Two Incomplete Souls Complete Each Other #Rumya Part 2

Hi and I am overwhelmed by the response I am getting on this FF.Thank you for showering so much love on it.It is definitely motivating to know that your work is being liked by people.

After Soumya’s Parents left from there.The Oberoi Family was talking with each other about their day.You know some family time.
Soumya:I love everyone in your family except Rudra.
Dadi:Don’t say that.Now you will have to live with him for your whole life.
Soumya(Thinking):Of course dadi, I accepted him and he is the one person i want in my life.If I have him then I am not scared of this world.
Soumya came out of her thoughts when anika snapped in front of her.
Jhanvi:Do you want to tell us something before starting this new life?
Omkara:What do you want to tell us?
Soumya:Actually I want to tell you all that my family will always be my first priority even before Rudra and I hope you don’t mind that.Since I am their only daughter I might go to that house more often.You are never going to doubt me.I will always be loyal to this family.
Rudra:I am fine with all these basic promises.
Soumya:It sounds basic but these little things create big problems in any relationship.
Ishana:I completely agree with what Soumya said.
Anika:For a girl her family is the biggest priority.
Dadi:Done with that so now go to sleep.

Soumya:Where will i sleep?
Ishana:You can sleep in Rudra’s room.
Anika:She is joking.You can come with us.
Soumya:No,I don’t want to interrupt you both.
Ishana:Dumbo, We meant that we are all sleeping near the swimming pool.
Soumya(Thinking):Ameero na chochla.Atlu motu ghar che ne pachi sui kya Swimming pool se.
The ladies came near Swimming pool and saw the boys chatting.They sat at a table.They were talking about random things when Soumya gets a call and she excuses herself and goes in a distance to talk on the phone.Rudra was going to kitchen to get water when he heard Soumya talking on the phone.
Soumya:Hello Rohan
Rohan:How are you?
Soumya:I am not fine.Please come to Mumbai.What are you doing in New York for so long.
Rohan:I am coming in 1 week.
Soumya:Atli vaar karse toh mara lagan thay jase.
Rohan:Tara lagan thava na che.
Soumya:Katli vaar ma ae mene nahi khabar but thava tha na che ae confirm che.
Rohan:Who are you getting married to?
Soumya:Rudra Singh Oberoi
Rohan searches his name on facebook and finds out about him.
Soumya:Kevo dekhay?

All this while Rudra was hiding near the dining area and he can hear Soumya but he couldn’t understand it.Since she was talking in Gujarati.
Rudra:I should probably carry a Gujarati dictionary.
While Soumya was talking with his friend.
Rohan:How do you know I was searching about him on facebook?
Soumya:I know you since you were two years old.I know when you do something.
Rudra was enraged so he left from there.
Rohan:You should not hurry and take your time and think again.
Soumya:No, I have made my decision.
Rohan:Tell me the whole thing.
Soumya tells him the whole thing that happened between them.
Rohan:You don’t love him so you don’t have to marry him.
Soumya:I have made my decision.I agree that there is no relationship between us but still we trust each other.Who said there can’t be any relationship without love.I trust him and I might never able to love him but I will accept him as my husband.
Rohan:Wahh, You are going to fight your best friend for your unknown and would be husband.
Soumya:Even if i had to fight the whole world for him.I would do it.
Rohan:I will talk to you tomorrow.

In New York it was morning so he decided to go to India.He booked his tickets and he went downstairs to have breakfast.
Rohan:Papa, I am going to India today itself.
Nitesh(Rohan’s Father):Why suddenly going to India?
Rohan:To get what is mine.Now enough is enough.
Nitesh:I don’t understand what you say and I think even today i am not going to understand.But tell me when are you returning?
Rohan:I will return in week or two.
Nitesh goes to his job and Rohan also gets ready and goes to his job.

While in India, It was still evening and Rudra was very furious and Soumya came back to ladies and she was about to go to sleep when Rudra calls her in his room.So Soumya just goes.

