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Hi guys ! I am a silent reader.After reading many of ur articles, I wanted to write this story dedicated to all the writers in telly updates.

A beautiful girl of age 15 years is shown sleeping peacefully in a big house. Her name is madhu, all used to call her as twinkle as she has twinkling eyes. Her mother came and woke her up saying “today is the last day of ur 10th class – farewell, u don’t to go then ok.”

Suddenly the girl remembers something and says “no mom!I want to go.” She quickly gets up from the bed and gets ready in a long white colour anarkali of gold border and wore matching earrings and a simple pedant on her neck. She left her hair open and ran out of the house to catch the bus outside. At last she went to the collg successfully and continuously her eyes were searching someone. It’s none other than our handsome hunk kunj and all call him as rockstar sonu especially as he sings very well. As soon as he entered the class madhu (twinkle) ran towards him and gives a tight slap to him and hugs him tightly. Then she began to say like this” arey kunj! if u have feelings towards me then u have to confess it to me.How dare u ?? How dare u for hiding ur feelings towards me from 8th class. Yesterday I got to know this by reading ur dairy, it says how much u luv me. Buddu! now what r u waiting for confess na.” He is shocked and happy “I luv u twinkle . U are the best thing happened to me in my life. I cannot bear if u reject me so I didn’t tell y. I am sorry baba.” At last they confessed.

Leap of 6 years … twinkle joined mbbs and is in last year. Kunj joined engineering and about to complete his MBA. He has decided to join his father’s business after that. Now they both are sitting in a park hand in hand and remincing all their moments from childhood. Later they told their parents,got married

. This is the true love in the leap of 6 years they didn’t forget about each other and even completed their career

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  1. Sameera

    Amazing yaar shiny loved it
    So cute short os

  2. Cuteee…..sweet story… was so diff n amazyn….

  3. Hi shiny…it was a short os…yet it expressed soooo much!! Amazing?

  4. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Aaawwww very cute short nice os shiny
    Loved it ?

  5. Tara

    hi shiny.. so cute man… childhood and it memories.. so touchy… haha loved it keep writing..

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing awesome fabulous cute os….

  7. Paavu

    Wow shiny luved amazing concept which defines true luv bcos nowadays its made fun by skool going chuldre as they just make gfs and bfs and just for fun abd then break up and find other one as I my college many girls and boys are there who do this I just hate them for making fun of true love girls firstly when are with smone else call other boys bhayia and these boys bcome bfs oh what the crap I hate them thats why in my class j just study and come back and dont have any frnds but have only one frnd just have thinking like me not to make fun of pure things we are childhood frnds so ya this story defined what is true school love and not lust

  8. Thnk u guys for commenting

    1. Ni enkamma adi oka story ah
      Daniki malli commentlu

  9. Mounika mona

    Beautiful story. I am happy to see them and their cute story happuning in front of me. I am happy to see it live

  10. Super super entha sodhi evvaru raayleru ankunna kaani nuuvvu rasvu gr8

  11. Sayeeda

    Amazing OS Yrrr…. Awesome one…
    It was short but lovely one….
    Loved it to the core…

    Do write more stories ???

  12. Baby

    shiny reallly wowwww very cute
    luvd it 2 infinity
    as twinkle slapd kunj i was shckd bt aftr dat realised wt hpnd
    wow u r amazing

  13. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂

  14. Awesome shiny

  15. Really loved it shiny….is it a true story?? :-p :-p 😀

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