Two Hearts One Soul (Chapter 2 Part 2)


At Mahis house
Mahi sits n recalls how she fell on Abhi n smiles she thinks Abhi is not that bad but he is rich and all rich boys take girls fr granted.

At Manohar’s house
Abhi recalls how Mahi fell on him he smiles n says she’s not that bad but she’s a middle class girl……i hate middle class girls because thy love only money nthng else.

At an icecream stall
Mahi goes to the icecream uncle n says i want to choco fun twist Abhi comes at the same time n gives the same order as Mahi …..Mahi turns n is shocked to see Abhi….he gvs her fake smile n she gives him a fake smile back

Mahi goes back to her table n sits with Shona….the waiter brings their order.they start eating just then Mahis phone rings she picks the call but due to the noise she couldnt hear anythn so she goes out Abhi sees her gng out…..he tells his frnd ill b right back He goes out tries to find Mahi but he dsnt see her so he decides to go back inside but before he enters he hears Mahi shoutng askin fr help he comes n finds a guy(Varun) misbehaving Mahi…….Abhi hits Varun n rescues Mahi….He thn removes his coat n makes mahi wear it…

PRECAP:sssuggest me wat u want fr next episode

Credit to: Albina

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  1. How can abhi say like that middle class peoplee just like money… plz make sure those people are not like that

  2. Nice epi dude.. liked their ice cream taste and giving fake smiles back…hero saved sweet!..
    Continue..keep it up..
    I don’t think I can give any Suggestions on ur story because u r writing fab buddy..i am Sorry I can’t do this..
    Waiting for next part eagerly..Update soon..ALL D BEST FOR UR EXAMS..When is ur exams ending?..take care ? buddy..

  3. Hey, plz post lng updts yaar. . . 1 sugstn plz dnt make mahi n abi fal 4 each othr so easly. Pls updt nxt part soon. . .

  4. My exam started today n ending on 11th…..anyways Aaliya thnq soooo much

  5. Dont worry Hayathi he said tht from hes past expirience

  6. Nice story……. But I really can’t predict d story………. Sorry….. But pls cont….

  7. Thank uu Zayn please continue readin

  8. Omg I jus love u amna u can add ur own suggestions bcoz ur quite gud at it !!!

  9. Hey liya….thnk uu fr yr suggestions n im sry i hv exams so once am done ill post long updates

  10. Oh ok amna….. all the best for ur exams dr

  11. Thnq Mansi please continue reading

  12. Thanq Hayathi

  13. just lvd it..nw the love will start in their clg 🙂

    bst of luck for ur exams dr

  14. srry amna wrong cmnting…i was cnfused with this name ..coz ur’s and mansi’s heroine name is same…am srry yaar..and u knw i have a memory loss prblm thts y cmnt changed..the above cmnt for mansi’s story…and ur story is fabulous dr …one again srry dr

  15. Its okkay ruby anyways thnq

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