the two heroes of The Star plus who actually inspires and are the nayi soch of it.


It’s My point of view.

OK I almost watched the all the shows of star plus and l left watching most of them except some.
Star plus has a tagline nayi soch and I found two heroes of star plus who actually stands towards it currently.
OK most of you know it’s karthik goenka and Neil khanna. The two most loved characters and adorable. They are well written.

Neil khanna
Ok when naamkaran took a leap I never expected a well written character for a male lead after I saw what happened with Ashish mehta’s character. But it came as a huge surprise for me to see a character like neil khanna in television he came as a fresh breath of air in the world of mcp Heroes .

It was good to see a hero who does not manhandle a girl and respects her . Every time I thought Neil’s character will get compromised I was proved wrong. .it really takes guts to point out your mother that she is wrong. Neil stands only towards right and does not get manipulated easily. Neil actually has brains to use and knows what to do when? .its actually good to see a male lead solving the problems. OK it really looks more good when he gives back to the villains. I am not at all afraid of the villains in the series because I know Neil is not the one who will let them play easily. Everytime I see the villains planning something against avneil I will seriously laugh thinking of their expressions when their plan will flop. Shweta is the most stupid lady in the earth she thinks her son is a fool for god sake she forgets she is a acp it so one of the worthy moments when Neil gives back to shweta for hurting avni. A gem of a person. I never expect anything from Neil because I know whenever I except something he will raise the standards higher. The last thing I love about Neil. It’s often found if a person loses his first love he becomes bitter but Neil’s love made him a better person and a mature human being. Undoubtedly Neil is a person goals a good husband and a good person.
Zain imam nails his character.

Karthik goenka.
Honestly I never watched yeh rishta so much. After leap when I saw mohisin I watched it as I liked mohisin in his previous show . Karthik is little similar to Neil as he is also not a mcp. Respects women. One of the well written male characters though it is difficult in real life to find someone like karthik he just gives perfect husband goals and stands always with his wife.
Karthik is so understanding as a husband .
Mohisin just lives karthik goenka character.

The one similarly I found between Neil and karthik both left their family and house when they thought their wife’s dignity is not respected and they will be hurt. It’s not easy to go far from the family. The both female leads are strong but their husbands value their self respect than them.

I have watched many shows where the male leads disappointed me but this two male leads never did that. I hope their character never gets ruined because of sass bahu drama.

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  1. Shivaya khanna

    I totally agree with you

  2. Samreen246

    great observation πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    even abeer of kya qasoor hai amla ka is a well written grey shaded character

  3. Whatever u have written for both characters it totally correct that is why I love Neil the most coz of his thinking n personality n the qualities that he has I just love Neil aka Zain……..

  4. You are absolutely right….
    I never watch any serial but when I read of liver transplant I read whole telly updates & it was so unique that I downloaded Hotstar & watch whole Naamkaran serial in 15 days UpTo date…??
    & For Karthik no idea
    But ur observation means ??

  5. Manuu

    i completely agree with u on neil recent times aisa character kabhi nahi u said after pehla pyaar kone ke baad..he became very good person..mature..justice ke liye kisi ke bhi against jaata hai..talking abt zain imam.he is jst perfect for this role..
    bt karthik..i dont think some extent i agree..

  6. Fenil

    Hey kashaf.
    Totally agree with you about both characters Karthik & Neil.Both Show Yrkkh & Naamkaran are mine favourite.
    Even i would suggest Naksh,Naitik,Abeer(Kya Qusoor hai Amala Ka ?)

  7. You are absolutely right….I like mohsin and Zain like anything…..they both are maintaining nayi soch……before I was crazy about yrkkh but now I am crazy about nk….I watch both show…..very nice analysis…you picked correct hero

  8. Yes you are right I totally agree with u Kartik is just amazingi just love his character ……..the first time I saw him in dreamgirl….than only I understood he is a great actor ……and I have also started watching yrkkh from mohsin’s entry……never watched naamkaran so can’t tell about neil……

  9. Kashaf

    Zain is one of the best actors of television

    1. Sweetgirl7

      I think he and aditi rathore are the best ones

  10. A Big Fan Of Shivika

    I really agree with in every letter you wrote about those two characters.
    Nice work.
    Thank you for your effort.

  11. Pavithra1616

    Good observation kashaf… I totally agree with you
    I see naamkaran and I am sure you are right Neil is the best..
    Karthik no idea as I haven’t seen yrkkh that much to understand the story… But just love Neil aka zain… Avneil, the best

  12. Samm

    i’m so in love with Neil just because of his character! and you are right- he is person goals! his positive character reminds me a little of abhimanyu in kaisi yeh yaariaan, but i hope such a good character doesn’t die, both literally and figuratively in the show! i love Zain’s acting in this one most!
    it’s true- it is so much better when he gives back to all those overconfident villains. but having a perfect hero also means there was little room for character development. even so, the writers are skilled enough to show some form of improvement or gradual changes in him with the progress of the story- like when he comes to know Avni was his case 123 but didn’t put her behind bars because he understood she did it for the right reasons unlike what he believed in the beginning; and then when he moved on from Juhi for Avni- he actually came back to the puja for Avni and then told her the complete truth without dragging it out- that was a huge milestone for Neil. Of course, we love him for standing up for the right and fighting the wrongs always, but such instances make him seem so real, instead of the totally sorted prince charming from the fairy tales! he is not flawed- far from it actually- but instead of telling us how an ideal man, an ideal husband, an ideal son should be, he shows us that. and that’s what makes him an inspiration in the true sense of nayi soch.
    since i don’t watch yrkkh, i can’t write another book on it, but i like your observation. πŸ˜‰

  13. Samm

    btw, what is the full form of mcp? what does mcp heroes mean?

    1. Kashaf

      Male chauvinist pig who have so much ego

  14. i agree with u.

  15. Addictedtoavneil

    Rightly said.I never had the habit of watching shows buy naamkaran is one show I have watched from the beginning. The show was so emotional due to the tortures faced by Avni in her childhood,but when the leap happened and when Zain and Aditi I disn’t even miss a single episode,juSt love them as Avni and Neil and the way they live the character.Have never seen such a character as that of Neil in any show before who stands with justice always and respects women eventhough if it is by going against thwhat whole society.Zain is just perfect for the role???

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