Two hearts with one beat episode (29)


A girl in white lehenga was shining under Street light…her delicate feet was tickling the ground.her black wavy hair was swinging on her Milky white back…the waist chain that she wore was hugging her waist in such a way that it made one heart who was watching her secretly skip a beat..her Payal which he loves the most was teasing him and he wanted to kiss those feet..the birthmark right above the Payal was tempting him more but her face was turned away….and when she turned this way.. the glow of the light was so bright that he was not able to get a glimpse of her face. Suddenly something pulled him with rapid force…he could feel immense pain in his heart…he couldn’t breath more. …his nerves were bursting…he was feeling suffocated…..
Here doctors.
Nurse.: Doctor Ragini’s situation is critical.
Doctor Checks
Nurse: sir same with Sanskar also…when she started breathing heavily even his pulse went down..
Doctor Checks both..

In dream.
Sanskar: ANGEL..u can’t leave me…I can sense Ur heartbeat…please your face once…its solace for me..please..
That girl laughs and turns around slowly the light fades from her is revealed to be ragini.
Sanskar gets shocked..
His pulse rate increases.
Here Ragini’s condition also becomes same.
Doctor comes out with sad expression.
Doctor: who is angel here..Sanskar is calling her continuously.if she comes we can save sanskar atleast.
Arjun: angel?..
Janki: oh no…its all my fault..I should have never forced Sanskar to this marriage.
Shekar: what happened Janki. Who is this angel.
Janki relates everything about angel.
Janki: sanskar always said that if he doesn’t get his angel then he will die but I like a fool forced him to marry swara..
Mahi looks on with exasperation.
She goes aside and calls swara..
Mahi: swara .. Bhai’s condition is very serious.
Swara: what and that ragini.
Mahi: even her condition is critical.
Swara smiles.
Mahi: swara only way to save bhai is to tell him about Ragini.
Swara: what do you mean by telling about ragini.( Her voice was dangerous)
Mahi: that …that ragini is his dream girl.
Swara gets nervous…she becomes physco.
Swara: are you crazy…don’t play with me.. sanskar should never know that ragini is his dream girl.
Mahi: but bhai will die..
Swara: let him die..if he cost of living is marrying ragini then let him die…I love Sanskar .if he can’t be mine then he should die.
Mahi: you have gone crazy..I am telling everyone about Ragini..
Swara: no.dont do this mahi.. I will not leave you if you do this.
Mahi : go to hell.
She cuts the call.
Swara those the phone and holds her head..
Swara: aargh…I can’t lose to Ragini…ragsan cannot become one…ragini and Sanskar will have to made mistake by loving Ragini Sanskar…u will get punished for will have to die..and Ragini …I will torture you before I kill you..
She takes a revolver and goes to hospital.

At hospital.
Mahi: Mumma?.I have to tell you one thing.
Janki: what is it.
Mahi:I am sorry Mumma but I know who is the dream girl.
Janki: what? Who
Mahi: Ragini
Everyone gets shocked.
Janki: why didn’t you tell us before.
Mahi: swara.i was scared for her life..
Janki: she knew this..
Mahi: yes she knows that ragini is dreamgirl before ragini came to our house.And she did that drama to get bhai…she faked suicide…mumma she is a physco..She is obsessive about bhai.
Janki:. Don’t believe this..Oh no…aaj tak humne saap Ko pala tha
Mahi : even Ragini loves bhai. Mumma tell bhai about Ragini..May be he will live..
Jani rushes inside..
She holds Sanskar’s hand.
Janki: Sanskar I found your dream.girl…she is Ragini…don’t worry get well soon I will get you married to your Ragini..
Doctor: no hope jankiji.ragsan slipped to’s true that these two love each other so much that they will die without each other…we can’t save them.. few hours that’s it.
Everyone start crying..
Dadi: Janki we r late….we r not able to save our children…atleast we will save their love.
Shekar: what do you mean ma.
Dadi: we will get them married.
Janki: in this stage?.
Dadi : yes …
After persuading everyone agrees..
They bring ragsan beds and join them…janki puts Sanskar’s finger in Sindoor and makes him apply it to Ragini
both Janki and Arjun hold Sanskar puts mangalsutra in Ragini’s neck..
Janki : sorry Sanskar I didn’t support your love then but now I will unite you both. Sanskar your Ragini is yours forever ….
She keeps Sanskar’s hand on Ragini’s hand.
Everyone start crying.

The stopped heart of Sanskar pumps suddenly ..and immediately within one second Ragini’s heart pumps…both of them.take a heavy breath
Startled doctor rushes immediately and Checks them .. everyone moves out but ragsan hands were still holding each other.
Finally what seemed like ages doctor comes out.
Doctor: good news..both r safe.. this is the best and the most difficult case of my career…I wish for their well being
Everyone becomes happy and go inside..
Ragsan’s beds were still joined..the love birds were lost looking at eachother with a different feeling this time…pure love in their eyes.. happiness reflecting…sanskar leans forward and kisses her on forehead.

Episode ends
Precap: swara’s dirty game

Meetu dear I will post my sweetheart ff soon ..

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