speech time.
Dadi:Don’t make this that long that we fall asleep.
Ishana:I love you Rudra you are the cutest boy ever with a golden heart.
Rudra saw Soumya had tears in her eyes.Rudra decided to cheer her up.
Rudra:I have a complain.Why don’t you cook Gujarati food more often?
Ishana:I thought Oberois don’t like spicy food.Which is surprising because this is a punjabi family.
Rudra:I toh love it.
Anika:Since when?
Ishana:Tomorrow I will cook Gujarati food for dinner.
Shivaay:Teach me also.
Rudra saw that Soumya was smiling.Their speech starts.
Shivaay:I love this little dessert that came in our house.The sweetest sweets ever and who looks like a chocolate boy.
Omkara:My partner in crime.If you ever need any help then I am always there for you.You are worth more than this whole world can afford.I will never let you go away from me.Right now I want to focus on negatives and give you the positive energy.
Anika:My chota sa devar whom I love needlessly.Needless to say you are the partner in crime.If you need advice…
Shivaay:Don’t go to her.
Anika:Shut up Shivaay, But I love you and don’t listen to anyone rather than yourself.
Dadi:With that their short speech ends.Do you want to say anything Soumya?

Omkara and Anika(Together):Yes
Shivaay:You can do this.
Soumya goes on the stage and everyone claps for her.
Soumya:I want to say that You are the cutest and kindest person.I know how childish you are but this world is not this nice.It takes advantage of you.But you are very different.Don’t ever change.
Rudra went on stage and hugged her.
Dadi:Do you want to say anything Jigna because you weren’t sure about this marriage?
Jigna:I would want to say that Rudra,There must be something special about you that everyone praises you and I trust this family with my daughter.I accept this marriage proposal.
Rudra(thinking):Best Birthday Ever.
Ishana:I am so excited for this new marriage happening in this house.
Priyanka:Congratulations Bhaiya.
Rohan(thinking):Maybe now I have to use the other plan.Jab ghee seedhi ungli se nahi nikle toh dibba hi tod do.
Priyanka:When is the wedding taking place.
Dadi:I will call the priest tomorrow.But now we have to start looking for suitable boy for Priyanka.
Rudra:If you are done with your conversation then let’s cut the cake.I am on a diet.
Soumya(thinking):I should probably think of a plan to get rid of his phobia of failure.
They they cut the cake then the have a dinner and then they were sitting in living room.
Dadi:Soumya, Where do you want to live today?
Soumya:To my old house.

Anika:No, You will stay here.
Soumya:Actually I am going to New York for a month tomorrow.
Soumya:Actually I got a job there to design a house so I will have to go.Please let me go it was also my priority.
Rudra:You can go.But I am also coming with you.
Soumya:It is okay.I will be busy there anyway.You will get bored.Instead you also focus on your career.
Rudra:Ok You can go.
Soumya:I don’t want to go with this much sad faces.1 month will pass by very quickly.
Dadi:I am happy that you got this big project but you are leaving.
Soumya:But I am coming in 1 month.That is not lot of time.When I come back I want to know what happened.
They all wished her best for the big project and then Soumya with her family and Rohan left from there.

Precap: Soumya gets kidnapped while going to airport.


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