Two Hearts One Soul 2 (Chapter 1)


Hi guys….this is my second ff tho the first ddnt hv much response
ill try my best to gt much response on this ff

kavya:today is the last day of college
Arnav:ya i knw….but y do u seem to b sad
kavya:i wsh mom n dad wer still alive …..thy wuld hv planned a surprise fr me the way they did wen i finishes my O-LEVEL studies
Arnav:kavya chill tdy i wont lt uu miss ur parents tdy ……uk ryt tht u r nt less than a sister to me
they leave
Kavya recalls how her mom n dad used to love her thy took care of her n then one day thy passed away an accident…..then her uncle n aunt took care of her n nvr Let her miss her parents….

Kavya walks along the corridor alone silently just thn she collides with a guy …shes about to fall but he holds at the same tym they share an eyelock.kavya pushes him n leaves angrily

the guy is kabeer …kavya’s X bf…her first n only love thy dated fr 1year thn Kavya gt to knw tht Kabeer is just plΓ£ying wid ha feelings

PRECAP:Manvi n Arnav start arguing while kabeer n kavya try to stop thm

Credit to: Albina

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  1. Nice story dr

  2. Thnq @hayathi

  3. Nice start, keep it up. . eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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