Two hearts with one beat episode (28)


It was wedding day….ragini was completely broken as she hoped somehow she able to stop this wedding but she failed miserably…she couldn’t reveal about her live for Sanskar as it will again separate these two families..
She tried to.bring the true face of swara infront of everyone
Ragini was dressed as bride and was seated next to Rohit..
Rohit smiled at her..

Here Sanskar’s position was very vulnerable..he tried everything to do d his dream.girl but couldn’t find her…
His heart was very heavy…he was seated next to swara..
Swara(in.mind): just half an hour and then even if Sanskar finds that ragini is his dream.girl he won’t be able to do anything..I will win..
They were about to do ghatbandhan..
A girl comes running there..
Girl : stop this wedding..
Rohit is shocked to see the girl..
Rohit: Tanya tum?
Everyone looks with confusion.
Tanya: Rohit please don’t do this..I Love you..j know I am very late..but I can’t.miss u .I always rejected Ur proposal but now I realised how much I love you.I can’t live without you.
Rohit: but Tanya..
Tanya comes to Ragini..
Tanya: Ragini’ji j know this is wrong but please understand my situation.
Ragini: Rohit do you love her?
Rohit bends his head and nods yes..
Ragini slaps him ..
Ragini: stupid..Dara diya kitna..go marry her
Rohit: u r not angry..
Shekar: but beta..
Ragini: no dad I cannot separate people who are in love.
Shekar nods..Sanskar looks at Ragini with love..
Sanskar: I wish swara was this understanding.
Rohit and Tanya get married in the same mandap.
Swara: sanskar muhurat is passing..
Sanskar: swara how can u be so insensitive.ragini’s wedding is stopped and u r busy with Ur life.
Swara: who asked her to sacrifice like that.
Sanskar: it needs golden heart unlike u.
Swara: will u stop.
Janki: swara I think sanskar is right.we should postpone this wedding.
Swara: wow what a judgement.ragini’s wedding is topped and she is pain that’s why u will stop my marriage and push me into pain.
Shekar: it’s not like that swara.
Swara: AAP rehne dijiye uncle ..I am not Ur daughter parents r not here to support me that’s why everyone is playing with my life..

Janki: swara beta understand the situation.
Shekar: Janki don’t worry about ragini ..go ahead with Sanskar’s wedding
Swara becomes happy
Ragini is more worried now.infront of her Sanskar is getting married..
The guys she loved..
Here Sanskar’ s situation was also.same..
Finally swa____________san stand up for pheres..Sanskar started feeling heavy pain in heart..his pain was clearly visible in his eyes.. Ragsan hearts were beating faster..
Swara takes first step but Sanskar starts stumbling..everyone looks on with worry…they move forward to himl but in the same time Ragini falls unconscious on one side ..before they could Sanskar falls unconscious at the same time..
Both of them had their hands on there hearts.. everyone was shocked as both ragsan fell at same time..they couldn’t understand anything ..swara stood rooted to her place like that only.
Janki immediately opened ghatbandhan breaking swara’s dreams.and immediately ragsan were rushed
As both the cases were similar they were being treated in same room..
Swara was still standing in the same place at mandap angrily infact madly.
Swara: how can both become unconscious at same it their plan..Or does their love has power. Whatever I will never let Ragini win..

Here in hospital doctor comes out .
Arjun: doctor are they OK
Doctor: I don’t know how to say this..but they r in very critical situation.
Janki: but what happened to them?
Doctor: heart attack.
Everyone: what?
Doctor: yes..heart attack
Mahi: but how come? shocking they r so.young..
Doctor: more shocking is they both got attack at the same a doctor I should not say this but are they in love….i know it’s weird but it’s like their hearts beat for one another..
Everyone looks confused..
Doctor: well I am sorry but they won’t be able to survive..just 1-2 hours..that’s can take them.home..we can’t do anything now..

Everyone is devasted..

Precap: what do you want..
1) Sad ending : ragsan death
2) Happy ending: ragsan wedding and swara’s death.
Your choice.

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    1. Shrilatha

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  13. Shrilatha

    I am.planning on that .I want two to three episodes to sort Mahi and Yuvi…

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