Two Hearts One Soul (Chapter 1 Part 2)

Chapter1(part 2)

At Manohar’s House
Mahi knocks at the door..The guards ask her who she is.
“i was appointed by Vidya ji fr designing the bride’s (Chaya) cloths”Mahi says
“ooh ok”they allow her to gt in.
Mahi goes inside Vidya welcomes her.Mahi takes blessings frm her n
Manohar.They both bless her
Vidya takes Mahi in Chaya’s room.Vidya introduces Chaya n Mahi to each other
Vidya leaves.
Mahi n Chaya have a normal talk.

Outside,Abhi comes in the house.Vidya does his Tilak . “Abhi u come
home after 10 years…u hv grwn so big ….i missed u my son”she hugs
him he hugs her back n takes blessing frm his mom n dad……

In Chaya’s room
Mahi starts designing clothes Chaya asks to sit as shes gng to freshen up
Abhi comes to Chaya’s room slowly thinking to give Chaya a surprise.
He slowly opens the door he sees Mahi sitting on the bed he thinks its
Chaya…he goes slowly n hugs Mahi frm behind Mahi turns n slaps him
hard”how dare u touch me?”
just thn Chaya comes out n looks at Abhi she shouts”Abhi my bro ur
back” Abhi says ya am back
Abhi looks at Mahi n asks Chaya who is she???
My frnd Mahiya…..He thnks i must teach her a lesson

PRECAP: Mahi is abt to fall Abhi holds her thy share an eyelock


Credit to: Albina


    • Hayathi

      [email protected] mohammed… i loved it yaar.. bcoz in that situation agar mein hoti na 2tappad marunga baby ek nahi…. bcoz i like to slap boys ha ha ha… so evil thoughts na

  1. Good epi buddy..Hard slap to hero and hero thinks to teach a lesson..i like ? this..
    Ok buddy..ALL THE BEST FOR UR EXAMS..waiting for next part buddy till then we will enjoy ur short epis..Take care ? buddy..

  2. Amna mohamed

    Thnq so [email protected]

  3. Amna mohamed

    Ya right i love slapping boys [email protected] hahaha lol

  4. Hayathi

    Oh anyway dr i wish gud luck to i dr….. aap life mein jo bhi karna chahti ho it will be successfull.. may god bless u dr

  5. Amna mohamed

    Thank u so [email protected]
    actually Ruby am frm Tanzania,Africa

  6. Amna mohamed

    Where r u [email protected]

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.