Two Hearts One Soul (Chapter 3 Part 1)

Chapter 3(part1)
Raj calls Abhi….,
raj:hey bro wats up
abhi:nthng much….just exited to meet u guys n mostly mom coz im gng to meet ha aftr 10 yrs
raj: Shes exited too anyways i called to inform u tht the driver will cm pick uu at the airport….bdw wer r uu???
Abhi:am at the airport….the flight is aftr 15 mins..
Raj: Ok bye n tc
abhi u too

The next day at the Mumbai Airport
Abhi goes to the waitin seats n waits fr the driver to come pick him….just thn he sees A girl helping a kid to pick his toys….the kid cries but the girl jokes n makes him smile…..Abhi sees this frm far n smiles….
He tries to lk at the girl but fails…. N she turns hes shocked to see her….shes mahi the same girl who he used to dream about he thinks it means wat i used to dream is actually the reality..mahi comes to him asks wuld u lyk to buy anthng to eat….Abhi keeps on staring at her
Mahi: Sir???
Abhi:is ur name mahi???
Mahi looks at him shockingly
mahi:yaaa…but hw dd knw my name sir
Abhi: I guessed so
He leaves


guys im sry i ddnt write fr o long….i was sick n moreover i had my final exams…..guys plz the more positive n many comments i gt is the more energy i gt to continue my story thnx

Credit to: Albina


  1. zayn

    What was mahi selling …………
    Any ways always ur update was awsome
    And get well soon , all d best 4 ur exam…
    After exms update asap…..
    Lots of love….. Take care…..

  2. Amna mohamed

    MAHI is a caretaker….she looks aftr evryone….she makes evryonr amile n cnt see anyone sad
    …..thnq so much Zayn

  3. Hai..How r u now and how was ur exams..
    Nice epi Amna..waiting for next part..eagerly..take care of your health and I pray that ur problems get solved..?

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