Soumya:Why did you call me here at this time?
Rudra:When you can call someone at this time then there is no problem.
Soumya:Oh So you already know that I was talking to…
Rudra:Oh yes, I already know who you were talking to.
Soumya:I want to introduce both of you.
Rudra:You are impossible.
Soumya:Koi doston ane fiance milava nu jurm che?
Rudra:Tumhe mai kya Dictonary lagta hoon ke tum jab chaha Gujrati aur English mai switch karliya.
Soumya:Oh yeh,Bhool gayi thi ke pati parmeshwar ko Gujarti nahi aati.But I cn teach you.
Rudra:No, Thank you but what were you saying?
Soumya:I was asking you why don’t you want to meet my best friend.
Rudra:He is just your best friend.I thought he is your Boyfriend.
Soumya:Stupid, Tum kya sabko apne jaisa samjhte ho?
Rudra:No, But now I really want to meet him.Where is he?
Soumya:New York
Rudra:When will he come to India?
Soumya:I don’t really know.

Rudra:I was not feeling nice when I got to know that you were talking to your old lover or some boy who you love.I thought I lost you.Just saying don’t ever deceive me like that.I will be broken.
All of a sudden he hugged Soumya.After breaking out of hug.Rudra sat on the couch and Soumya sat on the floor.
Rudra:You know I have this feeling where I want to live with you and I want to live for you.Somewhere also feels like giving the love that you really deserve but then thought about what if I fail.
Soumya:You know even deep inside felt like loving you but fear of rejection left from my heart.I don’t like the relationship of love it is not what I am looking for.I felt that you really didn’t love Romi.There is no such thing as Love.Love is when you really grow old with someone and not define a person by their looks but by their heart and personality.Love is when you are ready to sacrifice your happiness for other person.The only thing that exist in this world is pure selfishness and logical people.
Rudra(thinking):Don’t worry, Love is a wonderful feeling and I will make you feel it.Even if it is not with me.My mission will start from tomorrow.Mission Love karo”
Soumya(thinking):I am going to make you realize that you should not fear the failure.I will somehow get you through this.Soumya, Your mission starts tomorrow “Mission fear not”.
Rudra:Soumya, I am going to sleep with my brothers.You can stay here.
Soumya:What will i do here? I am also leaving.
They both leave from there.Just then Ishana,Shivaay,Omkara, and Anika came from behind the curtain.
Ishana:Wow!!! Each has their own problem.One is scared of rejection and other one doesn’t have enough confidence to speak up.
Omkara:I am so excited for the next big wedding next year.
Dadi:What are you doing here at this?
Ishana:Nothing but what are you doing here?
Dadi:Anika, I will tell you right now but bring Soumya to my room without telling Rudra.We will go to my room.
Anika went and fetched Soumya to dadi room.While everyone else except Rudra joined Dadi.Everyone gathered there.
Soumya:What happened?

Dadi:Does anyone except Soumya remember something special about tomorrow?
Omkara:Oh, I remembered tomorrow is my Exhibition but why did you call us here to discuss that here.
Jhanvi:Let me tell you all that tomorrow is Rudra’s birthday.
Omkara:Of course, Moms can never forget her children’s birthday.
Dadi:Sach kaha
Soumya:It is his birthday?
Dadi:We will give him surprise.Nobody is going to wish him until i give further instruction.
Dadi tells them her surprise plan.So now you all have jobs to do so tomorrow.Then they leave from there.Soumya was talking to Shivaay,Omkara,Ishana,and Anika when she hears Rudra’s phone ringing and she goes to pick it up.She sees the name on screen.She picks it up.
Romi:Rudra, I am sorry for earlier today but can we get back together?
Soumya:tu pagal che?
Romi:Who are you?
Soumya:I am Rudra’s Fiance.
Soumya:Yes aur tum toh usse dur hi rehna varna accha nahi hoga.Main tum sab larkiyon ko bohot acche se janti hoon.Amir larka dekha aur usse impress karne lag jao.
Romi:Bohot bura kiya hai tumne mein kal hi aa rahi hoon milne tumse Oberoi Mansion.
Soumya:You are welcome.
Romi disconnected the phone and she was enraged.Then Soumya went to their sleeping place today.
Ishana:Come sit here, We were talking pati patni aur woh.
Soumya:Who used to be that woh in your life?
Soumya:What about you Anika Didi?
Soumya:You have tradition of having a sautan because I think I am definitely going to have one.
By now even the boys have fallen asleep so there was only ladies talking.
Anika:Teri toh 10 ke aspaas toh hongi akhir itna acha dikhta joh hai Rudra.
Soumya:A bond held by love and marriage is not broken by souten.Not even god can break it.

Precap:Birthday surprise for Rudra,Rohan comes to India,and Romi in OM.


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