Two Incomplete Souls Complete Each Other #Rumya Part 1

Hi This is my new FF and if you want to know the characters & plot then i will link it down below.

Characters & Plot

So it was nice sunday morning in Mumbai and Rudra was here in a cafe and he was here with his girlfriend Romi.They sat on a table and ordered coffee.

Rudra was in a cafe drinking coffee and waiting for his girlfriend and texting her.While Soumya comes inside and the cafe was so full that there were no tables.So Rudra offered to sit with him.Soumya nodded with yes.They sat together.
Soumya:Waiting for your Girlfriend?
Rudra:How do you know?
Soumya:Ab koi itni der tak kisko massage kar sakta hain.
Rudra:Yes,I was actually waiting for her but she didn’t came.
Soumya:It is ok.Sometimes talking with a stranger helps much more than a close person.So what is the problem?
Rudra:Actually my parents are going to fix my wedding with an unknown girl.
Soumya:Same even my parents are fixing my marriage with an unknown boy.
Rudra:We are strangers and going through the same situation.
Soumya:But I really think arranged marriage will be better than love marriage since you will be surprised everyday with new thing about this unknown person.Some days it will be a good surprise and some day it will be a bad surprise.But maybe you can fall in love with this girl because most of the time two complete strangers can complete each other perfectly.
Rudra:It is so strange that we don’t know each other but we are discussing the most important of our life with each other.
Soumya:I never thought i will open up so much to a stranger.But it was nice talking to you Mr…
Rudra:Let’s keep this thing as talking to a stranger without knowing names.
Soumya:Ok Mr.Stranger
Rudra:Miss stranger who is not that strange
Romi saw Rudra with Soumya and she was jealous seeing them together talking so happily.Rudra and Soumya hugged each other and Soumya left from there and seeing that Romi got more jealous and she left from there.Then even Romi left from there.So why would Rudra stay there.Even he left.

At Oberoi Mansion in Rudra’s Room

It was evening and Omkara and Shivaay came in Rudra’ room.

Omkara:How are you feeling about marrying an unknown girl.
Rudra:I am fine with this strange girl because since in morning someone told me that sometimes two complete strangers can complete each other perfectly.
Shivaay:Who told you this?
Rudra:Leave it.I should probably get ready.Maybe she is right for me.
Omkara:You can get ready and we will meet in the hall.

It was evening and Soumya and his family were now in Rudra’s house.Rudra was shocked seeing Soumya and Soumya was shocked seeing Rudra.
Dadi:You both know each other.
Rudra:No,Dadi Who is she?
Soumya:Aatli jaldi bhooli gayo mane.Pan main bhoolva nahi dais.
Omkara(Whispers to Rudra):Another Gujrati bahu in this house.We can’t deal with more gujarati bahu in this house.
Jhanvi:Both of my bahus are Gujrati.Now i will have to learn Gujarati.
Rudra:Ishana Bhabhi, What did she say?
Ishana:She said that she will not let you forget her so easily.
Soumya took blessing from every elder first.
Soumya:Do you have any kind of illness of forgetting people or their faces.
Jhanvi:Forget that for now and sit down.
They sat down and then they were talking and introducing each other.
Just then kids also came downstairs and introduced themselves to Soumya’s family.The kids started to fight because of a toy.
Prachi:Will you give that teddy bear to me.
Yash:No, Rudra Chachu gave this teddy to me.
Soumya:Leave it, Prachi I will get you another one.You will have to adjust with boys.
Rudra:Yash, You have to understand that girls are very immature no matter how old they are.
Soumya:You have the world’s biggest ego.
Rudra:Ego ki toh baat hi mat karo.
Soumya:Duniya ma keva keva insaano hoi che aaje khabar padi.Mummy ajibi karava che lagan aa ghar ma.
Jigna:Arey tu toh hamesha vaat kare jemke bija always wrong hoi.
Praveen:Mein tamara jagda ma kai nathi bolish.
Ishana:Ketlu cute family che tamaru.
Rudra:Excuse me, Ishana bhabhi will you translate just the part what Soumya said.
Ishana:She said look,How weird people are there in this world.You still want to get me married with him.
Rudra:She said all this like main toh mara ja raha hoon inse shaadi karne ke liye.Do you always talk in Gujrati when you are mad.
Dadi:Oh hello, Are you done with your argument because I want to know the decision.
Rudra & Soumya(unison):No
Dadi:Expected and what do you parents think?So for that much time I want all the youngsters and Shivaay away from here.
Everybody started laughing.Omkara and Rudra dragged Shivaay away.
Tej & Jhanvi:Humare taraf se toh yes hain.
Jigna:Honestly, I feel like they fight so much that I feel that this relationship would not work.She is still like a child in nature.She does not think once before doing anything or she would go to any extent to win in an argument as you might have seen.Because we never treated her like an adult.She is the only support we have and we don’t want to give her away in any hurry.
Dadi:I understand that but this is a nice family.Rudra is there to handle her childlike behavior.
Praveen:I feel like I can trust this family but I want Soumya to agree for marriage and also Rudra’s agreement that he will take care of her.

In shivika’s room near swimming pool:

Priyanka:Did you met before today?
Soumya:Of course, Just today morning
Rudra told them everything.All of them laughed on this story.
Shivaay:Such an emotional story
Anika:This is why you don’t get counted in youngsters.
Soumya:You have the cutest kids in this house.
Prinku:Yes including my Rudra bhaiyya.
Soumya started coughing.
Soumya:Stop Joking.
Rudra:Don’t underestimate the power of this charming face.

Just then Rudra gets a call and he goes to side to talk.

Rudra:Hello and before anything else why did you not turn up for our coffee date.
Romi:Because you were having your coffee date with someone else.
Rudra:No, I wasn’t.She was a stranger to me.
Romi:You just said she was.I saw you both hugging each other.
Rudra:You don’t have to be insecure.I don’t love her.
Romi:I am not insecure.
Rudra:You know what it is hard to explain.I don’t want to explain it to someone who is so insecure about herself in my life.I am breaking up with you.Don’t ever come in my life.
Rudra stood there for 5 minutes straight staring at Soumya.
Rudra(thinking):Do i really love her.She is so happy being herself.She enjoys her own company so much.Such a chatter box.Just looking at her get a smile on my face.
Then Rudra came out of his thoughts without any second thought he took Soumya’s hand and dragged her downstairs.The others followed them.He seemed so happy.

Rudra:I am ready to marry soumya as soon as possible.
Dadi:Are you sure?
Rudra:Yes,I am sure.
Soumya:I want to talk to him in private for 2 minutes.
Jhanvi:Go to dining room.
Soumya followed Rudra.
Soumya:Don’t take such important decision in such hurry.Life doesn’t give another chance with marriage.
Rudra:I am sure.
Soumya:You have a girlfriend.
Rudra:There is a change.I broke up with her.
Soumya:Itni meherbani kyun?
Rudra:She thought we love each other.
Soumya:How can she?
Ishana:Your 2 minutes ended and let’s have dinner.
Soumya was happy from inside.
Ishana:If you don’t mind aunty can we keep Soumya here for tonight?
Jigna:If Soumya says yes then why not.
Soumya:I am fine with it.
Praveen:Good night,Now we will leave.
Soumya hugged her parents and then they left.

Precap:Rudra gets jealous of someone and Romi returns to oberoi mansion.Girls night and Soumya ka jawaab Romi ko.Wedding is the next thing in card for Rumya.

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